Menstuff Hunt: Part 2

Day two, we trekked on and found a new shape from Sophistishapes and skin from LaVie (both hints were super hard and we couldn’t find it).  Grant is a typical guy who won’t ask for help from the awesome group of male hunters/helpers but after five times back to the same store and a little nagging on my part (yes, I was a bit persistent) we found more great guy fashions to show you today.

All hints and slurls are here:

Bolded numbers correspond to hints.

Close up of shape & skin:

Close-up of sophistishapes, anton shape

  •  Shape: Sophistishapes, Anton –no modify (#97)

Close-up of laVie skin, Santino & Sophistishapes, Anton

  • Skin: LaVie, Santino (#95)
  • Shape: Sophistishapes, Anton (#97)

Gizza sweater, Maverick shape & AA hair

  • Shape: Maverick, Johnny (#147)
  • Outfit: Gizza, Blue Sweater w/white tee (#9)
  • Necklace: The Jewellery Exchange, Male X Silver (#102)
  • Hair: Ali & Ali, Sting in Black (#17)

Shiki tank & pants, Ultra shape, Jewelry exchange necklace

  • Shape: Ultra, Gene (#124) 
  • Outfit: Shiki, Urban Trash tank & pants (#135) 
  • Necklace: The Jewellery Exchange, Male X Silver (#102)

rfyre blue grid polo, MLC Baggy Crotch jeans & blue hiking boots, hostyle shape, Mimi's choice ring

  • Shape: Hostyle Shapes & Poses (#58)
  • Polo: Rfyre, Hardtails Blue Grid (#10)
  • Jeans & Boots: Mohna Lisa Couture, Baggy Jeans (#8)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #1 (#137)

Just Becuase Newsboy shirt, 69 Park Black Jeans, Waxworx Marcus shape

  • Shape: Waxworx, Marcus (#16)
  • Vest & Shirt: Just Because, Newsboy Shirt (#13)
  • Jeans: 69 Park Ave, Black Sands (#41)

noise jeans & hoddie, dirk shape, mlc blue boots & mannerism #1

  • Shape: Boddies by Bobbie, Dirk (#39)
  • Hoodie & Jeans: Noise, In Da Hood Hoodie & Baggy Jeans (#99)
  • Boots: Mohna Lisa Couture, Hiking Boots Blue (#8)
  • Pose: Mannerism, Polar MB 01 (#107)

69 park ave, black sands jeans, argyle vest & cap

  • Shape: Agape, Trevor III (#86) 
  • Outfit: 69 Park Ave, Black Sands (#41) 
  • Boots: Bootgasm, Construction Boots (#74) 
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #4 (#137)

focus poses urban man #5, Razor blade Bad intention t-shirt, noise jeans , mlc blue boots & angelo shape

  • Shape: Stunning Shapes, Angelo (#142) 
  • T-shirt: Razorblade, Bad Intention V-neck (#132)
  • Jeans: Noise, Baggy Jeans (#99)
  • Boots: Mohna Lisa Couture, Hiking Boots Blue (#8)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #5 (#137)

sophistishapes shapes Anton, Black Pearl Gray Hodded t-shirt, Shey bootcut jeans, Bootgasm Boots

  • Shape: Sophistishapes, Anton (#97)
  • T-shirt: Black Pearl, Gray Hooded T-shirt (#100)
  • Jeans: Shey, Bootcut Jeans (#120) 
  • Boots: Bootgasm, Construction Brown Biker Boots (#74)
  • Pose: Focus Poses, Urban Man #4 (#137)

Photo taken at Focus Poses

Let’s hear it for the Boys!

A few post ago, I blogged about the after X-mas sales and mentioned Sartoria had a 50L special on the marketplace. I was able to convince a friend of mine to model a few outfits that he purchased at the sale.

Grant-Cont #1 Chic-1 chic -2 Landfall Double Shot

  • Continental Suit
  • The Chic Tourist (2 pant option)
  • Landfall
  • Double Shot

Also, Kastle Rock Couture had a stylish men’s leather pants and sweater outfit on the MM board yesterday. Kastle Rock is a women’s, men’s and petite’s clothing store that features casual to formal attire. Noted for their 55L Thursday, 60L Weekend sales and lucky chairs, as well as fabulous hunts. The recent Candy Cane hunt was organized by the owner and creator of KR, Spooky Mistwallow. Grant is modeling the male outfit from the hunt and the MM Board steal. All photo’s were taken at Kastle Rock Couture.

Brn sweater X-mas cape #1 X-mas cape #2

With the upcoming New Year’s weekend, below are some current group gifts for an elegant evening out.

shiki- Dec Shiki-white gizza- 1 gizza w:vest

Hope you enjoy the overview of menswear and have a great New Year’s Eve!

Happy 2013!