Teahouse of the August Moon

Asian Tea House Full

A new round of The Challenge has started for June with the theme Asian.  There are seven designers participating in the monthly themed event offering everything from a tea house, to sushi, to Asian cabinets.  The Challenge is a bit different than other monthly home & garden shopping events where themed products are available for sale at one location.  With this event you can sneak peek the items on The Challenge site and then if interested in purchasing the creation, you teleport to the different stores.

Asian Tea House doorway

I personally love incorporating Far East pieces in home decor.  My childhood home was mainly furnished with Oriental antiques from my families travels.  The refinement of clean lines, balanced simplicity, natural materials, and hand painted lacquer furniture are elements of Asian style.  When I saw the June designs for The Challenge, I couldn’t wait to create a Japanese tea house in Second Life.  Traditionally, the tea house (as known as chashitsu) is free standing structure designed exclusivly for tea ceremonies.  Typical features of chashitsu are shoji windows and sliding doors made of wooden lattice covered in translucent paper.  I’m very fortunate that I’ve participated in many tea cermonies and its truly a beautiful experience.

Tea Table

I utilized [ht:home] little tea house as my building and styled a traditional tea ceremony with Cleo Designs tea table, chairs and tea accessories.  Cleo’s gorgeous luminous screen and floor lantern are flanking the side wall.  Apple Fall’s Chinese Credenza serves as a buffet table for Jian Sushi & Sashimi Time trays.  On the side of the buffet is 22769 ~ [bauwerk] My Zen Corner birdcage, cherry blossom, small buddha head, incense burner and zen stones.

Sushi Buffet

Pull the shoji screens closed and both sides of the doorway have Asian cabinets (22769 ~ [bauwerk] My Zen Corner & Newchurch Kaidan Mission Tansu) and customary artifacts from porcelain temple jars, to bonsai trees, to miniature Japanese zen garden.  You can easily incoporate any of these furnishing into your SL home creating layers and nuance.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with unfamiliar styles, after all virtual interior design is easier on your back!

Chinese Cabinet

Zen Garden

Temple Jars

Tea House Side View

I also wanted to highlight Prism Moira, a sexy Asian printed outfit available for free on the Summertime Fun Hunt (June 1st – 30th).  Although you couldn’t wear it to a tradtional tea cermony, it will serve as the perfect inspiration for incoporating Asian style in your home.

Prism Summertime Fun Hunt

Featured items available from The Challenge:

  • [ht: home]: little tea house
  • Cleo Design: Asian Dining
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk]: My Zen Corner
  • Jian: Sushi & Sashimi Time
  • Newchurch: Kaidan Mission Tansu

Other items used:

  • KIDD Creations Bamboo[DDD] Zen Bamboo
  • *bbqq*: The Ming dynasty China scroll painting B (Past Arcade gacha)
  • Apple Fall: Asian Art, Chinese Credenza, Temple Jar, Bonsai Tree & Cherry Blossom Branches
  • Alouette: Miniature Zen Garden

On Gloria:

  • Prism: Moira (**FREE** on Summertime Fun Hunt)
  • Soonsiki: After School ($50L sale)


Hey Girlfriend!

Day 3 of Fashion For Life and so far $1,961,380L has been raised.  Wow, that’s great but let’s pledge to raise more.  I have a sneak peek of tons of exclusive items that you can purchase to help fund a cure to cancer at FFL, benefiting Relay for Life SL.


My friend Deb Vos, ♕MM Netherlands 2014, asked if I would model with her using KaTink Poses exclusive FFL releases, We Own This & Armed and Beautiful (both 50% donation to American Cancer Society).  Thank you again Deb, it was super fun, great idea and the photo’s turned out wonderfully.  First up is our casual look using KaTink’s Armed and Beautiful couple pose. 


On Deb (checks Deb’s blog for a complete style card):

On Gloria:

And now for our glamous look, we used the Katink’s We Own This pose


On Deb:

On Gloria:

Grab these pose sets and have fun taking pics with your girlfriends.  All your purchases at FFL will go to finding a CURE for cancer.  By the way, take some time to read the stories on the Fashion For Life site of Second Life residents who have been touched by cancer.  Together we can find a cure with support and funding.

Mardi Gras Mania

Next Tuesday, February 12, 2013 is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.  Mardi Gras is the biggest party in New Orealans, LA USA where parades and parties abound with heavy drinking, beads and floats traveling down Bourbon Street.  The colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green & gold with feathers, beads and carnival clothes are traditional costume apparel.  I am attending a Mardi Gras party and wanted to highlight a few hunt items that you can get for your Fat Tuesday fun! The hunts are Bourbon Street 3 (2L for each item) and Boobs for Beads (1L for each item).  Most hunt items have male gifts as well.

Full shot-Kastle Rock Costume, shoenique heels

Mardi Gras-Loordes of London & Element Necklace   Mardi Gras-shoenique heels

Mardi Gras-Vivid Avs skin & Ali & ALi hair

Style Card:

Mardi Gras, the nut costume

Mardi Gras, the nut headpiece

Style Card:

  • Nuts, Inc party dress, shoes and head piece, Bourbon Street 
  • Element Necklace & Ring, Bourbon Street and Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Jinn Hair in Green
  • Pose Vanity: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

The nut boobs for beads costume outfit

Style Card:

  • Nuts, Inc pants outfit, shoes, legwarmers, beads, mask & head piece, Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Sally Hair in Green
  • Pose Sloth: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Raynzone Mardi Gras party dress

Image Factory Mardi Gras

Isis Bourbon Toe ShoesIsis Boobs for Beads toe shoes

Style Card:

  • Raynzone party dress & mask, Bourbon Street 
  • Element Necklace & Ring, Bourbon Street and Boobs for Beads 
  • Nuts, Inc bracelets, Boobs for Beads 
  • Isis Gold Toe Shoes with argyle legwarmers, Bourbon Street 
  • Isis Yellow Toe Shoes with heels, Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Marilyn Hair in Raspberry
  • Pose Wrath: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Vero Modero Green Mari Gras, fullVero Modero Green Mardi Gras, close-upStyle Card:

  • Vero Modero Mardi Gras Group Gift in Green (also available in Purple & Red), free
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Elle Hair in Strawberry Blonde

And, finally for a day wear look.

Prism Mardi Gras Sweater dress

Style Card:

  • Prism Lynne Sweater Dress in Mardi Gras, 329L
  • Hat from Kaslte Rock Bourbon hunt last year
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Elle Hair in Strawberry Blonde
  • Pose Pride: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Girl Next Door fashion & steals

At my heart, I am a girl next door who enjoys baking cookies, cozying up in warm knit sweaters, and finding great bargains.  Prism Design….adding color to your SL, is the perfect store for knit casual outfits and cute sweater dresses.  My dear friend, Journey McLaglen is a master at creating virtual textures to mimic knit.  Journey is also very generous, currently participating in 4 hunts with 2 more starting February 1, 2013.  She also designs special edition items for numerous charity events including, the Creations for Parkinsons Fox Hunt to benefit the Michael J Fox Foundation.

Journey has expanded her brand into separates, outlet and furniture store all housed on the Bal Harbour sim.  Prism Designs is free to join with monthly group gifts and fun  freebies.  Prism is a marvelous resource for the hip young women.  You need to check out this great store and meet the friendly staff.

The hunt items are so cute, I modeled a few to give you an idea of the style!

Prism- New Year Resolution Hunt itemNew Year Resolution Hunt (Jan 1-31)

  • Hint: Such pretty purple tulips
  • Prism Anyee, Ali & Ali Ivana Hair in Redbrown with extensions, CHoOoz Mafia Reloaded Booties, Chop Zuey Sounds of the Sea Belly Ring, Finesmith Cen necklace & earrings
  • The Anyee mesh outfit has bronze skinny jeans and a blue grey crop sweater top perfect for sexy Saturday with your guy.


Prism- Pimp My Valentine Hunt Outfit

Pimp My Valentine Hunt  (Jan 15-Feb 15)

  • Hint: Mercedes…No I’m not a car
  • Prism Inanna, Ali & Ali Ivana Hair in Redbrown, CHoOoz Zahara Suede in Plum Pumps, Finesmith Roses for you love pendant & ring (group gift)
  • The Inanna mesh outfit has skinny black cords and colorblock pink, purple & black turtleneck sweater perfect for the chilly February days

Prism- Group Gift Jan



Prism Group Gift (Jan 1-31)

  • Prism Rosalia (group gift), Analog Dog Ging Paprika Hair (free), CHoOoz Zahara Zebra in Orange Pumps, Finesmith Gems Necklace & Sura Bracelet (group gift)
  • The Rosalia group gift is a dark rose skinny cords paired with a rose and lime green knit sweater tank and matching lime chain belt.  It is free to join Prism Design and you get monthly group gifts and freebies.


Prism- Winter Wonderland Hunt itemWinter Wonderland Hunt                  (Jan 15-Feb 15)

  • Hint: Tick Tock Tock find the clock and you will find what you are looking for. 
  • Prism Suzette, Ali & Ali Ivana Hiar in Fire with extensions, Prism Silver Mauve Ring belt, CHoOoz Zahara Zebra in Orange Pumps, White Hair Bow
  • The Suzette mesh outfit has sexy skinny white jeans (I love white jeans) and a black cardi with matching scarf.  I completed the outfit with a mauve belt.


In most of the photos, I modeled some of the Ali & Ali Hair I purchased at the 50L sale.  The 50L sale started on January 25, 2013 and probably will end this weekend.  The sale is only at the main store location and there are male hair styles on sale as well.  I also modeled the CHoOoz Shoes I purchased at a special birthday discount for 10L.  Most of the jewelry were group gifts from Finesmith.  Stop by Prism Design to grab these fun casual outfits.