California Girls

Yellow Bikini & Chevron Chair

New round of The Co-Op opened August 7 with the theme Bondi Beach.  A beautiful event sim location filled with all your summer needs including bikini’s, surfboard poses, lounge chairs, and beachy accessories.  Grab your flip-flops and head over before August 21 to grab these summer must haves!  Taxi please…

Bubblefish Splash Bikini & Hopscotch Pink Surf board

Bubblefish Splash Bikini & Le Poppycock Sea Maid Marine Crown

Moon Amore Summerkini Sirenas & Luminary Floppy Hat (Cream)

The Co-Op Presents - Bondi Beach August 7

Picture #1:

  • Bikini: Bubblefish, Yellow Floral
  • Deck Chairs: Mien, Beach Day
  • Background decor items: What Next, Ice Cream Cart & Shutter Field, Beach Shed & Chairs (Not part of Bondi Beach)

Picture #2:

  • Bikini: Bubblefish, Splash
  • Surfboard & Pose: HopScotch, The Perfect Wave

Picture #3:

  • Bikini: Bubblefish, Splash
  • Headpiece: Le Poppycock, Sea-Maid’s Crown Marine Spindrift
  • Deck Chairs: Mien, Beach Day
  • Ring: Ginchi, Kiss the Rings Gold
  • Background decor items: Follow US, Summer Love Sandcastle & Floorplan, String Lights (Not part of Bondi Beach)

Picture #4:

  • Bikini: Moon Amore, Summerkini Sirenas
  • Hat: Luminary, Floppy Hat Cream
  • Lounge Chairs: Frogstar, Seaside Lounger Cherry Pack

Ear Worm:

Vintage Moments

The Collage Blogger Photo Contest pic by Gloria Silverstone

The Collage is back with a new location, more home and garden designers, and collections for every palette.  This month The Collage bloggers were challenged to create a room or space using only the items provided in the bloggers box, spotlighting at least one item from all the designers. This was a departure for me because I like to create rooms by design styles, ie: shabby chic or modern or traditional, however for this build I envisioned a home filled with intimate moments tied together with vintage finds.  I used the Trompe Loeil Karin Cottage (currently available at Collabor88) and showcased The Collage designers items in different areas of the home. Above is my photo contest entry and below are close-ups from sections in the home.  All Collage designers are offering corresponding furnishings available at The Collage sim which will remain open year round. Hop over to the new location and check out the designs and new sim.  Taxi please…

Thaino Design & Dreamscapes Close-up

  • Thaino Designs (Coat Rack) 
  • Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Mannequin)

Close-up of Dreamscape Chairs & Spargel Tea Cart

  • Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Rose Leather Armchairs)
  • Spargel & Shine Homes (Tea Cart with tea set & biscuits)
  • Cozy Essentials (Boston Fern)
  • Luminere (Light Fixture)

Close-up of Serendipity Design

  • Serendipity Designs (Beach Triptych & Console Table)

Thaino Design Hutch & BellaRose Bistro

  • BellaRose Designs (Book Bistro Set)
  • Thaino Designs (Kitchen Hutch)

Great Room & Kitchen

  • Cozy Essentials (Signs, Boston Fern, Chandelier & Slipper Chair)
  • Shutter Field (Day Bed)

Cozy Essentials- Frames & Wht Chairs

  • Cozy Essentials (Slipper Chairs, Mission Table, Vase, Desk, Lamps, Ferns & Picture Frames)
  • Johadez (Tripod Table)

day bed - lighter

  • Shutter Field (Day Bed & Laptop)
  • Cozy Essentials (Fern & Chandelier)
  • Johadez (Tripod Table)

the collage logo 2013

Welcome to Charmville!

S&S Village overview

The April/May round of The Collage opened on the 23rd with delightful designs and exclusive releases from 8 home & garden creators: Thaino Designs, Serendipity Designs, Shutter Field, Cozy Essentials, Spargel & Shine Homes, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Prime, and Lumiere.  You are guaranteed to find something for everyone’s taste.  The exclusive offerings this month include a luxury bathroom treat, outdoor garden decor, business board room, nature art studio and picnic set, shabby chic craft and sewing room, screened gazebo and furniture, and a very special treat, an adorable Victorian shop!

S&S Corner Shoppe

With the exclusive items,  I created a sweet and charming build with a nod to a country village.  Spargel & Shine Homes Annie’s Antique Corner Shoppe transported me to the fictional town of Avonlea from Anne in Green Gables, a beloved children’s’ novel.  I imagined title character Anne would visit a country dress shop, similar to the one I created, with rambling paths and picnic area on her journey into town.  This quaint build is my new favorite with enchanting spring foliage, al fresco dining area, art spot, and a porch swing adjacent to the neighbor’s house.  Since I created a large build, I’m going to break the post into sections.  First, let’s set the scene in the garden.

S&S side pathSpargel & Shine Homes Victorian corner shop is a lime washed brick with intricate wood craved casing around the windows and doors, exquisite stained glass panels, faded vintage signs and welcoming french doors, leading to a tin ceiling first floor store.  A side note, what a fun tongue and check note for all Scandel viewers, the optician sign from Defiance, Ohio :-).

Defiance, Ohio

To enhance the feeling of a country boutique, I created a windy cobblestone path with overflowing spring flowers of daffodils, lavender, and iris, shrubs, ground cover and delicate trees line the edge.  The Barnesworth Anubis stone garden pavers kit surrounds the Ash tree with mini spring bulbs in the center of the village.   This garden setting resembles a park with rest areas and sweeping views of the water.


The country path runs parallel to a neighboring home furnished with Cozy Essentials exclusive items.  Ms. Paige Raven, producer of Cozy Essentials made the Garden Swing with animations for adults, children and couples, as well as the Hailey Bench (animations with props), Hailey Side Table, Muskoka Adirondack Chair and Butterfly Planter & Tree.  Also included at The Collage is a screened gazebo with painted cloud ceiling and sliding double doors (look for the gazebo featured in an upcoming blog post).  These charming pieces could accompany any home style and are a nice addition to your inventory.  Cozy Essentials is one of the few home designers that offers animations for kids and they have a separate children’s store with family friendly furniture.  Taxi to Cozy Essentials mainstore…

{CE} Garden Swing

{CE} Bench

{CE} Chairs

Everyone loves the park to enjoy natures beauty, or to run after to kids, or better yet, a picnic!  Well, you’re in luck and just in time for summer nights filled with al fresco dining parties, Prime’s picnic set is perfect.  The Rustic Picnic Table is a sturdy bench & table unit, complete with animations for males & females, seats up to four avatars with auto-wearable props.  The picnic table comes in two sizes, one for average SL avatars and the other made to fit RL sized avatars.  Ms. Reven Rosca, co-owner and designer of PRIME also released the flower field and tub of Hibiscus.  Corresponding tubs of flowers, fencing and other garden decor items are available at The Collage.  These are great items that you will use over and over this spring & summer.  PRIME is an expert at creating animations for male and females, and known to have the best LGBT beds in SL.  Taxi to PRIME mainstore…

PRIME Rustic Table

Prime table, oceanview

Another activity one loves to do on a warm day at the park is be inspired by nature and paint.  Ms. Heavenly Villa, creator of shutter field made the ideal set, Garden Easel Set & Garden Bench.  The Garden Easel with canvas comes in two styles, green with a painting of topiaries, and cream with a landscape of flowers, accompanied with corresponding colored stools and benches to rest the painters palette.  You could always use the Garden Bench under a tree, window or inside your home.  Ms. Villa has a number of other items displayed at The Collage including another easel set, additional canvases, lanterns, picnic basket, and corresponding outdoor dining set.  All of these items are absolutely a must have!  Shutter Field has nature inspired appointments with muted colors that blends easy into your home. Taxi to shutter field mainstore…

shutter field easel green

SF- Close up green easel set

SF- Close up cream easel set

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of a country village. Tomorrow, we go inside Spargel & Shine Annie Antique Corner Shoppe, where I will show you the dress boutique and the upstairs workroom. There are lots of wonderful items at The Collage that you don’t want to miss.  Let’s Get Decorating!  Taxi please…

Tranquil Retreat


Serendipity Designs Bed

The Collage opened last Sunday with lots of wonderful spring furnishings to spruce up your Second Life home.  The exclusive items include a complete home and furniture from Cozy Essentials, outdoor decor from Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Sway’s, & Thaino’s Designs, bedroom set from Serendipity Designs, dining room table & decor from Spargel & Shine Homes, office from shutter field, and sunflower pattern decor items from Lumiere. (Check out my previous garden blog post with items from Dreamscapes and Sway’s).   The Collage is a monthly home and garden shopping event with exclusive items opening on the 23rd each month and lasting for 2 weeks.  For today’s post, I designed a calm and peaceful bedroom and office area using Serendipity Designs and shutter field.

Serendipity Designs Dresser


Serendipity Designs Bed & bench

I just LOVE this delightful nod to spring created by Serendipity Designs Spring Fling Bedroom Set.  This bedroom is probably one of my favorite rooms I’ve decorated this year.  I wish I had this bedroom in real life with its clean lines, classic tufted tall headboard and elegant bench.  The pale muted blues and crisp whites have a coastal Maine feel, the soft cherry blossom painting whispers springtime in a gentle soothing voice.  With its breezy draped comforter, whitewash nightstand with stenciled glass cabinets, Asian inspired lamps, petite ladylike armchair (Half Deer’s Silk and Pearls Chair in Powder Blue @ C88), matching dresser and sundial modern mirror, the Serendipity Designs bedroom suite is the perfect tranquil retreat.  (I used the Irrie’s Dollhouse, Crown Molding Wall Texture in Fog (white wash board texture), to enhance the crisp white and add a coastal traditional design to the walls, MegaStuff/Homestuff hunt item).

Serenity Style Nightstand

Serendipity Designs Painting

In the bedroom retreat, I created an office space using shutter field Spring Study Desk Set, an exclusive at The Collage.  The Spring Study includes a shabby chic desk, chair, laptop, notebook & pen, telephone, pen cup and an easy chair with ottoman in soft blue.  The office chair and easy-chair have multiple animations for male and female.  Spring Study set is $139L and only available at The Collage.  Both exclusive sets from Serendipity Designs and shutter field welcome spring with an inviting fresh feel and easy charm, be sure to add them to your home.  Taxi please…

Shutter Field's Spring Study Set

Shutter Field's Spring Study Office close up


The Collage | Adorable Charm

Thaino Designs- Overview

When I think of charming shabby chic furniture items, my first thought is always Thaino Designs!  And, Thaihiti Baroque of Thaino Designs has delivered again with the most adorable Gypsy Caravan set available at The Collage! (Sorry for my delay is posting the Gypsy Caravan set, I have the flu and everything is a bit fuzzy.)  The Collage is a home and garden shopping event that opened on February 23rd and will close on March 5, 2014, so hurry over to grab this charming spring set! (After the event is over, items will be available at Thaino store).

The Thaino Design Shabby Caravan set features a floral hand-painted caravan, plant rack, owl painted lawn chairs, tables and tea set, decorative candles snuggled in floral printed drawers and tea cups, flowers in tea pots, window boxes, trellis, clothes line, and a dreamy windmill.  I created a small village setting with two additional shabby chic cottages and some corresponding Thaino Designs floor stools and pouffes (from Jan/Feb round of The Collage).  Ms. Baroque recently has added a gatcha machine at her main store, and you can win fun & flirty Pink Punk Princess skull pieces.  I decorated the pink cottage with the Thaino Skullz sideboard and floor stool.  Each gatcha pull cost $50L and the pieces are an adorable clever addition to your home.  Always good to have a few furniture pieces (or two) that are a bit unexpected, it makes a house a home with personality.  I also used shutter field‘s clever path signs (available at the current round of The Collage).  Taxi please…

Thaino Designs- Carvan

Close-up of Owl Tea Set & Windmill

Plant Rack

Owl Painted set

Pink cottage

Thaino Designs- Pink Skull Sideboard

Punk Princess Skull sideboard & stool

Inside Carvan & clothes line

Close-up Clothes Line

Blue Cottage

Blue Cottage Thaino

Cozy Thaino Blue Chair