Set sail to the Boats & Bikini Expo….

Join us at 3pm SLT today, July 25, 2013 as we christen the launch of the Boats & Bikini Expo sponsored by Oceania Breedables.  I’m very excited about this week-long event because the setting is the posh French Rivera.  There are tons of top SL creators including the best boat/yacht builders, fashion designers and home decor stores: Chez Moi, beach street, Luas Store, Dead Dollz, Aphrodite Shop and Southern Seas Ships.  From July 25-31st there will be a “Treasure Hunt” with prizes at each store.  I’m an official blogger for this event and I will give you sneak peek this week of free hunt items and other “finds.”  So grab your flips flops, shades, sunscreen and bikinis as we sail off to the Boats & Bikini Expo!

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

Check out all the pictures of the Boat & Bikini Expo on flickr

French Riveria- Boats & Bikini Expo


Hi, I’m Gloria, your guide to Boats & Bikinis!

As a California girl from the USA, I was so happy to find Inspired Designs.  They had all my beach party needs, including a fab red Weber BBQ complete with burning coals and food, to a colorful beach set with beach umbrella, towels, cooler, picnic basket, french bread and champagne.  The beach towel set includes animations for couples and singles, and a color change option from red to blue.  When visiting Inspired Design shop at Boat & Bikini Expo check out the many and varied beach items on the wall.

Inspired Beach set- hunt gift (couple)- display

  • Beach Party Couple Set: Inspired (animated couple blanket, picnic basket, ice cooler, beach bag & umbrella)
  • BBQ: Inspired (75L)
  • Dress: Luas, Joana Tie-dyed Dress

Inspired- Single beach set-display

  • Sun Bathing Single Set: Inspired (towels, ice cooler, umbrella & sun bathing animations, radio, sunscreen)
  • Bikini: Dead Dollz, Marina Blue Retro-inspired Swimsuit


Dead Dollz offered 4 retro inspired polka dot swimsuits in Black, Pink, Navy Blue & Red.

Dead Dollz- Marina Black swimsui

Dead Dollz- Marina Retro Pink Swimsuit---display

Dead Dollz- Marina Retro Blue swimsuit--display

Dead Dollz Marina Retro Red Swimsuit---display


Luas Urban Design offers 3 hunt gifts, the sexy Marilyn dress with 4 color HUD options, Joana  tie-dyed dress with drape back and Prisy purple bikini.

Luas Marilyn Dress (all colors) ---display

Luas Joana Dress---display

Luas Prisy Bikini---display

I will have more sneak peeks of Boat & Bikini Expo hunt items including home decor and rideable boats.  Come around!


Snow Cone Machine

  • Snow Cone Machine: Standby Inc (The Garden)
  • Jeans & Tank: LacunaInc, Summertime in Tangerine (My Attic@ The Deck)
  • Shoes: BSD Design Studio Shoes, True Love in Yellow
  • Jewelry: Mandala, Yakushi in Orange

We’re having a heatwave…..a tropical heatwave on the West Coast. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and highs are expected to hit in the upper 90-105 degree this week. SF sizzles in the 80’s, so you can imagine how steamy it get’s in the upper 90’s.  Funny thing is, Gloria is embracing the baking weather while preparing for this weekends first official summer party at our new Hampton’s Beach House.  I caught Glory red-handed “testing” a snow cone from Standby Inc (a summer special offered at The Garden), while soaking up the sun in her LacunaInc Summertime in Tangerine jean & tank combo (offered at The Attic.)  The Garden is part of The Liaison Collaborative project and it’s a monthly theme home decor event that runs for 3 weeks (June 15-July 10).  I love home decor and I’m always on the look out for fun additions to be inspired by.  I fell for the Standby Inc Snow Cone machine and the {what’s next} Sandbridge Ice Cream cart.  The Poser Pavillion is also organized by The Liaison Collaborative project and has the same theme,  Sandbridge (Beach & Natural) as The Garden, filled with fun summer beach poses by top pose makers, available until July 5, 2013.  Glory is sporting items from My Attic @ The Deck, a  weekly theme event available from June 21- June 30, 2013 (Escapes) with all items from designers 95L.

Ice Cream front pose

  • Ice Cream Machine: {what’s next} Sandbridge Ice Cream cart (The Garden)
  • Jeans: *TuttiFrutti*, Summer Retreat Jeans in Blue (My Attic)
  • Bikini Top: Paper Doll, Ruffly Kini in Lemonade from The Arcade
  • Jewelry: Virtual Impressions, Tina Necklace
  • Back Pose: Picture This!: The Maxi Dress 5 (Poser Pavillion, below)

Ice Cream back pose