Keep Calm & Call the Doctor

Dr Who Wedding Cake display

Calling all Whovians fans out there, Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood, the sweet treat design duo of Aphrodite Shop has recently released the Dr Who collection of cakes!  If you are not familiar with Doctor Who, it’s a British cult TV show (1963-present) “depicting the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord—a time-travelling humanoid alien.  He explores the universe in his TARDIS, a sentient time-travelling space ship. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired.  Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilizations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs.”

Close up of Dr Who wedding Cake

Aphrodite Shop Dr Who Collection consists of the “Dr Space” Musical Wedding Cake (Tardis & Dalek) with multiple cake toppers, 8 flavors, table, and it plays From This Moment by Shania Twain.  There is also a “Dr Space” Birthday Cake and Dalek Choc Cake, released as a special request for all the Whovier fans.  I styled the Tardis & Dalek wedding cake, creating a wedding reception sweethearts table surrounded by the blue police box, hourglass tables & bench (sneak peek of Finishing Touches Twisted Hunt gift), numerous clocks, and the Dalek chocolate cake serving as the Groom Cake in the display.  If you are a fan of Doctor Who, Steampunk, Sci-Fi, British Pop Culture, or sweets then this is the collection to get.  The Dr Who cakes are available at the main Aphrodite Shop or on the Marketplace.  Looks so Yummy!

Slice of cake

Dalek Grooms cake

  • Structure: Trompe Loeil, Chatman Skybox
  • Armchairs: Cleo Designs, Victorian (The Challenge August release)
  • Hourglass Tables & Bench: Finishing Touches, Killing Time Collection (*Free, Twisted Hunt Fall 2014)
  • Police Box: StoraxTree
  • Clocks (left to right): Myrine, Cozy Essentials, Park Place (*free), Alouette & Apple Fall

Summer Garden Wedding!

Greenhouse, outside bluebell and jonquils

This week is rather busy for me.  My neighbors who I’ve been looking after for over a year now, will be celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  I know, 70 years together, rather amazing in the day and age when couples hop in and out of love like changing their socks.  So, all 6 of their kids, plus significant others and grandkids, and 100+ great grandkids are descending on them for the big party this weekend.  I’ve been helping out with all the details and arrangements.  Tomorrow, I’m taking the missy to get her hair done and finally convinced her to purchase a new dress for the occasion.  It got me thinking about all the SL weddings I’ve seen on Facebook and I want to highlight a few special Aphrodite Shop products that would be perfect for summer garden parties, weddings, anniversaries, or even recommitment ceremonies.

Greenhouse from outside left

For my candlelit pretend wedding, I used the Aphrodite Shop Summer Flower Greenhouse (white wood) to house the reception food including: the Seafood Buffet, White Swan Champagne Fountain, Sunny Beginnings Wedding Cake and Nexpresso Luxury Coffee Machine.

Buffet table & cake table

The Summer Flower Greenhouseavailable in white wood or oak with texture change floor, sliding glass doors, interactive plants, modifiable build (with removable walls or doors), couple animated sofa/lounger, chairs, table, pouf, and water feature is perfect for hosting parties, or lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Today it will serve as the reception food buffet area for a grand 70th wedding anniversary celebration!  The greenhouse can be purchased in-world or on the marketplace.

Greenhouse - outside right (swan table)

Since June is the perfect season for shellfish, the Seafood Buffet is ideal for large parties, or a big appetite, and by purchasing the complete set, you save 40% off.  The set includes champagne, lobster, crab, trout, salmon, shrimp, oysters on half shell, and more.  If you are planning on hosting a summer party buy this interactive set with delicious, mouth-watering food good enough to gain a few pixel pounds.

Seafood table #1 (overhead)

Seafood Table #2 (Canapes, shrimp, mussels, oysters, etc)

No party is complete without a champagne fountain.  There is something so special, elegant, and glamorous about a Swan Champagne Fountain and your summer bash needs one, available in 2 colors, silver or white with interactive glasses that include sound, movement, and unlimited refills.

White Swan inside (lori Choice)

Swan Fountain Table #2 (outside)

I love my sweets and Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood, creators of the charming Aphrodite Shop and Heart Homes designed yummy and appealing cakes and pies for our enjoyment.  At the recent Wedding Expo, they released 3 new layered wedding cakes with texture change tablecloths: the classic & traditional Forever & Ever, a sunflower inspired Sunny Beginningsand garden party perfection Summer Daisy.  Each wedding cakes has three different layer cake flavors.  The design partners also recently launched the Victorian Sponge Cake, Boston Cream Pie, and New York Cheesecakewith or without domes.

Sunflower cake

Cake & Swan tables )outside w:Gloria)

The final drops of scrumptious taste every party needs is the Nexpresso Coffee machine, available in silver or gold.  This is truly a gourmet coffee machine and offers a dozen different blends with realistic steam and sound when brewing.  All of the Aphrodite items are available in-world and on the marketplace.  Pop over to enjoy all the yummy food and drink.  Taxi please….

Coffee Machine

Wedding Cakes outside (Daisy)