Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

Xmas 2014 | Santa's Workshop FR

Late last night when everyone fell asleep, I slipped into Santa’s Workshop but not before I had to lift the key from a very friendly elf, if you know what I mean.  Well, any time the elves and Santa drink eggnog they get very jolly.  As I unhitched the lock, a world of discovery awaits.  Santa’s shop was very cozy and warm with a decorated brick fireplace anchoring the center of the room.  His workshop bench with the naughty or nice list was on the side wall, and a bare stick tree with presents and tree skirt nestled next to the workshop table.  Santa’s grand red velvet throne cuddled close to a decorated potted fir-tree and the brick fireplace, and a console table was placed on the opposite wall.  A few mischievous puppies were playing in the middle of the room on the red round snowflake rug similar to the one in the rustic guest bedroom.  Santa’s workshop is comfortable and inviting with items that can easily be used in your home wrapped in the holiday spirit!

Taxi to Dreamscapes Art Gallery please…

Taxi to Finishing Touches please…

Taxi to The Mustard Seed please…

Xmas 2014 | Christmas Fireplace FR

Xmas 2014 | Christmas Fireplace (Close-up) FR

  • Fireplace, Square Gift Boxes, Teddy Bear Hatboxes, Christmas Stocking with Holder, Red/Green Candle Copper Tray, Mini Tree on Plate, Advent Wreath, Silver Pillar Candles, Potted Decorated Christmas Tree, Reindeer: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Countdown to Christmas Sign: Alouette
  • Pinecone Wreath: Finishing Touches

Xmas 2014 | Santa's Workbench (Cookie Jar Hunt) FR

  • Santa’s Workbench: The Mustard Seed (The Cookie Jar Naughty or Nice Hunt **FREE**)
  • Card Garland, Twig Wreath, Ho Ho Ho & Deck the Hall Frame Wall Art: Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Xmas 2014 | Xmas Tree (Candy Cane Hunt gift) FR

  • Merry Xmas Tree with presents & tree skirt: Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Kastle Rock Candy Cane 6 Hunt **FREE**)
  • Puppies in Basket: The Mustard Seed

Xmas 2014 | FT Santa Chair (Cookie Jar Hunt) FR

  • Santa’s Red Throne with presents: Finishing Touches (The Cookie Jar Naughty or Nice Hunt **FREE**)
  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Sign: Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Xmas 2014 | Noel Table (Homestuff Hunt) FR

  • Noel Console Table: Dreamscapes Art Gallery (MegaStuff/HomeStuff Hunt **FREE**)
  • Ho Ho Ho Wood Decor, Baby It’s Cold Outside Sign & Tree Blocks: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  • Santa’s Workshop Road Sign: The Mustard Seed