Harvest Moon Hideaway!

Framed Final Harvest Moon Hideaway

The 7th Annual Home & Garden Expo 2014 opened Tuesday, September 16 and will run until September 28, 2014, featuring over 80 creators on 9 sims.  Home and Garden Expo (HGE) raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).  Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and RFL of SL is one of its virtual counterparts. You can get more information about RFL of SL here: http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/.


In the past, I had the good fortune to participate in the Relay for Life Christmas Expo 2013 and the Fashion for Life 2014 event, both part of the umbrella of RFL of SL fundraising events.  This season is equally exciting and I was selected as an official blogger for HGE where home builders, interior designers, and landscape artists present display exhibits for inspiration and donation.  All the creators designed two exclusive items for sale with 100% of proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society.  Styles range from shabby chic to modern, Victorian to gothic, rustic to whimsical.  Other offerings at SL Home and Garden Expo are building classes, raffles, silent auction, gacha, and two hunts.  Anything and everything you would want for your home, property, store, or sim is available at the Home Expo 2014.

Thaihiti Baroque of Thaino Designs created an adorable octagonal shape Secret Wood House with flower window boxes, cream and pink plaid draw-back curtains, valances, and wainscoting.  I was inspired by the upcoming Autumnal season and wanted to build a Harvest Moon Hideaway with a fireplace, small bistro area, rest/relax spot with tea set, and reading nook.  Adorned in fall colors of orange, brown, golds, rust reds, celery greens, and blues, with touches of Halloween pumpkins and black cats.  Furnished with items exclusive at Home Expo from Cleo Designs, Thaino Designs*, Follow Us*, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Good Furniture, Shabby Tabby, Kaerri, Serenity Style*, La Vieux Carre, Hanaya, and Striped Mocha*.  Pop over to the Home & Garden Expo and explore all 9 sims, be inspired, be generous, donate, and remember always Let’s Get Decorating! Taxi please…

Framed Flower Window Box

Framed Peek inside

Framed Coffe Table & Reading Nook

Framed Bistro Area

Framed View from inside

* = Donation items

Structure: Thaino Designs, Secrets Wood House

Outside Decor

  • Thaino Designs (Sim 1): Pumpkin Seat*, Pumpkin Floor Decor* & Pumpkin Flower Beds
  • Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Sim 4)Leaf Lampstands A/Autumn
  • Hanaya (Sim 6): Apple Bobbing Barrel (Classic Hunt Gift)
  • Other items used (not part of HGE): Pilot Barrel Pumpkin Display, Studio Skye Enchanting Forest & Silver Birch Trees

Inside Decor

  • Thaino Designs (Sim 1): Hanging Pumpkins Baskets*
  • Cleo Designs (Sim 6): His & Her Chairs (Orange & Brown, Classic Hunt Gift), Coffee Table with Tea Set, Apples, and Pastry Decor, Fireplace, Reading Nook Beach & Decorative Shelves, Shutter Wall Hanging & Strawberry Cake
  • Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Sim 4)Fall Chairs with plaid blankets and decorative candles, Leaf Chairs (Autumn & Summer) & Halloween Frame A
  • Shabby Tabby (Sim 8): Autumn Mantel Decor
  • Kaerri (Sim 8): Felicity Flower Umbrella 
  • Striped Mocha (Sim 1)Copper Kettle with Candles & Pumpkins*
  • Serenity Style (Sim 3): Journey Stepladder*
  • La Vieux Carre (Sim 8): Old Elm Spice Rack
  • Follow Us (Sim 4): Home Sweet Home Sign* (part of the Girly Desk set)
  • Good Furniture (Sim 5): Bistro Table
  • Other items used (not part of HGE): Shutter Field Pumpkin Lanterns, StoraxTree Rustic Rug 10 

Home Expo - Master Map 1024

Welcome Home!

The Collage new round opens tomorrow, Thursday, January 23rd with lovely home decor pieces perfect for Valentine’s Day!  Eight selected design came together for this special monthly home event that last for 2 weeks offering exclusive creations.  Thaino Designs, Shutter Field, Spargel & Shine Homes, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, PRIME, Sway’s, Bauwerk and Dew Me Designs showed different and unique interpretations of Valentine decor including:  a Victorian romance bedroom set, colorful shabby-chic floral great room furnishings, cozy porch benches, sexy modern living room and a hidden garden for romantic dinners and dancing with your Valentine.  The Collage is a monthly home event with top Second Life interior designers showcasing their creations for  two-weeks starting on the 23rd of each month.  This is a wonderful event that I highly recommend you check out!  Let’s get decorating!

The current round of The Collage has so many great items, enough to fill a whole house!  So, with great joy, I finally had a good excuse to rezzed my Trompe Loeil Willoughby Lakeside Cottage (December round of C88) and started to decorate my Valentine themed home!  As most of you know, I adore Valentine’s Day and love to decorate my SL homes to reflect the different seasons.  Please join me on my open house tour!

The charming white Sweethearts Bench from Dreamscape Art Gallery, flanked by pots of flowers is a wonderful welcome greeting to all!

Jan:Feb '14-Dreamscape White Beanch

Swing open the door to a delightful world overflowing with lively blossom shabby chic items from Thaino Designs.  As we enter into the living room, the Clara Armchair in a fresh and vivid print, hand-painted Clara Coffee TableClara Floor Pillows and crackling fireplace invite us to stay and roast s’mores with our special love.  With our bellies full and fingers sticky, we note the fireplace mantle decorated with a patchwork heart print (Clara Love Heart Pictures) and vibrant love blocks (similar display at The Collage).

Jan:Feb '14- Living Room Overall

Jan:Feb '14- Close-up of Fireplace

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Armchairs: Clara Armchair 2, Thaino Designs
  • Floor Pillow: Clara Comfy Floor Cushion, Thaino Designs
  • Coffee Table: Clara Coffee Table, Thaino Designs
  • XOXO Sign: Clara Kisses, Thaino Designs
  • Pink Daisy in Heart Pot: Clara Pink Flowers in Love Heart Pot, Thaino Designs
  • Patchwork Heart Prints: Clara Love Heart Pictures, Thaino Designs

Other items:

Transitioning into the great room area, we are welcomed with a soft pink heart cabinet, rose vase, framed heart and XOXO sign, this is the perfect spot to hide love letters or treats.

Jan:Feb '14-XOXO table & Sign (Thaino Designs)

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Heart Cabinet: Clara Floral Love Heart Drawers, Thaino Designs
  • XOXO Sign: Clara Kisses, Thaino Designs
  • Pink Roses in Vase: Vase Cut Crystal with Pale Multi Roses, Spargel & Shine Homes

Other items:

Moving into the great room area, we see our love has cooked a romantic dinner for two with chocolate cake!  The matching hand painted rose table, sideboard and desk is sweet and enchanting.  The attention to detail Thaihiti Baroque of Thaino Design puts into her endearing creations is wonderful.  (Quick side-note: If you are a lover of vintage or shabby-chic furnishings then Thaino Designs is the store for you.  Not only will you fall in love with the charming items but the prices are great and Thaihiti designs homes as well to store all your finds!)  Notice the matching sideboard, complete with working doors and cabinets, the patchwork hearts wall display, the desk and tufted stool, who wouldn’t be inspired to write love letters while sipping champagne in this room!

Jan:Feb '14-Thaino Designs Dining Room, Sideboard & Desk

Jan:Feb '14-Thaino Designs Floral Sideboard

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Dining Table, Heart Stools & Food: Clara Romantic Table with Decor, Thaino Designs
  • Sideboard: Clara Sideboard, Thaino Designs
  • Pink Daisy in Heart Pot: Clara Pink Flowers in Love Heart Pot, Thaino Designs
  • Heart Wall Display: Clara Im in Love Picture Frames, Thaino Designs
  • Desk & Stool: Clara Floral Desk & Clara Chill Box, Thaino Designs

Other items:

The darling Clara desk with green crystal knobs is accented with a framed Victorian card, vintage wooden heart tree, teapot lamp, oversized love letter print and a typewriter.

Jan:Feb '14- Thaino Designs Deck & Stool

  • Desk & Stool: Clara Floral Desk & Clara Chill Box, Thaino Designs (feature item @ The Collage)
  • Typewriter: Typewriter White, Floorplan. (Past Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Frame: Frame with Love & Roses Red, *Finishing Touches*
  • Teapot Lamp: Spotty Teapot Lamp, LISP
  • Teapot Candle: Keepsake Vintage Teacup Candle, {what next}
  • Wooden Love Tree: Vintage Love Tree, Cobblestone (Store is closed, MP has items)
  • Bleeding Heart Plant: Lil’ Pot Bleeding Hearts, Hearth & Home
  • Pink Iris in Vase: Exotic Pink Irises White Ceramic Vase, *Finishing Touches*
  • Oversized Love Letter Print: I Love You Canvas, Floorplan. (Free)

Proceeding down the hallway, we are greeted with a pink version of the Dreamscape bench, a quiet place to rest before we retire for the evening and head upstairs to the Victoria bedroom.

Jan:Feb '14- Dreamscape Pink Beanch

Thank you for allowing me to share my home with you today.  Please stop by tomorrow as I highlight the Victorian bedroom and hidden garden area.  All home decor used in this post (unless otherwise noted) is available at The Collage!  Taxi please…