Kandinsky 3

A truly inspirational artist is Wassily Kandinsky denoted as the foremost kinetic artist, blending art and motion, making a painting dynamic and jumping off the museum wall. Kandinsky serves as muse for Brianna Passiflora, designer of Brii Underground Wear for the FashionArt Fair, opening tomorrow, May 9, 2014.  A favorite of mine, his work was llargely influenced by music creating a whole series called Composition, which is the print of the Kandinsky Dress 3, paired with Liv Glam’s Aisha Tote & Fancy Slink heels {pantone HUD system}.  Check out the slide show below with some of my favorite pieces. Taxi please…

Kandinsky Full

LG Aisha Tote Bag

LG Fancy Slink Shoes

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The windmills of my mind

LG, Wishing Well Dress

Spring is in full bloom and the weather is perfect for daydreaming.  I just want to lay out on a grassy knoll and have the sun’s rays wash over my face, and feel its warmth, as I delight in the wonders of the world.  Visions of yummy sweet treats, butterflies dancing above my head and the sounds of a grand fountain flash before my eyes; capturing the freshness of the spring season like a rose bud ready to pop open, with its intoxicating fragrance are the windmills of my mind.

LG, Wishing Well Dress red

Luckily for me I found just the place to recreate my daydream in Second Life.  Liv Glam’s new main store location, the Ishel Down is an enchanting cobblestone village with shops such as Fashion Star, Designer Showcase, Zanze, Indyra Originals, and of course the cornerstone Liv Glam.  If you are looking for a new photo location, or want to be transported to a charming European street, check it out.  All my photo’s were taken at the Ishel Down location and I discovered the most delicious cafe with yummy sweets and an elegant lounge area.

LG, Wishing Well Dress sweet

As for the perfect spring dress, only Liv Glam’s Wishing Well HUD 1 would do.  Not only is LG’s Wishing Well a sweet spring strapless 50’s style full skirt adorable, but it has a 6 pantone hud, allowing you to customize each look depending on your mood or occasion.  Wishing Well’s full skirt has a modern twist with a sight dip in the back creating a subtle interpretation of the popular hi-low effect.  Wishing Well is a new release at Fashion Star for $99L.  Talk about a great bang for your buck!

LG, Wishing Well Dress green:blue

To truly capture the feeling of spring, I paired Liv Glam’s Wishing Well dress with Truth Hair April (available at Collabor88 for $188L) with its optional butterfly clip.  I love the luminous and radiance texture of Truth Hair.  There is a natural tonality in the strands of hair with deeper richer tones and highlights, and hair appears to have movement.  I carried the butterfly motif down to the shoes using Hucci Vinnitsa Slink add- on (High) with the sculpted butterflies on the heel back (available at Collabor88 for $88L).

LG, Wishing Well Dress teal shoes

Hucci Shoes

To complete the look, I used Pure Posion’s new group gift, Aileen Necklace.  (PS, Pure Poison is having an Easter sale 50% off).  The simple silver scallop collar draws the eye back to Liv Glam’s Wishing Well back bow detailing. Finally, DaD Design Paper Windmill (exclusive item at The Feeling Event, $180L modifiable) was the ideal accompaniment to finalize my tribute to spring.  Worn through out is Belleza’s Rose skin (past FLF item) now available for $250L at temporary store.  Ma Vie Girl Fever poses (past Lazy Sunday special).  I hope you visit the new Liv Glam region and pick up some of the special deals I highlighted today.  Tomorrow I will dive into the Comic Pop Art Fair!

LG, Wishing Well Dress green

LG, Wishing Well Dress close up windmill

LG, Wishing Well Dress long- cafe

Trouble Ahead

LG, Out Of Touch Hud 1- Black

You won’t have any trouble sizzling the night away when wearing Liv Glam’s Out Of Touch dress.  This super short mini with dazzling sequined detail, in 6 pantones hud, is a giftie ($5L) at Feeb’s Rascals St Spring Wishes Market, available until March 30, 2014.  There are a number of creator at the cart sale offering exclusive items under $100L, gifts, and gatchas.  I also noticed KCollection has a $10L shift dress giftie, well worth getting.

Out of Touch trio

I paired the dress with D!va Judy Hair in Citrine, current Collabor88 item (with texture change ribbon) and Pure Poison’s Venus Jewelry Set.  The bag is Liv Glam’s Snake Clutch and  makeup is Madrid Solo’s Seductress, current Skin Fair exclusive.  Pop over, check out all the deals, and play the gatcha, I did and got BSD Beautiful Life Heels (above).  Taxi please…

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All Nighter

liv-glam-logo-2012Remember back in school when you would stay up all late cramming for an exam or project.  Your body ached from sitting in that chair, your eyes were crossed and there was that smell, you couldn’t really pinpoint by you were sure it was your body saying, I NEED SLEEP.  Yes, is it starting to come back to you now, that feeling of complete exhaustion mixed with jubilee.  Well, this past weekend I was working on a few builds and shopping at all the events when before I knew it was early morning, I mean 3am.  Daylight savings time always mixes up my body and I lose track of time (or at least that’s what I’m going with).  I looked up at the clock and thought just one more try, maybe I’ll get into Collabor88, and I did.  It was a sign that I had more shopping to do and my inventory wanted more friends.  Lounging around calls for a comfy outfit and I was wearing the perfect one, KCollection Laura Palmer Outfit2, a Steals & Deals special for $100L (still available) at the new main Liv Glam store.  So if you are like me and throwing on a pair of comfy jeans is required when shopping, decorating, moving, organizing your every expanding inventory, then hop over to Liv Glam and get this special before the sale changes.  Taxi please…

KCollection_Laura Palmer Outfit2- Steals & Deals

Style Card:

  • Outfit: [LG] KC-W14- Laura Palmer Outfit2
  • Skin: Belleza – Mimi Makeup 4 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Hair: Truth Hair – Maiko [Blonde 1 / Hot Pink] 1 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Ring: .olive. – Fo Fo Leather Bow Ring


Style Icon | Downtown Attitude & Fashion Show

Liv Glam Royal Dress & Hollyhood Farrah Boots

The Style Icon Fashion Fair is still going strong until February 28, 2014!  Today’s feature Style Icon designers are Liv Glam and Hollyhood.  LG’s is offering the Royal Dress with 6 Pantone Hud system (Blue, Black, Purple {shown}, Pink, Red & Green, free to all group members).  Also worn is Belleza Ria Pale 2, Pure Poison Gia Gold Earrings, & LG Snake Clutch.  Hollyhood was inspired by the late television star Farrah Fawcett and the Farrah Black Leather Boots resemble 60’s Go-Go boots.  Hop over and pick up this modern downtown style.  Taxi please…

Liv Glam Royal Dress close-up

Mark your calendars for the long-awaited Style Icon Runway show will be kicking off on Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 3 PM SLT. In preparation for this incredible runway show, designers such as Zibska, Vero Modero, LivGlam, Snowpaws, Deesses Skins and Legal Insanity have been working hard alongside their entire teams of models, coordinators and production cast to bring excellence on to the Second Life grid. Designers from across the world will come together to showcase their collections exclusive to the Style Icon event. You will be sure to be amazed and awed by the extraordinary designs from some of the most talented creators.

These illustrious designers looked for inspiration in their own style icons from the past to present. Those who have shaped their style and have influenced the designers to be the sort, that they are today.

The show will embody uniqueness while offering an array of fabrics, graphic prints, from the traditional classic long flowing gowns to the eclectic.

We invite you to experience Legal Insanity’s Style Icon runway show which will be sure to bring your style icon from within. Check back for taxi tomorrow.

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