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Homestuff Hunt items- Office Bird DecorHappy March!  Happy Early Spring or late Winter!  I know I’m a little late in wishing you all a renewed outlook, but I’m feeling a bit better and slowly returning to blogging.  This morning I looked out my kitchen window to see pops of greens and yellows, heard birds chirping and as I stepped outside, the air was fresh!  What a wonderful feeling, a reawakening.

Early this week, the Megastuff Hunt began.  I will focus on the Homestuff decor.  All information about the Homestuff hunt (including hints and sneak peeks) can be found here:  There are 60 home & garden designers that have created gifts for the Homestuff hunt (most gifts cost $1L).

For my first post featuring Homestuff hunt items, I want to bring my real world experience into the home and capture the feeling of Spring.  Blending palettes of browns, blues and greens with hints of orange created a fresh and lively work space transitioning us into Spring.  Hope you enjoy.  Most items are from the Homestuff Hunt or Homestuff Lounge.

Let’s Get Decorating!

Homestuff Hunt items- Office Overview

Homestuff Hunt items- Office Overview 2

Homestuff Hunt items- Office Desk

Homestuff Hunt items- Office Lounge Area

Homestuff Hunt items- Office His Her Chair

Homestuff Hunt items- Office Chat Time

Featured items on the Homestuff Hunt:

Other Items:

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