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Amacci Skin -Tyne (Cream) - picAmacci released the Tyne Skin in Cream at the Skin Fair and it’s a natural blush skin, perfect for the spring.  I adore the sightly pouty lip and natural glow.  Below I will show you the Tyne skin, make-up lipstick pack, and fat pack including Tawny shape.  Please note: the Skin Fair is a scripted restricted sim (15 scripts) and you will be tp home if you go over the allotment (I learned this the hard way and my head still hurts).  Amacci is located in Sim 1.

The Skin Fair is a 3 sim shopping event from March 14th to 30th, with most major skin and makeup creators on the grid offering exclusive releases. Landmarks and maps below. Enjoy!

New for Skin Fair is Tyne Rayna Skin line in one new skin tone; Cream

AMACCI Tyne Skin Cream:

Amacci Tyne Cream -00 to 06 skin collage

Top to Bottom:

  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 00 Clear
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 01 Natural
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 02 Ruby
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 03 Candy
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 04 Day
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 05 Beauty

Amacci Tyne Cream -06 to 12 skin collage

Top to Bottom:

  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 06 Bronze
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 07 Ocean
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 08 Pink
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 09 Smoke
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 10 Rose
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 11 Peach
  • Amacci Skin – Tyne (Cream) – 12 Blue

Amacci - Tyne (Cream) Makeup chart

Tyne comes in 12 different sets of makeup. They can be bought separately or in a fat-pack (including modify shape Tawny).

For each makeup you’ll get:
■ 1 skin per makeup: – one basic
■ 1 extra skins with no makeup (Clear) is included with each makeup pack for Rayna!

Plus: – 2 Cleavage tattoos – Small Chest tattoo – Femboy tattoo with flat chest – 4 Eyebrow shapes – Ligther Eyebrow

AND: – 10 Lipstick tattoos! (Pictures below) 

($950 linden for single skin – $2950 lindens for fat pack)


AMACCI Tyne 10 Lipstick Tattoos:

Amacci Lipstick:Make up 10- Tawny shape

Base skin is Amacci Tyne Cream 00 Clear, shape Amacci Tawny

Top to Bottom:

  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 1
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 2
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 3
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 4
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 5
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 6
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 7
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 8
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 9
  • Amacci – Tyne (Cream) – Lip Tattoo 10

Also new is the Tawny shape – it can be bought separately OR it will come together with the Fat-pack of Tyne skin, in modifiable version. Tawny is made to fit standard size SX, S, and size M for Mesh items. ($700 lindens for shape)


AMACCI Tawny Shape:

Amacci Tawny Shape

Left to Right:

  • Tawny XS Shape, Tyne Cream Skin 00-Clear 00 & Lip Tattoo 1
  • Tawny S Shape, Tyne Cream Skin 07 -Ocean & Lip Tattoo 4
  • Tawny M Shape, Tyne Cream Skin 00-Clear & Lip Tattoo 10

Amacci Shape - Tawny

To make it easier and also save a lot of lindens you can buy the special pack with a complete avatar.  This package includes the ** Complete Avatar ** – that is everything in the picture. You will get Tawny shape (Modify), Tyne Skin Cream no 11, Zenith eyes in Silver, Linda Hair in Onyx and Amore Lingerie in Red. This is a convenient way to quickly get a new style! ($1400 lindens for complete avatar)

Amacci  Complete Avatar - Tawny

Applier for Lolas tango, Phat Azz, SLINK mesh hand and feet are sold separately, all Amacci skin colors are included.


The new skin Rayna will only be available at Sim 1, Skin Fair Mars 14h – 30th, after than it will be sold at Amacci main store.

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 1

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 2

Landmark to Skin Fair Sim 3

*Thank you for allowing me to review your Skin Fair items!

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Happy Lazy Sunday!

Some fun items especially for Halloween included, check it out and don’t delay the specials are only good today, Sunday, October 13, 2013 until 11:59pm slt.


ADD Andel Halloween Decor Collage Halloween Wall Art Rassasy Foods Halloween Cookies Mustang Fall:Harvest Earrings

Addiction Jewelry

AUSHKACO Female Poses (2)

Aeva Skin:shape

MoDANNA Turtleneck Dress

Haste Tank Tops Black Haus Argyle Coat

Holli Pocket Aqua Jeans The Plastik Make-up

Collision Arm Tattoo ASS Men's T-shirt Cozy Essentials Room of furniture

► A.D.D. Andel! (Halloween Home Decor)
► Collage (Halloween Home Decor)
► Rassasy Foods (Halloween Cookies)
► Mustang Trading Post (Fall/Harvest Earrings)
► Addiction (Jewelry)
► AUSHKA & CO (Female Poses)
Aeva // Heartsick (Female Skin & Mod Shape w/mesh feet & breast appliers)
► MoDANNA (Dress)
► [Haste] (Tank Top)
Black Haus White Market (Coat)
► Holli Pocket (Jeans)
► The Plastik (Make-up)
Collisions (Arm Tattoo)
A:S:S: (Men’s T-shirt)
Cozy Essentials (Room of furniture)