Review Policy

Due to a personal circumstance, I will no longer be able to review blogger copies.

Thank you for stopping by Hidden Gems in Second Life.  I started blogging on a whim one day and now a little over three years later, I’m still thrilled when readers like my post.  When I first started blogging, I promoted everything the grid has to offer including clothes, music, contest, hunts, and menswear.  In 2014, I refocused my efforts on home & garden, occasionally highlighting fashion for charity events.  Since, virtual home staging is easier on the back and piggy bank than in real life, I’ve explored numerous design styles, trends, themes, and inspiration. All of my photos are raw, I might add a frame, otherwise I don’t want to mislead the consumer by hiding the true color and texture with processed shadow effects. I credit all designers including links to the event or store and list my sponsors on the sponsor tab.  My style continues to evolve and strengthen with the different interiors I create. If you would like me to represent your store or event as an official blogger please send me a notecard inworld with your slur, flickr address, website, and expectations.  I will follow up from there, depending on my schedule I might be able to publish a blog within a few days of receiving the product, however it could take longer.

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