Liv Glam Events of the Week

Tons of events, fairs and monthly shopping opportunities Liv Glam is participating in this week, I want to spotlight an outfit or two from each gathering to whet your appetite.

First is The Limitee Room (10/14-10/28), a 2 week monthly event that opened yesterday, October 14, 2013.  Liv Glam is offering 6 designs priced at 199L and K Collection has created 2 garments priced at 170L.

Liv Glam: Grow Old With Me Dress

10:15:13- The Limitee Room -Grow Old With Me HUD 3

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[FALL-13] Grow Old With Me HUD 3 (6 Dark Pantones with metallic beading on suede: Navy, Plum, Chocolate, Forest, Teal & Black, exclusive @ The Limitee Room)
  • Cuff: Chop Zuey, The Eccentric Samurai
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Windswept Coco (available @ C88)
  • Pose: Ilaya, Street Model Pack

Tik Tok Outfit

10:15:13- The Limitee Room - Tik Tok Outfit HUD 1

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Tik Tok Hud 1 (exclusive @ The Limitee Room)
  • Jewelry: B!asta, Glitterish Set
  • Bag: BSD, Artist Bag in Black

K Collection: Dancing in the Dark Outfit

10:15:13- The Limitee Room- K Collection, Dancing in the Dark Outfit (Owl)

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Dancing in the Dark Outfit (exclusive @  The Limitee Room)
  • Cuff: Erratic, Leather Cuff
  • Pose: Zzang, Progression (exclusive @ kustom9)


Next, Kustom9 (10/15-10/29) unveiled a fantasy world of your imagination today and will last for 2 weeks with Liv Glam & K Collection offering 5 designs at 90L each.

Sugar We Are Going Down Dress

10:15:13- Kustom9 event, Sugar We are Going Down HUD 2

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[FALL-13] Sugar We Are Going Down HUD 2 (3 Beaded Pantones: Blue, Pink & Purple, exclusive @ kustom9)
  • Pose: Zzang, Progression 

Turn Off The Lights Dress

10:15:13- Kustom9 event, Turn Off the Lights HUD 1

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[FALL-13] Turn Off The Light HUD 1 (3 Pantones: Lime, Red & Grey, exclusive @ kustom9)
  • Handbag: Liv Glam, Antigona Shopper Tote 
  • Pose: Zzang, Progression 


Next up is the Boho Culture Fair (10/16-10/31) where Liv Glam and K Collection harkens to 60’s counter-culture beat for the modern-day glam girl.

Liv Glam: Hang on Little Tomato Outfit

10:15:13- Boho Fair- Hang on Little Tomato HUD 2

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[FALL-13] Hang On Little Tomato HUD 1 (3 Pantones HUD: Blue, Green & Orange, exclusive @ Boho Fair)
  • Jewelry: B!asta, Natural Pride & Leonard, My Feather Set & Erratic, Leather Cuff
  • Handbag: Azoury, Delicious Russet

If You Want Me Dress

10:15:13- Boho Fair -If You Want me Dress HUD 3

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[FALL-13] If You Want Me HUD 3 (exclusive @ Boho Fair)
  • Shoes: Gos Boutique, Isabella Sandals Black (available @ C88)

K Collection: Get Lucky Outfit

10:15:13- BOHO Fair- K Collection Get Lucky Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] K Collection Get Lucky Outfit4 (exclusive @ Boho Fair)
  • Bag: LpD: Jane Bag Sand
  • Necklace: Purple Moon, Idril

Right to be Wrong Dress

10:15:13- Boho Fair, K Collection- Right to be wrong

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Right To be Wrong Dress (exclusive @ Boho Fair)
  • Jewelry: Purple Moon, Kenya Set
  • Bag: Liv Glam, Stella Snake Effect Tote Bag
  • Pose: Zzang, Progression 


Last, Liv Glam travels the virtual globe in glamorous style at the Bitacora Travel Fair (10/17-10/31).  Five continents are represented and Liv Glam is a sponsor of Oceania. Below, Gloria is wearing an abstract tropical leaf print perfect for daytime or dinner.

You Bring the Sun Out of Me Dress

Travael Fair- You Bring the Sun out of me HUD 3 #2

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[FALL-13] You Bring The Sun Out of Me Hud 3 (exclusive @ Travel Fair)
  • Bag: ISON, Tan Folded Clutch
  • Pose: Zzang, Progression 

Tears of a Clown Dress

10:15:13- Travel fair- Tears of a Clown HUD 2

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] The Tears Of A Clown HUD 2 (exclusive @ Travel Fair)
  • Jewelry: Chop Zuey, Dark Blu World Set
  • Pose: Zzang, Progression 


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