Hello Lover….

Dear Shoes- I love youI have a secret to tell…. I’m addicted to shoes. I know this is a common issue women struggle with, but no matter how many rehab facilities my friends and family sign me up for, I still break loose and buys shoes.  So many shoes, that I can’t wear them all, but they needed a home and who am I to deprive them of my closet.  My habit has rubbed off on Glory.  So much so that The Shoe Fair turned into a junkies paradise that caused a shoe coma.  I couldn’t even get Glory to model our “finds.” But after some serious withdrawal, bribing and a stern talking to, Glory troopered on for the common cause of free (or low-cost) SHOES!

The Shoe Fair has a mini hunt with most stores offering free shoes or accessories exclusive to the event, ending tomorrow, July 31, 2013.  Below is my tribute to the late Lily Pulitzer, known for her bright fresh floral prints in hot pink, grass-green and aqua blues.  My inspiration was derived from Lavanda Chic everyday bag (60L, below left) paired with Deer platform high heel in 6 texture options with 5 color selection each = 30 different colors for all seasons and moods.  As a blogger and lover of all {{BSD Design Studio}} items, I picked up the Fashion Blogger bag in pink for 50L.  To compete the trio, I used G&D Daliah sandals in soft pink, a free gift at The Shoe Fair.  Please take a trip over The Shoe Fair and grab these items before they are gone (it was lag free for me every time Glory went).

Deer, GD, BSD Bags & shoes- final display


New York State of Mind….

Red & White blossom outfit= display

While I was at Collabor88, I picked up the Tee*fly’s silk camisole Bella ruffle in Bloom and the Color.Me.H.O.F white leather skirt.  I used Glam Affair Lulu (Europa) 01 skin to enhance the green stem in the Tee*fly printed top.  For accessories, I used Ricielli Yuse white leather handbag and Noodles Sketchy Flower necklace in gold/green to complete the stylish modern New York girl look. Collabor88 has lots of good staple pieces at a discount price available until August 7, 2013.

I found my thrill…..

C88 Ison Dress bluepurple = display

The new round at Collabor88 have tons of wonderful summer items I can’t wait to share with you.  ISON offers a ruffled, purple soft silk chiffon dress.  I paired the dress with Noodles Metal Leaf necklace in Silver/Blue and Glam Affair Lulu (Europa) 01 skin with lime green eye shadow. To complete the look, I purchased Baiastice Ayoun clutch in peach  and {Cherry} Enchanted Teardrop earrings from L’accessoires. All items at C88 are available until August 7, 2013 at good discounted prices, hurry now.

Liv Glam Glam Girls July

Congrats to the Liv Glam July Glam Girls!  This week promises to be a whirlwind of excitement and joy!


Glamorous Girl – Casual Glam – Zivaah Resident

Zivaah Resident, Casual Glam- July 2013

Glamorous Girl – Business Glam – Dixiesweet28 Twine

Dixiesweet28 Twine, Business Glam- July 2013

Glamorous Girl – Cocktail Glam – DiamondGem Destiny

DiamondGem Destiny, Cocktail Glam - July 2013

Glamorous Girl – Club Glam – Astralia Resident

Astralia Resident, Club Glam- July 2013

LIV-Glam | GLAM GIRLS | July Semi-Finals Winner

This month winner will receive an interview with AVENUE Magazine, discount for AVENUE Modeling Academy, a Liv-Glam Vendor Shot, a Liv-Glam outfit named after them, L$3000 Cash and a L$2000 Liv-Glam Gift Card.

August round contest will start on 24 July until 17 August 2013. So make sure to submit your pictures as soon as possible. For more info on GLAM GIRLS 2013 by Liv-Glam Contest Rules, please read below:



AVENUE presents Liv-Glam – GLAM GIRLS 2013
We are happy to announce the first Liv-Glam Styling Contest where we would like to see contestants come up with a Glamorous look that reflects who you are, using Liv-Glam outfits in four categories of glamorous styles :

1. Glamorous Girl – Casual Glam

For your everyday life and your everyday needs. All the glamour girls know that with this line has everything they need, then all it takes is adding a pair of shoes and they’re ready to go take a walk outside or meet up with friends.

2. Glamorous Girl – Business Glam

Going to have a meeting at the office and don’t know what to wear? Well, Liv-Glam is here to help, providing you with pieces that can keep you just as chic and fabulous as you are with a touch of business formal. Perfect to look glamorous at the office without the hassle of wearing boring grey suits.

3. Glamorous Girl – Cocktail Glam

If you are going out to a semi-formal event, to a wedding, or any kind of event that doesn’t require black tie for gentlemen and gown for the ladies, then this is exactly what you need. Cocktail dresses come in several lengths but we are sure that you will find exactly the length that suits you best at Liv-Glam, all to make yourself look fabulous in those elegant evenings.

4. Glamorous Girl – Club Glam

Going out with the girls or with your significant other? Jeans and t-shirts are not going to cut it this time. So, Liv-Glam offers you a range of fun and glamorous clothes for you to wear on those nights when all you want to do is dance until you drop… while looking super chic of course!



1. Contest Schedule

[ June 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 May 2013
Closing Date : 15 June 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 17 June 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 18 & 20 June 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 22 June 2013

[ July 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 June 2013
Closing Date : 13 July 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 15 July 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 17 & 19 July 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 20 July 2013

[ August 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 July 2013
Closing Date : 17 August 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 19 August 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 21 & 23 August 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 24 August 2013

[ September 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 August 2013
Closing Date : 14 September 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 16 September 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 18 & 20 September 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 21 September 2013

[ October 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 September 2013
Closing Date : 12 October 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 14 October 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 16 & 18 October 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 19 October 2013

[ November 2013 Semi-Finals ]
Start Date : 24 October 2013
Closing Date : 16 November 2013
Results for Selection of Contestants for Semi-Finals : 18 November 2013
Rehearsal for Contestants: 20 & 22 November 2013
Semi-Finals Showcase : 23 November 2013

Finale: 20 December 2013
Rehearsal: 13, 16 & 18 December 2013

Semi-finalist winners will be announced 3 days after the semi-final and the semi-finalist winners should be available from the day of announcement of results to the 30th of that month for a photography and interview session with AVENUE Magazine.

Each contestant must be committed to the aforementioned schedules.

2. Eligibility
This contest is open to anyone above 6 months old.

3. Entry & Submissions
– Entries must be submitted via Flickr to participate – link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/glamgirls/
– Each entry/photo should be square format preferably 1024 X 1024 jpeg.
– Each photo submission needs to be titled : Your name_Glam Girls_Month_Category e.g. Marina Resident_Glam Girls_Cocktail Glam.
– The photo submission deadline as stated above.
– Entries submitted must include the name of the outfit and items styled with it in the description.
– Outfit worn must be a Liv-Glam fashion product only. NO K-COLLECTION
– Outfit used MUST NOT be from the gift area.
– If you are not chosen as a monthly winner you may re-enter the contest in the following months as many times as you wish.
– Creative and clear photography are a must. Photograph can be shot by a third party photographer but excessive photoshopping is discouraged.
– Each entrant can enter into any or all categories each month but only one submission can be made for each category. Should the entrant be selected to enter each month’s semi-finals, they will be selected based on the best entry for one category.

4. Prizes

Glamorous Monthly Prize Winners:
3000L Cash
2000L Gift Card
An outfit named after them.
An upcoming Liv-Glam official vendor shot.
$1000L voucher with AVENUE Models Academy
Inclusion in a spread and interview in AVENUE Magazine

Grand Finale Winner Prizes:
All new releases for the next six months.
Vendor shots
Glam Girls Crown

5. Winners

There will be one winner from each category every month until December with a total of four winners per month. A grand finale will be held in December. Each finalist will compete in their respective categories to become Liv-Glam’s Glamour Girl and will hold the title for six months.

So join us in this glamorous contest today.
Ready, Set, and Liv-Glam!





Liv-Glam features the fabulous designs of the creative and always fashion forward, SamanthaSjones. Liv-Glam fashion philosophy is to give everyone the vision of looking glamorous by providing fashion products which are prefect to achieve the look of elegance. Every women can find glamorous, affordable outfits to wear rom morning to evening, from casual to chic to formally elegant, yet with details that set them apart.

Event Concept, Production & Marketing by AVENUE

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Marketing & PR, was founded in 2007 by Rusch Raymaker. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life fashion industry to a higher level. In 2009, AVENUE led the first fashion track and published a print issue of AVENUE Magazine at the Second Life Community Convention. AVENUE celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2012 and in partnership with Zzoie Zee, launched its latest development of a four sim region called zenshi – a Neo Zen lifestyle region which hosts the ultimate in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and the arts. AVENUE continues to break new grounds in creativity, fashion, marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life.

For more information, please contact :
Rusch Raymaker
Email : rusch@avenuesl.com
Website : http://www.avenuesl.com

Flora’s Fashion Contest “Dress Up Spree”

This past weekend I challenged myself to enter a styling competition, Flora’s Fashion Contest.  FFc is a free on the spot design contest with time limits and specific themes.  I initially learned about Flora’s Fashion Contest through Lillou’s Design group.  Lillou’s is one of the many sponsors and donors of the contest.  If you would like to join the contest, please drop Floraniana (Flora Raven) a notecard.



Flora Fashion Contest “Dress Up Spree”

Each contestant must a be a female who thinks she can dress up fashionably and win this contest within a limited time. There will be 3 rounds and 3 different stylings. The challenge will be given on the spot. There will be professional judges to judge the style and fashion sense.  It’s free to participate.  We have one contest each month, about 1 to 2 hours per round.  A lot to win nothing to lose why don’t you give it a shot and choose.

Prizes For This Months Winner: 

1) 1000 Lindens Cash Prize
2) Model Advanced Training Scholarship worth 3,500 Lindens Sponsored by L’Amour Management
3) Poses for the winner and picture on Ovation Poses Vendor
4) A picture on FFc Famous Wall of Fame
5) A gift card for Lillou’s Designs worth 3000 Lindens
6) A gift card from Eden Jewelry worth 2000 Lindens
7) A gown and tiara specially made for FFc winner sponsored by Pure Poison
8) A mesh trophy made by the owner of the contest herself, Ms. Flora Raven

There are many great sponsors including: Beautiful Deluxe and Pura Vita Wedding Services, L’Amour Model Management and Productions, Ovation Poses, Lillou’s Design, Eden Jewelry, and Pure Poison.

Judging will be based on the following:

1. Style: your editing; creativity; The outfit, accessories, etc must show how well you can coordinate and match accessories, including shoes, jewelry, etc.

2. Runway: The poses you select must be fitting and complimentary for the outfit chosen and be realistic to a model. Smooth and graceful (points will be deducted for choppy poses or inappropriate poses).

3. Walk: Your walk must be suitable for a model and the outfit. Straight lines when on a straight runway.


Round One: I arrived early on Saturday morning having no clue what to expect.  The contestants lined up backstage and we walked the L’Amour Model Management runway to meet the judges; founder of Flora’s Fashion Contest Ms. Flora Raven, CEO of L’Amour Model Management & Productions Ms. Ava Jhamin, and Ms. Darlene Snowbear.  I didn’t want to peek at the exclusive Pure Poison grand prize gown and tiara, but I did and it was stunning, so if I wasn’t nervous before….I was then. The lovely and stylish judges gave us our first challenge; we had 20 minutes to mix and match two designer outfits to create a style that would be appropriate to meet our boyfriend’s parents for the first time, so we needed “to dress to impress.”

Personally, in my RL this is never a good move for me, I over think the situation and over dress.  Since, Glory is wiser and smarter than her real life counterpart, I thought do the opposite.  I planned on wearing something demure and chic.  I played with a few simple black cocktail dresses, but in SL I own very few black items (probably because I live in black in my RL).  I wanted to add a blazer, or cardigan, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the alpha layers to work together.  I looked down at local chat and Flora say 1 minute left ladies.  I looked at Glory with three different dresses and an animal print blazer and said, “No.  Don’t overdress.  Don’t stress out.  You are meeting his friends and family and where would that normally take place…..not where an animal print blazer would be.”  I remembered I purchased a cute pink/green blazer at Drift a few Fifty Linden Fridays ago, threw on the only pair of jeans Glory owns, a lime green top from Prism, pumps & stud earrings.  Time was called and I wasn’t naked…thank God.  Somehow it all came together at the last-minute.  I didn’t have time to check my poses, so I used my preloaded huddle and prayed it would work.  When I was in line, I thought about where I would like to meet my boyfriend’s friends and family…..at a backyard BBQ.  Maybe it’s the American California girl in me, but I knew I could be relaxed and casual outside with beer in my hand (or in my case a glass of wine) and burger.

Anyway, back to the contest….. All the contestants walked the L’Amour Runway, around the water fountain and did 4 poses before receiving the judges feedback.  I was second and was hoping that my outfit conveyed a sweet girl next door look at a summer backyard BBQ.  They got and loved it.  Some weren’t crazy about the shoes, but other than the poor fit of freebies, I returned feeling pretty good.  After all nine ladies walked the runway (& no one fell in the fountain), we returned as a group to face the judges.  At this point, I realized there were top models from CoC, MVW and CWS in the audience, I was just hoping that everyone could relate to my point of view.  With a drum roll, Flora announced the first place contestant, Gloria Silverstone, and asked me to step forward.  I stood there for a minute and then said “wow, thank you.” I was honestly surprised because this was my first time ever embarking on a timed styling contest.  Five other ladies were selected to move forward to the second round on Sunday.

Gloria Silverstone, Round #1- July 2013

Round Two:  Bright and early Sunday morning, Glory pop over to L’Amour and waited backstage with the other ladies.  I chatted with the girls while in line when hostess, Summit Beaumont stopped in to say “hi.”  Summit was wearing a lovely red Lillou’s cocktail gown and large white and red feather hat; I suspected we might have to do a cocktail or gown round.  Once again we walked out to meet the judges and receive our second assignment. This time it was all about the holidays, with the caveat, no contestant could have the same holiday.  We rushed back stage to change into our holiday finest in 20 minutes.  I scream out, “I’ll take Valentine’s Day.”  It is no surprise to my loyal readers, that I love that darn holiday, single, or as a couple.  For this styling challenge, I had a game plan, knew what I wanted to wear and just needed to find it in the deep hell I call ‘inventory.’ (I really need to take a few days away from shopping to organize it, but alas…maybe someday).  So, the game plan was Sascha’s I Love You Pink 50’s style dress, Finesmith Love Nugget jewelry, and a cute cupcake handbag.  I had a few seconds to spare to check the poses and walks this time, and switch it up a bit.  My name was called and I walked out and hoped I didn’t land in the fountain, did my poses and told them my inspiration.  No one said anything.  “Oh no. They hated it. They don’t like pink, they are anti-Valentine’s Day and there goes my chance at the grand prize.”  To my delight, they seemed to like what I styled.  Once again they didn’t like the lavender shoes, I swear they are pink on my viewer, thought some of the prims crossed, but LOVED the cupcake bag, dress and hair.  Oh good, I thought as I returned backstage.  With only six ladies in this round, the wait was shorter and I was able to make some jokes backstage and a few new friends. 🙂  After all the ladies had a turn on the catwalk, we were asked to walk out as a group to get the results. Lined up as stylish holiday soldiers, I was selected as first in the round.  Joana Ryba (Joana Wingtip), Y L E (ylenia10), and myself will be competing next Saturday for the July finals.  I would love for you to come out and cheer me on (taxi).  I’m really excited, proud and a little nervous.  I have found that pushing yourself brings out creative juices that you keep locked away. That is probably my all time favorite thing about Second Life, you can be anything you want to be. You can try on many different masks and play various roles.

Gloria Silverstone- Round #2- July 2013

Flora’s Fashion Contest if a wonderful styling challenge that I highly encourage and recommend to any lady.  FFc allows you to stretch your imagination and opens up a world of creative opportunity.  It’s a monthly contest and more information can be found on Ms. Flora’s website.

And, a big thank you to all the sponsors, judges, and audience members.