Dark side of the moon

Space travel, groovy tunes and far out costumes were on display at Two Moon Paradise spacey dance party on Thursday, January 31, 2013.  It was my first visit and I felt like just another space alien.  Two Moon Pradise hosts weekly theme dance event with costume contest. Next Thursday’s theme party is Mardi Gras, so get your purple, green & gold feather outfit on, throw on some beads and mark your calendars for next week.

I learned about Two Moon Paradise because of their monthly Mer of the Month contest, that I entered and placed for January. The Two Moon sim has a under water mermaid garden and dance hall, as well as an winter wonderland village and ice rink. The sim also houses a ballroom, artist studio and tons of great places to hang out, or use as backgrounds for photo shoots. Hop over to the Two Moon Paradise and check out this wonderland of imagination.

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This was my space age costume, a combo of Carrie’s Lingerie, Finesmith Jewelry and a few hunts items along the way.

Gloria Close-up Gloria Full

Here’s my photo for the Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month contest.

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, close-up

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, 1:19:13

Under the Sea: Dive into your Fantasy!

This is a dream sim.  It has everything you would ever want.  

Was your fantasy ever to play under the sea and channel your inner Ariel?  I found the perfect sim, Two Moon Paradise….. to wander, explore, play, dance, romance, and guess what?  Another photo contest: the Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month.  Beneath the sea you will find treasure chest, secret hideaways, disco, and private isles.  Above ground is a dinner/dance lounge, art gallery, shops and more. On a separate sim, is a Winter Wonderland with gingerbread houses and ski slopes.  This is a must see sim with tons of events each week.

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, 1:19:13

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, close-up

Details of Mer of the Month contest:

  1. Join Two Moon Paradise in-world group
  2. Take a photo on the sim 512×512 OR 1024×1024 (no nudity)
  3. Rename the photo > Two Moon Paradise, “Your name and date”
  4. Send photo to Argus Collinwood: argus.collingwood@gmail.com

Due: 20th of each month. Prizes: 1st 5,000L, 2nd 2,000L & 3rd 1,000L