Menstuff Hunt: Part 2

Day two, we trekked on and found a new shape from Sophistishapes and skin from LaVie (both hints were super hard and we couldn’t find it).  Grant is a typical guy who won’t ask for help from the awesome group of male hunters/helpers but after five times back to the same store and a little nagging on my part (yes, I was a bit persistent) we found more great guy fashions to show you today.

All hints and slurls are here:

Bolded numbers correspond to hints.

Close up of shape & skin:

Close-up of sophistishapes, anton shape

  •  Shape: Sophistishapes, Anton –no modify (#97)

Close-up of laVie skin, Santino & Sophistishapes, Anton

  • Skin: LaVie, Santino (#95)
  • Shape: Sophistishapes, Anton (#97)

Gizza sweater, Maverick shape & AA hair

  • Shape: Maverick, Johnny (#147)
  • Outfit: Gizza, Blue Sweater w/white tee (#9)
  • Necklace: The Jewellery Exchange, Male X Silver (#102)
  • Hair: Ali & Ali, Sting in Black (#17)

Shiki tank & pants, Ultra shape, Jewelry exchange necklace

  • Shape: Ultra, Gene (#124) 
  • Outfit: Shiki, Urban Trash tank & pants (#135) 
  • Necklace: The Jewellery Exchange, Male X Silver (#102)

rfyre blue grid polo, MLC Baggy Crotch jeans & blue hiking boots, hostyle shape, Mimi's choice ring

  • Shape: Hostyle Shapes & Poses (#58)
  • Polo: Rfyre, Hardtails Blue Grid (#10)
  • Jeans & Boots: Mohna Lisa Couture, Baggy Jeans (#8)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #1 (#137)

Just Becuase Newsboy shirt, 69 Park Black Jeans, Waxworx Marcus shape

  • Shape: Waxworx, Marcus (#16)
  • Vest & Shirt: Just Because, Newsboy Shirt (#13)
  • Jeans: 69 Park Ave, Black Sands (#41)

noise jeans & hoddie, dirk shape, mlc blue boots & mannerism #1

  • Shape: Boddies by Bobbie, Dirk (#39)
  • Hoodie & Jeans: Noise, In Da Hood Hoodie & Baggy Jeans (#99)
  • Boots: Mohna Lisa Couture, Hiking Boots Blue (#8)
  • Pose: Mannerism, Polar MB 01 (#107)

69 park ave, black sands jeans, argyle vest & cap

  • Shape: Agape, Trevor III (#86) 
  • Outfit: 69 Park Ave, Black Sands (#41) 
  • Boots: Bootgasm, Construction Boots (#74) 
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #4 (#137)

focus poses urban man #5, Razor blade Bad intention t-shirt, noise jeans , mlc blue boots & angelo shape

  • Shape: Stunning Shapes, Angelo (#142) 
  • T-shirt: Razorblade, Bad Intention V-neck (#132)
  • Jeans: Noise, Baggy Jeans (#99)
  • Boots: Mohna Lisa Couture, Hiking Boots Blue (#8)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #5 (#137)

sophistishapes shapes Anton, Black Pearl Gray Hodded t-shirt, Shey bootcut jeans, Bootgasm Boots

  • Shape: Sophistishapes, Anton (#97)
  • T-shirt: Black Pearl, Gray Hooded T-shirt (#100)
  • Jeans: Shey, Bootcut Jeans (#120) 
  • Boots: Bootgasm, Construction Brown Biker Boots (#74)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #4 (#137)

Photo taken at Focus Poses

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