Dorm Style 101: Bright & Colorful

September always marks the beginning of school and in my small college town the students roll in with packed cars and giddy anticipation.  Soon after seeing their dreary and dark dorm rooms, they flood the local Target, Walmart, Goodwill and weekend yard sales to brighten up their space and make it feel like a home for the next 9 months.  I’ve always enjoy observing the students repurpose their finds.  I thought this experience would be a great fit for the monthly themed ? room feature.  Below, I designed a college students’ first studio apartment/dorm using items from The Challenge September theme Colorful.

Postcard RnRFirst, I imagined the clients, in this case the story of the students who would create the space. Bubbly and bright young eighteen year old female freshman art students were kindred spirits from the moment they met.  Raleigh hails from the South and Vivian is a native of the North, both are sweet, sunny, and chipper.  Their space needs LOTS of color to reflect their personalities with moments of glam, and a place to relax and soak in the California sun.  The girls wanted to create a modern vibrant funky hang out lounge space by repurposing Hate This Mine Chair (color change) Rock~n~Roll spiked barrel chairs which they spray painted in fluorescent metallic colors that instantly cheer up the room.  Pop Art inspired Hate This Expression Rug, Black Tulip Color Me Cat Shelf, Wiggly Lamp & Rug, Prime’s Style Wise No 5 Wall clock and comic book framed art finish the wall.  As first year art students they understood the founding principal of proportion; when dealing with bright colors and large-scale items you need a place for your eyes to rest, such as neutral walls, or in this case softer palette bed.

Postcard Teal Bed

Their creative juices started to flow in the bedroom area where they highlighted the matching twin Art Dummy! Slumber beds (blue & birch pink), with Plethora cut out paper mobile hanging lights dangle from the ceiling; a butterfly & house mobile each denoting the different personalities of the girls (*not part of The Challenge).  The bedroom wall called for pops of color.  The DIY’rs made their own floor lamps using a bare bulb and cut out painted plywood lamp silhouettes (Sway’s Floor Lamp Silhouette) which flank the two beds, and old balls of yard were woven together and framed (Kuro’s Color Framed Art) dividing the bedroom wall area.  In need of a glam moment, the girls painted a favorite quote, framed and hung it.  The Floorplan’s Sparkle sign (*not part of The Challenge) is the perfect piece to soften the space, and complement the Wimey Shabby Chickie Vanity Set. 

Postcard beds

Postcard Glam

The young ladies are lucky to have a large deck area filled with bright colorful chairs, and more do-it-yourself craft projects: repurposed old suitcases as garden planters, recycled broken tea-cup for side tables, upcycled lanterns and branches make unique lighting display, and a salvaged shabby chic mix-match painted bistro set.  Vivian’s favorite spot to cuddle up and do her homework is on Sway’s Sydney Boomerang Chair (color change, 25% off till Sept 7).  Raleigh’s most loved area is tucked on Kuro’s Colored Stacked Chair (color change) while enjoying shutter field Suitcase Planter’s on the deck railing.  Both ladies chosen garden locations are over flowing with vibrant plants, fun and funky finds from Thaino Designs and shutter field that furnish the deck and overlook the sea.  One of the great adventures of interior design is decorating and collaborating with others to blend a space into a livable unit.  Everyone can inject a little more color in their lives, so be free, cheery and whimsical, and go check out the offerings at this month’s round of The Challenge!

Postcard Patio

Postcard Bistro

The outside front yard has a small plot of land planted with a sunflower fence and hosts a home for some rescue bunnies the girls found at their local shelter, the adorable Fence Garden and Occupied Outhouse is from The Mustard Seed and is available at The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event till September 4!!!!

Postcard tms- door open

Postcard tms- door close

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Summer Garden Fun!


Happy August!  Wow, it’s been awhile since I last blogged, which is crazy for a writer who blogged everyday for little over a year and half.  But see that was the problem, I needed a break from Second Life and blogging.  I kept saying it but didn’t act on my feelings until I was burnt out and in a creative slump.  I’ve cut down on my commitments and I’m going to try to merge them together in one or two posts.  Also, I limited my time to a few hours on the weekend and hopefully with consistence and prioritizing, so I can live a more balanced lifestyle.  With that being said, two events opened last week and will run until next weekend where you can pick up some summer garden fun items.  The Collage, a monthly home and garden event with new rounds on the 23 each month, recently expanded to offer exclusive items year round at a new location.  Check out the sim and the two guest designers this round, Serenity Style and Decor Junction.  The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event opened on July 25 and will close on August 7.  At this monthly home and garden event some creators offer their exclusive items for 50% only available at the warehouse.

Serenity Style Set

Serenity Style Summer Picnic Set

With a little more free time on my hands, I’ve been able to hang out with RL family and friends, and of course tend to the weeds I call my garden.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is open up all the doors and windows in my home and listen to old records on the turntable, allowing the music to fill the space and drift outside.  Sure, I could just buy some fancy modern speakers that looked like rocks, but what’s the fun of that?  The music can be super loud and no one can complain because I’m too busy getting my hands dirty to turn it down.  Anyway feeling a RL inspiration fuel my SL design, I styled a summer garden area using items from The Collage: Dreamscape Art Gallery Garden Shed, Serenity Style Summer Picnic Set, Cozy Essentials Teen Room record player, Thaino Designs Tara Comfy Chair, Lounger with footstool, Garden Swing, Tree of Lights, Pastel Plant Pots, Jug of Flowers and Teacup Floral Planters, and Spargel and Shine Homes Blue Rocking Chair.  To complete the garden, I used WildRose Designs Window Garden Bench, available exclusive at The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event.  I finished the styling with past Collage items from Sway, Thaino Designs, Dreamscapes, and Shutter Field available at the designers main stores or Collage shops.  Pop over to The Collage or The Designer Warehouse to grab the summer garden items before it’s to late.

Taxi to The Collage please…

Taxi to The Designer Warehouse please…


Dreamscapes Art Gallery- Garden Shed

Dreamscape Art Gallery Garden Shed

Garden Bench & Spargel Rocking Chair

WildRose Designs Window Garden Bench & Spargel and Shine Homes Blue Rocking Chair

Thaino Tara Pastel Chairs

Thaino Designs Tara Comfy Chair, Lounger with footstool & Garden Swing

Oh Baby!

Overall good

Do you hear it?  The tapping of baby feet.  Oh so adorable!  June is here and just in time for the baby boom.  The current round of The Designer Warehouse is filled with baby & children decor items, available until June 12, 2014.  I haven’t styled a toddlers bedroom before, so when I saw the exclusive Wildrose Butterfly Dreams Set, I knew this would be a fun whimsical adventure.  The Wildrose set includes the toddler bed, shelf, lamp, rocking horse, and wall decor for only $60L.  Wildrose is also offering the Family Tree Frame, which corresponds to the Butterfly Dreams set, as well as the Baby’s Day playpen & changing table.  I’ve noticed that there are few home designers that create children’s furniture, so if you have been looking for the perfect set for your little one, check out The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event.  Taxi please…

Close up of the bed

Wildrose -Butterfly Dreams Family tree frame

2 Days Left!

Designer Warehouse LOGO NewI’m so excited to share with my readers another great home and garden monthly shopping event, The Designer Warehouse! 

The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event is truly a hidden gem with a variety of home designers offering something for every style, lasting for 2 weeks on the Cookie Jar sim! As the new official blogger, I will highlight some of the furnishing each month.  The May round includes 2 different shabby chic bedroom collections, 2 lounge sets, garden decor items and a giant bear hangout for kids! But hurry, it closes tomorrow, May 15, 2014 at 4pm! For more information and to see the May offerings click here.

The upcoming schedule for the summer:

  • June H&G Warehouse runs May 30th – June 12th
  • July H&G Warehouse runs June 27th – July 10th
  • August H&G Warehouse runs July 25th – August 7th

Finishing Touches- Victorian Rose Collection

The best part of joining the Designer Warehouse team is today I can spotlight one of my favorite home and garden design houses, Finishing Touches by the charming 24Karat Roux. Finishing Touches blends shabby chic with classic style that adds elegance and charm to any home.  Ms. Roux’s offering for May at the Designer Warehouse is the Victorian Rose collection including a whitewash garden gazebo, bench, table & decor with Cecile Brunner Climbing Rose vine and hand painted rose detailing.  During The Designer Warehouse event every piece is 50% off with extra savings for the complete set.  After the event, the Victorian Rose collection will be available at the main store.  Hurry up and get this charming set before it’s too late! Taxi please…