A Fresh Spin on Fall!

Softer shade for Fall

Are you craving a fresh spin on Fall decor?  Think softer, light palettes with metallic gold embellishment as your statement piece.  It’s about changing people’s perspective of what’s expected.  Use muted salmon instead of orange, beige replaces chocolate-brown and pale olive sage for rich forest green.  These tones work perfectly right now where in some parts of the country the weather is warm.   Accent with a few lighter shade pumpkins, neutral leaves and barrels of apples.  Look for this unexpected trend to last through winter with creams, ivories and whites dominating the color scheme.

I was inspired to create a ‘whiter shade of pale’ autumn living room using Clutter for Builder Felled Fabric Textures (3 packs, 10 color/prints in each) available for $10L each at The Wash Biannual Cart Sale (8/26-9/16).  Also offered at The Wash Cart Sale are 4 Fall Concept Wall Frames, each with an image of leaves, tree, and Autumn word art.  Using the texture packs, you can design the fall frames in your own unique style, or add the textures to pillows and/or window coverings.  To complete the room, I used Park Place Home Decor Haven Accent Chair (Coffee & Cream), Jian Wine CartSerenity Style My Old Piano (natural) and Cleo Design’s Fireplace.  Some decorative accessories include Dreamscapes Art Gallery Apple Buckets, Autumn Decor Shutter A and Sina Wall Board (over fireplace), What Next Decorative Pumpkins, Shutter Field Fall Letter Decor and Pumpkin Lanterns, and Serenity Style Dizzie Room Divider (available @ Mesh Avenue starting 9/10/15).  Hope you enjoyed the romantic mood for autumn and are inspired by the color palette to try it in your Second Life home!

Softer shade for Fall, close-up

Lastly, I want to mention The Rezzie Awards nominations are open until September 12th.  The Rezzie Awards were founded by Fallacy DeCuir (Tool Shed) and Kat Alderson (Clutter for Builders) in 2014 as a people’s choice award for home, decor, landscaping, and creators tools.  So show your support and love to your favorite SL Home & Garden stores by nominating them here:


CAST YOUR VOTES between September 14th and September 27th.
A link to the voting page will be available here:

The winners will be announced October 1, 2015 here: https://toolshednews.wordpress.com/the-rezzie-awards/

Structure: Scarlet Creative, Hudson Townhouse

  • Park Place Home Decor, Haven Accent Chair (Coffee & Cream)
  • DIGS, Seddon Coffee Table (Natural)
  • Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Apple Buckets, Autumn Decor Shutter A & Sina Wall Board
  • La Galleria, Pillows (re-textured)
  • Shutter Field, Fall Letter Decor & Pumpkin Lanterns
  • Sway’s, Alice Topiary (Mediterranean C & D)
  • Serenity Style, My Old Piano & Dizzie Room Divider (@ Mesh Avenue Event 9/10/15)
  • Apple Fall, Charlotte’s Pears, Books, Handbag & Scarf, Coffee & Muffin, Unknown Specimen
  • What Next, Decorative Pumpkins & Maison Drapes (re-textured)
  • The Loft, Little Yellow Candle & Alex Lantern Orange
  • Jian, Wine Cart
  • Cleo Design, Fireplace
  • LISP, Portland Fire Accessories & Blinds Wide Long (Chestnut)
  • Junk, Firewood Holder
  • Fancy Decor, Birch Candles
  • Pilot, Romantic Candlesticks (Gold) & Chandelier (Gold)
  • StoraxTree, Woven Rug 61

Last Breath of Summer!

First, thank you all for attending my East Meets West Open House.  I had wonderful feedback!  For all of those who missed it, good news I’ve extended the open house until Sunday, Sept 6th (closes at 3pm SLT).  So stop by and enjoy the last breath of summer.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miracles/41/27/22

East vs. West Open House Sign Bigger Extended

I also wanted to share with you another discounted offering from Perfect Ten, available until September 15, 2015. Dreamland Designs created the Minna Set (below), a vintage inspired soft blue chaise lounge, whitewash fireplace with accessories, cookies and milk tray, love wall unit and double birdcage decor.  I can image the collection in a ladies parlor or dressing room.  Curl up on the chaise and relax by the fireplace on those autumn chilly nights. The Minna set is a must have, plus did I mention all items are sold separately and it’s on sale for 50% off!

Taxi to Perfect Ten please…

Dreamland Designs Minna Chaise Set Vintage

Passport to Style: Far East

Park Place, Far East Style

One of my favorite aspects of being a virtual reality interior designer is that it allows you to travel to all corners of the globe without leaving your home.  Just like in VR fashion styling, I research the origins, location, and decor elements and try to give you a sense of the place.  Last year, I explored the various styles of California design, sharing stories of my family travels.  Lately, I have the travel bug and find myself googling different locales.  Today we have packed our bags and are heading to the Far East!

Park Place, Eastern Shelf Unit

I love the fusion of serene, peaceful, balanced simplicity of Asian decor paired with modern furnishings.  Some key design principles of Oriental style are natural elements, clean lines, Chinoiserie furniture, and circle motif.  Today, I designed a small tea-house space using some of Park Place Home Decor current sale items available at the main store (ending Saturday) and at The Wash Biannual Cart Sale (8/26-9/16).  Park Place Eastern Shelf Unit with Accessories typifies a number of Asian design components from the upper circle unit to the symmetrical balance of the shelving.  I added the Blue Mosaic Bottle Decor, available for $10L at The Wash Cart Sale, to highlight the traditional temple in the middle of the circle unit.  Flanking the Eastern Shelf is the Marble Resting Egret, representing the reflection of nature often found in Far East style.

Park Place, Low Tea Table

Another sale item offered until Saturday is the Low Tea Table with Cushions.  The black coffee table with burgundy cushion seating matches the Eastern Shelf Unit and embodies the clean lines of Asian form.  The tea table comes with a coffee set and to complete the scene, I added the Box of Fine Chocolates (available @ The Wash Sale).

Park Place, Cherry Table Clock

Finally, placed on a storage unit in the corner is the Copper Red Table Clock; the hands on the clock mimic the circular pattern in the shelving unit.  Be sure to check out all the sale offerings at The Wash and stop by Park Place main store for hunt gifts and discounted specials.  Hope you enjoyed the trip and are inspired to incorporate some Far East elements into your home!

Structure: [ht: home], little tea house

  • Park Place Home Decor, Eastern Shelf Unit with Accessories & Low Tea Table with Cushions (discounted @ main store until 8/29)
  • Park Place Home Decor, Blue Mosaic Decorative Jar, Marble Resting Egret, Copper Red Table Clock & Box of Fine Chocolate (on sale for $10L @ The Wash Cart Sale until 9/16)
  • Cleo Design, Parasol Decor, Asian Cabinet & Lamp
  • DDD, Zen Bamboo
  • Alouette, Miniature Zen Garden
  • Zenith, Kiosk Birdcage (Black)
  • bbqq, The Ming Dynasty China Scroll Painting B
  • Newchurch, Kaidan Mission Tansu
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk], My Zen Corner (Zen Stones, Buddha Head Porcelain (Small) & Cherry Blossom Bird Cage)
  • The Mustard Seed, Potted Bamboo Blue Tile

6 Essentials for the perfect night sleep

Parachute Logo

I was inspired by the sleepy heads at Parachute Home, a premium luxury bedding brand, to share what I adored about my bedroom.  Clearly, Parachute knows my love to design boudoirs and my infamous nickname ‘bedroom eyes.’  All kidding aside, as a virtual reality interior designer, I’m thrilled to work with a global real world brand and share my bedroom essential list designed to create the best (and most relaxing) nights sleep.

Parachute Limited Edition Duvet Cover Set

Parachute Home was founded by Ariel Kaye after her trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy.  When Ariel returned home to Los Angeles, she went in search of the “sumptuous sheets that were softer than anything she had ever experienced.” Guided on the belief “buying bedding should be as enjoyable as your best night of sleep,” Parachute is known for quality, using the finest Egyptian cotton and a natural dye process surpassing the highest safety and environmental protection standards.  Parachute luxury linens are manufactured in Tuscany by artisans whose craftsmanship is demonstrated through their attention to detail and impeccable workmanship.  Bedding is sold as a set, separates, or inserts with all natural down duvet comforters and 100% hypoallergenic down alternatives.  Comfort and thoughtful design details are the foundation of why Parachute is the premium quality bedding delivered to you at an accessible price.

Summer Dreamy

When I cuddled into bed last night I thought about what elements assisted in maximizing my sleep and comfort.  I compiled a list of six essentials every bedroom should have.

1). Structure: After all it’s the foundation for everything

If you select a padded headboard, or a four-poster bed, source a product that is well crafted and proportioned accordingly for your room and needs.  Do you recall in the 2000’s era when mega-mansions demanded furniture manufacturers design huge oversized items that dominated the bedroom space?  One needed a step-ladder to climb into bed!  Now space is limited and micro-housing is emerging as the new normal.   Purchase a bed frame that will last a lifetime and evolved with your every changing lifestyle.

Autumn Glow

2). Mattress: Dreamy nights start here

No one should spend up to $500 per night to experience the renowned Westin Heavenly Bed.  There are more and more mattress makers with exceptional quality at numerous price points.  According to the Sleep to Live Institute, a mattress should be replaced every 5-10 years, so keep in mind to rotate your mattress turning 180 degrees and flip it over, always using a bed frame with a center support.  I personally love a pillow top with an added foam topper insert and a dreamy mattress pad for that extra bit of relaxation.

Noir Bed Mattress (studio 3)

3). Goose Down Pillows: You can never have too many fluffy pillows

Yes, there are gimmicky pillow manufacturers that promise to relive back and neck aches, or stop snoring, but sleeping on hard foam doesn’t sound restful (or the least bit appealing).  I believe one should have at least 3 pillows; one king sized, one regular and one firm.  If you have a partner, they will also need 3, no one likes a bed hog or worst a pillow hog!  I sleep on Ralph Lauren Home Supreme Down & Feather Pillow with 50% white goose down feathers, 50% white duck feathers, and an Arctic Fresh fill eliminating odors.  I like very puffy pillows so I fluff my pillows in a no heat dryer every other day and replace them every year.


4). Percale Egyptian Cotton: Hello seasonal change

I prefer percale over sateen because I find it lasts longer, the color doesn’t fade in the wash and is durable.  Percale is cool to the feel and when you sink into bed, you know you’ve arrived to the comfort zone.  It’s a perfect luxury product and very few brands are offering real percale.  They are doing thread count as a marketing device, which has nothing to do with quality of the sheets.  I fell into that thread count hype and was so disappointed when my new 1000 count sheets were in no way comparable to my percale sheets.  My advice is to buy percale while it is still available.

I love to change my bedding with the seasons using an airy crisp white duvet set for the warm summer months and heavier black velvet comforter for the chilly winter nights.  Autumn brings a glow into the BR, with a copper sateen duvet with flocked velvet leaves.  It is lightweight for the Indian summers, and a good transition into fall.  My sheets are always dynamic with either a print or stripe pattern, I love the surprise of pulling back the covers, smiling, and dreaming of new adventures.  To say the least, I don’t own a set of boring plain white sheets, why be boring when you crawl into your haven.  Don’t be timid to mix it up and throw navy with white, beige with cream, black on black, dots on stripes.  It’s your retreat, so be your own best adventurer and make the space yours.

Summer Sheet Pic

5).  Drawers/Bachelorette Chest: A modern twist on tradition

Mix it up and select a bachelorette drawer chest as an alternative to the traditional night stand.  The surface top is larger, holding more essentials I may need that evening, and the drawers conceal necessary, but unattractive items.  My top drawer contains my phone, tablet and chargers, as well as prescriptions and personal items I may want within fingers reach.  The bottom drawer is for extra storage for a cashmere throw, heating pad, etc.  Years ago, when I purchased my current bedroom furniture, the bedside night stand had a glass top, open shelf and 2 drawers.  The salesperson called it a Bachelorette Chest and I guess the name stuck.  The open shelf option on my bedside table is perfect, I’ve tucked away a clock radio (back up to my phone and ipad…it takes a village to wake me lol) and some extra design magazines, gaining storage.

Close up Trunk

6). Declutter Table Top Space: Ready for sweet dreams

Finally my bedroom essential list is almost done, one last item every sleepy head needs; an empty table top space to place a reading lamp, carafe of water, picture frame, box of tissues, and magazines/good book.  I also like to have alarm clock in case your tablet or phone battery dies, flower arrangement, and in a small basket; sleep mask, cough drops, chap stick (personal fave of mine in the chilly months).  If your allergic to flowers, silk will do, or a graceful orchid.  Don’t forget to add your personality to the room incorporating treasures, mementos and keepsakes. Lastly, I like to hang a mirror behind the lamp, it makes the space feel larger.

Side Table

I hope some of my tips are helpful in creating the ideal dreamy sanctuary.  As a virtual reality interior designer and blogger, I’ve styled a 4 seasonal bedrooms emphasizing my 6 essentials needs.  An in-depth blog with style card will follow this post.  Thanks for taking the time to read my list and check out Parachute Homes linens.