Enchanting Romance

Welcome back to the open house tour of my Valentine decorated cottage with home furnishing from The Collage.  Today we are heading upstairs to the Victorian romance bedroom and outside to a hidden garden area.  All items are from The Collage, a monthly special home event lasting for two weeks with wonderful and delightful exclusive items.  You don’t want to miss this, Taxi please…

Enter the world of romance, an era long ago of elegance and charm, a bit simpler time but one filled with splendor.  The upstairs is an open loft space with banks of windows on all four sides and a large peak roof, adorned with What Next Morning Tea Chandelier.   We first notice the cozy Spargel & Shine Homes Victorian inspired era bed (Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed) and are ready to jump in.  Please note Tess Spargel of Spargel & Shine Homes attention to detail in the blush rose printed quilt with corresponding painted rose side table, dresser, drapes and tea set.  Truly an authentic representation of times past.   Cementing the bedroom and adding warm below your toes is the braided hand-made rug, common for the period.  Easy to roll back at a moment notice when the gramophone is cranked and dancing is called for.  The sheer drapes (Annie Rose Sheer) with the delicate print accentuate the antique style of the furnishings.

Jan:Feb '14-Bedroom & Gramaphone

Jan:Feb '14- Bedroom Bed

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Bed: Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Sheers: Curtain Panel Annie Rose Sheer, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Side Table & Accessories: Annie Oak Side Table, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Painting: Nature’s Glory Light, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Rug: Rag Rug Shabby, Spargel & Shine Homes

Other items:

  • Chandelier: Morning Tea Chandelier, What Next
  • Prints: Mr. Darcy & Always Prints, floorplan. (Free)

Enjoy a spot of tea as you relax on the Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed and snuggle up with a good book from the Annie Side Table.  The Annie bed has four scenes you can rez from the touch menu including: made with tray {shown}, made, messy with pillow, and messy sleep.

Jn:Feb '14- Close-up of Teaset

Jan:Feb '14- Side Table w:Books

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Bed: Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Side Table & Accessories: Annie Oak Side Table, Spargel & Shine Homes

Other items:

  • Books: The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice & Jane Eyre Novels, floorplan. (Free)

Moving into the main area of the bedroom, the Annie Oak Dresser (with 6 scene rezzers) is fit for any lovely girl of the times.  It is highlighted with a cut glass rose vase, a silver tray holding a brush and comb, perfume bottles, rose lace scarf and finished with a cushioned stool.  Note the beautiful rose painted panel veneer detail on the lovely Adam style dressing table drawers.  A typewriter is at the ready to write love letters.

Jan:Feb '14- Dressing Table Only

Jan:Feb '14- Close-up of Perfum Bottles

Jan:Feb '14- Dressing Table detail

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Dressing Table (Mirror, Stool & Accessories): Annie Oak Dresser, Spargel & Shine Homes 

Other items:

Dusk has fallen on my Valentine theme Trompe Loeil Willoughby Lakeside Cottage and my love has beckon me outside.  To my surprise a secluded garden has been erected in the backyard. Peaking through the Shutter Field Hidden Patio Fence, we see a romantic setting, compete with a grand piano, heart lanterns and Sway’s Caroline furniture set (love, exclusive color for The Collage).  Tonight my love has created an outdoor living room, perfect to watch shooting stars, indulge in sweet treats, serenades and gazing into each others eyes.

Jan:Feb '14- Outdoor Romance Sway's items

Jan:Feb '14- Close up of Sway's hearts

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Hidden Garden: Hidden Patio Fence, Shutter Field
  • Living Room Set (couch, chair, rug, sideboard & accessories): Caroline Love, Sway’s

Other items:

  • Home Sweet Home Sign: Sway’s (Subscriber gift)
  • Grand Piano: Elegance Grand Piano, StoraxTree Promotions
  • Heart Lanterns: Antique Heart String Lanterns, What Next
  • Vintage Heart Tree: Vintage Love Tree, Cobblestone (Store is closed, MP has items)
  • Topiary: Trio of Roses & Hearts Topiary Pink, *Finishing Touches*
  • Strawberry Cake: Pastry Mania, Tres Blah  (Past Arcade Gatcha item)

Thank you for joining me on my Valentine themed open house tour with items from the current round of The Collage.  There are wonderful pieces at this special monthly home event, including a warehouse loft from Dot Be Dew that you should go check out.  I have a few more items to blog, so stay tuned and let’s get decorating! Taxi please…