Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday

Happy 2014 Liv Glam lovers!  I know I have been very bad not posting like the mad women you have come to love.  To be honest, I’m in a bit of a funk.  Been a bit distracted with my interior design build that’s taking me foreveer and real life, I’ll try to pull myself together.  Any who, Liv Glam has some fun items on sale this week.  There is also a new group gift and Sam redecorated the store again, so pop over and check out all the goodies.  Today’s “Deals of the Week” are Secret Wednesday (49L) and 55L Thursday, located at the main store.  Skin worn throughout is Glam Affair Mokatana (2 shades, America & Petal), a Christmas group gift (still available, 30L join fee).  Poses are from Ma Vie, Lazy Sunday Flawless pack (also still available).  NEW LM to the Liv Glam store, enjoy!  Taxi please…

Secret Wednesday: Liv Glam, Peaches And Cream 

Sec Wed- LG, [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Peaches And Cream Hud 2

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Peaches And Cream Hud 2
  • Skin: Glam Affair, Mokatana America D
  • Hair: LaViere, Amanda WoodBark
  • Necklace: Pure Poison, Beatrix
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Black Persia
  • Sunglasses: Marshmallows, Black/Gold
  • Pose: Ma Vie, Flawless 09
  • Location: Acid Lily Gallery

55L Thursday: Liv Glam, Hotel Shampoos 

55L Thursday- LG, [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Hotel Shampoos Hud 2

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Hotel Shampoos Hud 2
  • Skin: Glam Affair, Mokatana Petal B
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant, Resident Hair Summer (group gift, 50L join fee)
  • Gloves: Celoe, Mery Mine
  • Pose: Ma Vie, Flawless 08
  • Location: A Postcard Christmas

Close-up of Glam Affair skin:

Close-up of the Glam Affair Petal skin

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday

I’m a little behind in my Liv Glam Deals of the Week special due to a few significant charity events taking place this weekend.  Be sure to participate & Bid on Me!  Up first is the new group gift, Apple Pie A La Mode (this outfit is so sexy I feel like committing a few crimes, join fee 500L).  Next,  Liv Glam is offering 4 new releases and KCollection 2 specials for Secret Wednesday (49L) & 55L Thursday.  All sale items are at the main Liv Glam store.  Taxi please…

Group Gift: Liv Glam, Apple Pie A La Mode

11:23:13- Nov Group Gift- LG, Apple Pie A La Mode Hud 1

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Apple Pie A La Mode HUD 1
  • Ring: Mandala, Anuttra set Earth Metal

Secret Wednesday (49L): Liv Glam, Autumn in Rome

11:23:13- Sec Wed (49L)- LG, Autumn in Rome HUD 1 Outfit (Red Pants:Black Shirt)

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13]  Autumn In Rome HUD 1 (*NEW* 3 Pantones HUD System: Red/Black pants, Black/Black pants, Blue/Black pants, & Black or White shirt)
  • Sunglasses: Pure Poison, Juls Spiked Glasses

55L Thursday: Liv GlamTake Me Home

11:23:13-55L Thursday- LG, Take Me Home HUD 1

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13]  Take Me Home HUD 1 (3 Pantones HUD: Copper, Burgundy & Black)
  • Shoes: Choooz, Nadine Mocha

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday

Ohh Liv Glam & KCollection has some super cute Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday items offered for the Deals of the Week!  So pop over and check them out.  As always, the garments are on sale until next week at 49L (Sec Wed) & 55L .  Taxi please…

Secret Wednesday: KCollection, Can We Talk

11:14:13- Sec Wed (49L)- KCollection- Can We Talk Dress


  • Outfit: {LG} K Collection Can We Talk Outfit
  • Bag: BSD Design Studios, Model Off Duty Red


Secret Wednesday: Liv Glam, Get Outta My Way

11:14:13- Sec Wed (49L)- LG; Get Outta My Way


  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Get Outta My Way HUD 1 (3 Pantones for shirt & mini skirt: white, black & red {shown} for shirt & red/orange/teal [shown}, black/grey/white, & aqua/green/pink for mini skirt
  • Shades: BSD Design Studios, Retro in Red


55L Thursday: Liv Glam, Dance with Me

11:14:13- 55L Thursday- LG- Dance with Me Jumpsuit


  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Dance With Me HUD 1 (3 Pantone HUD on pants: Black & Silver beading {shown}, brown & grey floral print, and black & grey floral print)
  • Clutch: Indy&Co, Snakeskin Noir
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Gaby Set (group gift)


55L Thursday: Liv GlamWhere Have you Been 

11:14:13- 55L Thursday -LG- Where have you been dress

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Where Have You Been HUD 1 (with jacket not shown)
  • Jewelry: MANDALA, Polly Bracelet in Black & Anuttra Ring Set

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week

I’m a little behind on blogging due to real life, so I will showcase all the deals of the week Liv Glam and the K Collection are participating in this week including Secret Wednesday, 55L Thursday, Fi*Friday (55L), 60L Weekend, Super Sales Weekend (99L) and Steals & Deals (100L).  Also, Liv Glam has just released shoes!  Stop by LG to check them out!  Taxi please…

Secret Wednesday (49L): Liv Glam, Autumn in New York Outfit

11:9:13- Sec Wed (49L)- LG- Autumn in New York Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Autumn In New York HUD 1
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Med 2
  • Bag: BSD Design Studio, Traveller Brown Bubblegum

Secret Wednesday (49L): K Collection, Calling All Angels Dress

11:9:13- Sec Wed (49L)- KCollection- Calling All Angels Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Calling All Angels Dress
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Med 2
  • Clutch: LaGyo, Studded Heart

55L Thursday: Liv Glam, Romance is Dead Outfit 

11:9:13- 55L Thursday (55L)- LG- Romance is Dead Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Romance is Dead Hud
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Pale 1
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Persia Black

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Where Have You Been Dress

11:9:13-Fi*Friday (55L)- KCollection- Where Have you Been Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Where Have You Been Dress3
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Arcade 8
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Shae Set

60L Weekend: KCollection, Who’s Fooling Who Outfit

11:9:13- 60L Weekend- KCollection- Who's Fooling Who

  • Outfit: [LG] K-Collection Who’s Fooling Who Outfit
  • Skin: Belleza, Ellie Gacha 5
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Surfer Rosa Strawberry Cream
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Red Lips Set
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Shay Spiked Fuchsia

Super Sales Weekend (99L or less): Liv Glam, Afternoons & Coffeespoons Outfit

11:9:13- Super Saver Weekend- LG-  Afternoons & Coffeespoons

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Afternoons & Coffeespoons HUD 1
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Arcade 6
  • Boots: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Fedora Thigh Highs Boots (Non-Slink Boots in 11 colors, priced at $275)
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Silver

Steals & Deals (100L): KCollection, Heaven on Earth Dress

11:9:13- Steals & Deals (100L)-KCollection- Heaven on Earth Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Heaven on Earth Outfit 2
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Pale 1
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Azah Necklace Goldish

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Secret Wednesday & 55L Thursday

New week and new designs! I loved everything about the Secret Wednesday special, Liv Glams, I’m Through with Love outfit, from the silk fabric, 3 print options and the resemblance to a 1940’s pajamas you might have seen on Lauren Bacall or Katharine Hepburn.  Also, great deal at the 49L price point.  Changing gears, the 55L Thursday deal of the week, Liv Glams, Relight My Fire HUD 2, is a casual sweater and pants outfit you could wear around the grid or hanging at your home decorating for the upcoming holiday season.  All deals are available at the main Glam Resort store until next Tuesday.  Happy shopping!  Taxi please…

Secret Wednesday: Liv Glam, I’m Through With Love Outfit

10:31:13- Sec Wed (49L)- LG, I'm Through with Love Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] I’m Through With Love HUD 2 (3 Pantone options: Chocolate, Jade & Burgundy)
  • Jewelry: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery, My Extraordinary Set
  • Clutch: Indy&Co., Vivianne Minaudiere Noir
  • Shoes: [Gos] Boutique, Isabella Sandals Black

55L Thursday: Liv Glam, Relight My Fire Outfit

10:31:13- 55L Thursday - LG, Relight My Fire HUD 2 Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Relight My Fire HUD 2
  • Bag: Boom, Studio Tote Brown
  • Jewelry: A&Ana Fashion, Gold Autumn Set
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Je t’aime Enchanting Brunettes Pack
  • Shades: Marshmallows, Sunglasses Black/Gold