First Frost

Icy Princess Bedroom FR

I know what some of my loyal readers are thinking, doesn’t she live in California, has she ever seen snow?  Yes, you are right, I live in the great Golden state and you’re partial correct in your thinking, I can’t appreciate winter unless I’ve been snowed-in and my legs buried deep in snow banks.  For the record, I did see snow once, that was on the same trip to the Sierra when I attempted skiing, for the first and only time, which resulted in a broken leg.  Having said that, I live in the Silicon Valley, where we have our own version of winter and don’t panic at the sight of rain like our southern neighbors.  Speaking of rain, it’s been raining cats & dogs for a few days and last week we had our first ever rain day, almost all schools were closed and most business.  According to the weather folks, we were suppose to get huge gust of winds and heavy rain, they were concerned that the creeks would overflow.  Honestly, seemed like a bunch of smoke and no fire, so to speak, but I can’t complain, California been in a drought for a few years and every drop helps.  When I was a kid, we had a drought and had to extremely cut back our water usage, saving dish water to water house plants and letting our lawns turn brown.  One year, I can remember it like it was yesterday, it was right around Christmas, we had a deep frost and my backyard citrus trees were covered in icicles.  I broke a few off and saved them in the freezer, I guess I thought every drop counts! 🙂

The Mustard Seed Icy Fireplace FR

I was inspired by the colors Winter, specific the frost palette of soft blues, shimmering teals, creamy whites, and sparkling silvers for today’s interior design post using a number of items (some free) from current events.  I created an icy princess bedroom hideaway complete with a stacked mattress daybed from Cleo Designs for The Challenge Fairytale theme, frosted Winter Trees from Trompe Loeil (**FREE**), snowflake winter decor, and a cozy fireplace from The Mustard Seed.  I also wanted to showcase Sassy Ripples Gown (POE7 Gift), a sexy sequined aqua and black number with a low-cut back and peek-a-boo side.  I paired the gown with Chop Zuey Sultaness Set, available on the 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar (gifts for members and non-members) and Belleza’s new Christmas Group Gift skin, Mae.  I hope you have some time this weekend to pick up some of these deals and are inspired by all the magic of the season.

Icy Princess Bed FR

Finishing Touches Snowglobe FR

On a side note, my blog Hidden Gems in Second Life turns two today.  I honestly can’t believe that something I started on a whim has now become a part of my life for the last few years.  As I grow and expand my brand, I reflect back on all the post, looks, comments and suggestions, and all I can say is thank you.  Thank you for your support and readership. Hopefully, I can stop time and post a top 10 list before 2015, but if we don’t meet again till the new year, I wish you a glorious and bright holiday season filled with love, lights, good food and joyous smiles!

Belleza X-mas Group Gift Skin FR

POE7 Hunt | Sassy Gown FR

Interior Design:

On Gloria:

Quiet Reflections

FFL, Wild Serenity Sequin gown - sunset

“I believe in pink.  I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.  I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.  I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.  I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” ― Audrey Hepburn

Fashion For Life is OPEN!!!!  On my first sneak peek at the amazing exclusives offered at the FFL event, Teradawn Serenity of Wild Serenity created this gorgeous pink sequin gown, Gilded Blush Pink, a perfect homage to the pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer.  100% of proceeds from the sale of this gown are donated to Second Life’s Relay for Life campaign.  Did you know that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  For me that was my aunt, my godmother, my former boss, my neighbor and my mom’s best friend.  There are 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.  Fashion For Life is a wonderful charity that supports the American Cancer Society, funding research for a cure to cancer.  With 14 days of giving (and shopping fun) we can pledge to have a cancer free world and celebrate more birthdays.  At FFL, there are 10 sims filled with exclusives creations, a perfect excuse to shop for a cause.  Buy this gown, or any item available at Fashion For Life, and know that you are helping to fund a cure for a cancer free world.  A pretty good pay out I think, you get new exclusive fashionable items and know you are helping a worthy charity.  Won’t you help, please?

Sim Taxi’s….

  • FFL Amble (sim sponsored by Bianca Bender, Automobiles)
  • FFL Excursion (sim sponsored by Barnesworth Anubis, Water Transportation on Rivers)
  • FFL Journey (sim sponsored by TotalLunar Eclips, Steampunk Ground Transport) 
  • FFL Meander (sim sponsored by Grace Loudon, Water Transportation on the Ocean)
  • FFL Parade (sim sponsored by Pluto Fairey, Pedal Power) 
  • FFL Perambulate (sim sponsored by Eclair Martinek, Foot-driven, Skateboards or Skates)
  • FFL Promenade (sim sponsored by Rathmeous Dagger, Space)
  • FFL Trek (sim sponsored by Troy Vogel, Mechanized Flight)
  • FFL Voyage (sim sponsored by Jara Lowell, 2-3 Wheelers) 
  • FFL Wander (sim sponsored by Winter Nightfire, Non-Mechanized Flight) 

FFL Wild Serenity 3:4 Sequin gown

Exclusives offered @ Fashion For Life:

Fifty Linden Friday | Late Edition

I know, I know, I’m so late, sorry.  Hurry all sales end at 11:59pm SLT, 2 more hours to shop!


Sways_Holiday Branch Decor

olive_Candles & Acorns

noctis_Dressing Room

Second-Spaces_Office Ladder

D-Lab_Home decor


LaGyo_Holiday Bell Earrings

DCNY_Arm Warmers


Cest-la-Vie_Winter Pouch


Drift_Camo Pants

► Sway’s (Holiday Home Decor: Winter Branch)
► Olive (Holiday Home Decor: Candles & Acorn Candles)
► Noctis (Home Decor: Dressing Screen)
► Second Spaces (Home Decor: Office Ladder)
► d-lab (Home Decor: Chest & Radio)
► Glam Affair (Female Skin)
► LaGyo (Female Accessories: Holiday Bell Earrings)
► DCNY (Female Accessories: Arm Warmers)
► So Many Styles (Female Accessories: Knit Tights)
► C’est la Vie (Female Accessories: Winter Pouch)
► (Female Accessories: Wedge Boots)
► Drift (Female Fashion: Camo Pants)

Lazy Sunday | Unisex items & Womens fashion

Lazy Sunday is back with 75L or less items available until this evening at 11:59pm SLT.  Focus is on unisex items, women’s fashion pieces, and some home decor mixed in.  Enjoy!


ASS_Fingerless gloves Mustang Trading Post_Necklace for Men & Women

Black Haus White Market_Boots

Cozy Essentials_Home Decor Collage_Decor- Sign

Aeva Heartsick_Skin ADD Andel_Eyes

Modanna_Tank Tops Plastik_Dress AUSHKA CO_Sweater Immerse_Workout outfit Holli Pocket_Candy skirt

► A:S:S: (Unisex Accessories: Fingerless Gloves)
Mustang Trading Post (Unisex Accessories: Jewerly)
► Black Haus White Market (Unisex Accessories: Boots)
Cozy Essentials (Home Decor: Living Room)
Collage (Home Decor: Chalk Board Sign)
► Aeva // Heartsick (Female Skin)
► A.D.D. Andel! (Unisex: Eyes)
► MoDANNA (Female Fashion: Tank Top)
► The Plastik (Female Fashion: Dress)
► AUSHKA & CO (Female Fashion: Sweater)
Immerse (Female Fashion: Workout Outfit)
► Holli Pocket (Female Fashion: Mini Skirt)

Belleza Best Buys: Ashley for November

I’m really behind on blogging and completely forget about the latest Belleza Best Buys for November.  Actually, I noticed I haven’t dedicated a whole blog post to the BBB special in a while.  Sorry guys.

Have you been over to Belleza lately?

Well, pop over to the temporary store and check it out.  Personally, I like it better.  All the past BBB are against the far wall at 400L each.  YAY! The past Arcade Gacha machines are bordering the current Best Buy Ashley skins.  You can try your luck at scoring either the Ellie or Leila skin, past Arcade specials, for 100L each.

The Belleza Best Buy for November in Ashley with 4 skin tones: Pale, Medium, Sun Kissed and Tan, and 3 eyebrow options: brown, blond and red.

Ashley BBB Nov Pale 1:

BBB1- Nov- Ashley pale

  • Skin: Belleza Best Buys, Ashley Nov Pale 1
  • Hair: Truth, Vicky
  • Outfit: Liv Glam, Romance is Dead

Ashley BBB Nov Medium 2:

BBB2- Nov- Ashley

  • Skin: Belleza Best Buys, Ashley Nov Med 2
  • Hair: Miss C, Justyna Espresso
  • Outfit: Liv Glam, Autumn in New York

Ashley BBB Nov Sun Kissed 3:

BBB3- Ashley Sunkissed (Demo)

  • Skin: Belleza Best Buys, Ashley Nov SK 3 (Demo)
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Surfer Rosa Strawberry Cream
  • Outfit: K Collection, Skyfall