Menstuff Hunt is Back

Menstuff is back with an epic hunt of more than 140+ stores available until September 1, 2013.  My friend Grant has agreed to model some hunt gift selections.  There are a number of really great mens shapes, some modifiable, maybe the best selection since I’ve been blogging menswear.  The Menstuff group is 50L to join and all hunt items are free if wearing the tag. You are looking for a small navy blue t-shirt with the menstuff logo.  I’ll break the blog into several posts. Today’s post will concentrate on 7 male shapes, poses and some mens wear styles. Tomorrow, I will bring you lots more mens fashion items and a new skin.

All hints and slurls are here:

Close-up of shapes:

Close-up of Maverick Johnny Shape

  • Shape: Maverick, Johnny –no modify (#147)

Close-up of the Ultra Gene Shape

  • Shape: Ultra, Gene –no modify (#124)

Close-up of Hostyle shape

  • Shape: Hostyle Shapes & Poses –modify (#58)

Close up of Waxwork Marcus shape

  • Shape: Waxwork, Marcus –modify (#16)

Close up of Dirk shape

  • Shape: Boddies by Bobbie, Dirk –no modify (#39)

Close-up of Agape Trevor III shape

  • Shape: Agape, Trevor III –modify (#86)

Close-up of stunning shape, angelo

  • Shape: Stunning Shapes, Angelo –no modify (#142)

maverick shape, revolt mr

  • Shape: Maverick, Johnny (#147)
  • Tank: Revolt, Mr. Nice Guy (#7)
  • Cargo Shorts: Egoisme (#2)
  • Sandals: SF Design, Sports Sandals with Toes (#32)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #6 (#137)

G&D Double Urban t-shirt, ultra shape gene

  • Shape: Ultra, Gene (#124)
  • T-shirt: G&D, Double Urban (#37)
  • Jeans: Mohna Lisa Couture, Baggy Jeans (#8)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #1 (#137)

Redgrave tee, shiki pants, hostyle shape & jewelry exchange necklace

  • Shape: Hostyle Shapes & Poses (#58)
  • T-shirt: Redgrave, Blue & White Baseball (#144)
  • Necklace: The Jewellery Exchange, Male X Silver (#102)

pose #3, waxworx Marcus shape, Revolt wolf t-shirt, egoisme cargo shorts

  • Shape: Waxwork, Marcus (#16)
  • T-shirt: Revolt, Wolf (#7)
  • Cargo Shorts: Egoisme (#2)
  • Sandals: SF Design, Sports Sandals with Toes (#32)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #3 (#137)

69 park black jeans, haker house jean peacoat, boddies by bobbie dirk shape, bootgasm construction boots

  • Shape: Boddies by Bobbie, Dirk (#39)
  • Coat & T-shirt: Hawker’s House, ohmEga Jacket in Tee Blue (#12)
  • Jeans: 69 Park Avenue, Black Sands (#41)
  • Boots: Bootgasm, Construction Boots (#74)

vero modero aras, agape trevor shape & bootgasm boots

  • Shape: Agape, Trevor III (#86)
  • Outfit: Vero Modero, Aras (#55)
  • Boots: Bootgasm, Construction Boots (#74)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #7 (#137)

stunning shapes angelo, shey red open sweater & jeans, bootgasm brown boots & focus poses #2

  • Shape: Stunning Shapes, Angelo (#142)
  • Outfit: Shey, Gregiore Cardigan & Bootcut Jeans (#120)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #2 (#137)
  • Ring: Mimi’s Choice, Nouveau Gothique (#110)

Photo taken at Focus Poses

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