Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Potomac Signature Homes, Holiday Lane Bedroom FR

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Potomac Signature Homes, Holiday Lane Bedroom (close-up) FR

After a cup or two of hot chocolate, night fell on the North Pole and the Misses showed me my room for the evening.  The rustic charm of the winter lodge living room continued into the guest bedroom.  The Potomac Signature Homes Holiday Lane bedroom is a cozy retreat with an oak four-poster bed adorned with garland and wrapped in red and green wool tartan duvet, matching plaid lampshades and quilted wreath.  Oak side tables and dresser, snowflake rug, and a sparkling frosted Christmas tree complete with quilted handmade tree skirt, candle and string lights, ornaments, poinsettia, and “spinning” silver snowflake topper welcomes and charms the bedroom. The Holiday Lane bedroom is available at the SL Christmas Expo 2014!

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Potomac Signature Homes, Bed (close-up) FR

The side wall is decorated with Dreamscapes Art Gallery Christmas Forest wood trees which create the feeling of Christmas glow.  Finishing the bedroom is the comfy sage and poinsettia Jolly Velvet Chaise Couple Lounge, decked out with snowflake blankets and pillows by Circa Living and a charming holiday themed corner side table with wooden tree and Christmas signage by The Mustard Seed (both Homestuff Hunt gifts).

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Circa Living & The Mustard Seed Homestuff Hunt FR

On our shopping trip, I picked up some cute Christmas lingerie.  First up is Carrie’s Lingerie Holiday Grace lace and silk poinsettia print bra and boyshorts, part of the Penny Wishes Hunt (a portion of the sale is donated to RFL) at the SL Christmas Expo 2014 AviChoice sim.  I accessorized the Carrie’s Holiday Grace set with Purple Moon Cycle in Emerald & Topaz Set (Hunt for the Bells- 100% proceeds donated to RFL) and Cucbis dans la Chocolaterie Bracelet & Ring (Naughty or Nice Hunt), both items available on Sim 1 at the SL Christmas Expo 2014 until December 15, 2014.  Wreath with teddy bear and trees by Potomac Signature Homes.

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Carrie's Lingerie Holiday Grace Set

And, last is Mona Red Kitty Set, a red and black kitty cat printed boyshort and bra set by Blacklace Lingerie, part of the KittyCats Advent Calendar.  I’m also sporting Chop Zuey Hearts of Hope set, both items free for all.  Joy to the World, and look forward to a glimpse into Santa’s toy land tomorrow!

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Kitty Cats Advent Blacklace & Chop Zuey Joy

SL Xmas Expo 2014 | Potomac Signature Homes, Frosted Christmas Tree

Top o’ the Mornin’ to ya!

Purple Moon St Patrick's Day dress 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

This is a day that everyone loves.  You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate, just have fun and drink some green beer.  And don’t forget to celebrate by embellishing your Second Life home with a few decorative green furniture pieces (like below).  Instantly your home has holiday spirit and will become party central where everyone feels comfortable and loved.

Homestuff Hunt items- Office Overview 2

For me in RL, I was invited to a St. Patty’s Day party by my 80/90-year-old neighbors (aka they needed a designated driver) and for evening plans, it’s pub crawl nite with my European coworker, who can drink me under the table before we enter the bar (aka they needed a designated driver).  But, my Second Life plans are very exciting, I’m throwing Snowflake (our cat) her 1st Annual Shamrock Party with all her feline friends.  I needed a good strong chair to hold up to all the scratching, Park Place’s FREE Gold Corduroy Chair & matching table (Wee Little Leprechaun hunt item) is perfect.  I accessorized with  a few furry bears for amusement and served cookies and nonalcoholic green beer (on a foot stool), so all alley cats can enjoy a good time…


For the 2 legged guests, tables are set with muffins, Hot cross buns, Irish Coffee and green beer are placed around the room.  Blending natural tones offsets the green chairs and decorative ornaments.  For the party, I will wear Purple Moon’s  Patty Gown in White/Green (PM group gift, above) and for bed (after the party) Blacklace’s Infatuated Green Lingerie (below).  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, there are lots of hunts dedicated to the holiday; it’s worth checking out here!  Enjoy and I would love to see how you decorated your home, share with me on Facebook.

Trompe Loeil FB chairs

Blacklace St

Tickled Pink

Purple Moon is having my favorite hunt, the Cherries On Top Hunt (20 free gifties)! WetCat Poses & Lazuri Jewelry is also participating at their stores on the PM sim.  The boutiques are adorned with red cherries hanging from the ceilings and there is festive spring ambience all around.  Poulet is offering two gorgeous gowns for her group gifts in addition to the hunt.   Below are some of the Cherries on Top gifts you might want to pick up before February 28, 2014!  Happy hunting! Taxi please…

Close-up of Glam Affair Valentine skin

PM's Brandy Dress

  • Purple Moon: Brandy Dress (Cherry #1)
  • Background: shutter field, Secret Garden

PM's Break Skirt, Black Top & Bag

  • Purple Moon: Break Skirt (Cherry #2), Rumple Top (Cherry #1), Monogram bag (Cherry #9), Valentine Pouffes (Cherry #18, 19, & 20, featuring our adorable cat Snowflake), Mara Boots in Old Rose (not part of the hunt)

pencil dress

  • Purple Moon: Margot Pencil Dress (Cherry # 13)
  • Lazuri: Regal Desire Bracelets (Cherry # 15)
  • Backdrop by KaTink, thank you AnneMarit Jarvinen

Old Rose Dress

  • Purple Moon: Lusiana Dress (Cherry #14)
  • Sofa & Decor: Cleo Design (subscriber gift)

Close up of Chop Zuey Jewelry

  • Chop Zuey: Heart & Soul Necklace/Earrings, I Carry Your Heart Ring (group gift)

Dresha Blazer, Pants & top

  • Purple Moon: Dresha Blazer, Pants & Top (Cherry #4, 6, 5) & Vintage Voyager Bag (Cherry #12)
  • Background: Sway’s, Caroline Set & shutter field, Secret Garden

Pumpkin Spice: PM Halloween Hunt!

Purple Moon is one of my favorite stores.  Creator Poulet Koenkamp designs lovely evening gowns, and great casual pieces that you can mix and match.  A reasonable 50: join fee considering all the wonderful designs, group gift, 55L Thursday & 60L weekend specials AND some of the best hunts!  For the spooky season, Poulet and the PM team is having a Halloween Hunt with 16 skull hidden around the store with endless possibilities of mixing and matching.  These gifts are PM current styles in glorious bronze, rusts, siennas and oranges including one of my favorite sheaths, Boho skirt, top, jeans and accessories.  I hate to admit that I own all of these items in different colors, so this is a great opportunity to have fun and be garbed in the colors of the season. The hunt will run until Halloween, October 31, 2013 SLT.  Below, I show the group gift gown and free jewelry set for members and non-members.  Poulet promises there are more Halloween goodies to come.  Taxi please…

Halloween Hunt Items

Boho Outfit

  • Top: Lily in Sienna (Skull #10)
  • Skirt: Dahila in Sienna (Skull #2)
  • Boots: Mara in Orange (Skull #16)
  • Jewelry: Bubbles in Orange (Skull #9)

Jeans & Tank

  • Jeans: Skinny in Orange (Skull #4)
  • Top: Fab in Orange (Skull #12)
  • Jewelry: Margo Set in Teal/Orange (Skull #1)

Dress, Boots & Handbag

  • Dress: Audrey in Orange (Skull #11)
  • Boots: Mara in Orange (Skull #16)
  • Handbag: Mara in Orange (Skull #14)
  • Jewelry: Atomic Set in Gold/Orange (Skull #13)
  • Nails: Metallic in Orange (Skull #3, not slink)

Leggings, top & scarf

  • Top: Faye in Orange (Skull #5)
  • Leggings: Jungle in Orange (Skull #7)
  • Boots: Mara in Orange (Skull #16)
  • Handbag: Mara in Orange (Skull #14)
  • Scarf: Wool in Orange (Skull #6)
  • Glasses: Dorothy Cat Eyes in Orange (Skull #8, on head)
  • Jewelry: Atomic Set in Gold/Orange (Skull #13)
  • Nails: Metallic in Orange (Skull #3)

Group Gifts

PM Linnda Gown (Halloween Group Gift)

  • Gown: Linnda, Halloween Edition

Venice Jewelry Set

  • Jewelry: Venice Set (Free gift)

Dark Couture Outfit, full Dark Couture mask, close-up

  • Outfit: Dark Couture (22,00 member gift)

June Moolto Hunt: Detour (Part 3)

After a late summer night party at the lodge, I was excited to see my friend’s new beach. She was up for the challenge of teaching me how to surf.  Brunch, shopping, dancing and dinner parties on the agenda, but I’m sure a few detours will occur today! 🙂

Charltina army green bathing suit, erika shape, poudre skin

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original “Erika”
  • Skin: Poudre, Sissy
  • Bathing Suit: Charltina’s, Subtle Mystique bathing suit
  • Eyes: PC, Tropical Reef (Not part of the hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Melanie (Not part of the hunt)
  • Necklace: Purple Moon, Kenya set in Bronze
  • Bangle: Pure Poison, Wicky Spiked (Not part of the hunt)

Morea dress, Erika shape, 7 skin, diva female pose

Delirium Style, Erika shape & ME skin

Gizza & BeloD silver clutch

  • Shape: Karen Blackthorne (Not part of the hunt)
  • Skin: Belleza, Mya (Not part of the hunt)
  • Dress: Gizza
  • Eyes:  Redgrave, Hollywood Blue (Not part of the hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Briony (Not part of the hunt)
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Clutch in Silver

gold in the night %22moon gold%22, russh Lussh Anaya skin, Davina %22Erika%22 shape

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Originals “Erika”
  • Skin: Russh Lussh, Ananya
  • Dress: Gold in the Night, Moon Gold (w/long sheer skirt options)
  • Eyes: IKON, Destiny Maya (Not part of the hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Valerie (Not part of the hunt)
  • Bangle: {{BSD}}, Iconic Beauty in Gold (Not part of the hunt)
  • Handbag: Orage Creations, Fragrance (Not part of the hunt)

Countdow White cocktail dress, ME shape, Belod silver clutch, isis pink toe shoes

  • Shape: Mirror’s Engima, Lyla
  • Skin: Belleza, Ava Pale (Not part of the hunt)
  • Dress: Countdown, Eternity Cocktail White
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original, Purple Blue
  • Toe Shoes: Isis Boutique, Bellic Ballet Shoes in Pink
  • Hair: Truth, Brandi (Not part of the hunt)
  • Earrings: J&W Jewelers, LesLey Collection
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Clutch in Silver

Solidea Folies Blk party dress, BeloD silver clutch, ME skin & Shape & Isis pink toe shoes

Lillou's Design

  • Shape: Karen Blackthorne (Not part of the hunt)
  • Skin: Belleza, Mya (Not part of the hunt)
  • Gown & Hat: Lillou’s Design, Morgane

Evie's Closet, Lilac Fair, Isis Bellic Toe shoes in pink, belleza skin & reg shape

  • Shape: Karen Blackthorne (Not part of the hunt)
  • Skin: Belleza, Amy (Not part of the hunt)
  • Dress: Evie’s Closet, Petal 
  • Eyes: Redgrave, Hollywood Blue (Not part of the hunt)
  • Toe Shoes: Isis Boutique, Bellic Ballet Shoes in Pink
  • Hair: D!va, Airi2 (Not part of the hunt)