All Nighter

liv-glam-logo-2012Remember back in school when you would stay up all late cramming for an exam or project.  Your body ached from sitting in that chair, your eyes were crossed and there was that smell, you couldn’t really pinpoint by you were sure it was your body saying, I NEED SLEEP.  Yes, is it starting to come back to you now, that feeling of complete exhaustion mixed with jubilee.  Well, this past weekend I was working on a few builds and shopping at all the events when before I knew it was early morning, I mean 3am.  Daylight savings time always mixes up my body and I lose track of time (or at least that’s what I’m going with).  I looked up at the clock and thought just one more try, maybe I’ll get into Collabor88, and I did.  It was a sign that I had more shopping to do and my inventory wanted more friends.  Lounging around calls for a comfy outfit and I was wearing the perfect one, KCollection Laura Palmer Outfit2, a Steals & Deals special for $100L (still available) at the new main Liv Glam store.  So if you are like me and throwing on a pair of comfy jeans is required when shopping, decorating, moving, organizing your every expanding inventory, then hop over to Liv Glam and get this special before the sale changes.  Taxi please…

KCollection_Laura Palmer Outfit2- Steals & Deals

Style Card:

  • Outfit: [LG] KC-W14- Laura Palmer Outfit2
  • Skin: Belleza – Mimi Makeup 4 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Hair: Truth Hair – Maiko [Blonde 1 / Hot Pink] 1 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Ring: .olive. – Fo Fo Leather Bow Ring


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