This week marks the beginning of the FashionArt Fair, from May 9 -31 and The Girl with the Big Earrings Hunt, runs simultaneously featuring 10 edgy accessories, costing $1L each at Earth Nirvana’s store Earth, (hunt hints hereMay 4-24, 2014).  All garments are from the FashionArt Fair and most accessories are almost free on The Girl with the Big Earrings Hunt ($1L each) at [Earth].  Hunt hints and more information can be found here.  This is a perfect fusion of design and accessories to create your own “walking canvas.” 

Taxi to Earth’s…

Taxi to FashionArt Fair…

The concept of the FashionArt Fair is the designer is an artist and their medium is clothing or accessories, just as the painter uses canvas, or the sculptor uses clay or metal to portray his vision.

Designers and artists flirt ever closer with the idea that fashion is about much more than just dress and appearance.  Fashion can break all boundaries!  Wearers can be walking canvases! In the tradition of art, fashion now bravely explores and portrays highly charged moments of emotion, romanticism, sexuality, modernism, history and culture.

In May 2014 we challenge the designers of Second Life to design one exclusive piece that is inspired by a favourite artist, Choose – Sculpture, installation, design, drawing, painting. Whether it is Renaissance, Cubist, Post Modern, Pop Art, Impressionist.

LL The Samothrace Dress

  • Loordes of London The Samothrace #64S
  • Big Earrings Hunt #8 Majesty Cuffs

Hunt, Scissor Earrings

  • Big Earrings Hunt #2 Scissors Earrings 

Deadpool Peace dress

  • Deadpool Ink Washed Sins Dress Peace & NanTra Kinetic Poses
  • Big Earrings Hunt #6 Yellow Flower Hair Accessory & #9 Junyabag Transparent

Hunt, Red Daisy Earrings

  • Big Earrings Hunt #3 Daisy Red Earrings

LL Greek Dress

  • Loordes of London The Greek Tragedy Dress #1 & Kalaoa Sunglasses #8, Pure Poison Mbao Handbag Big Earrings Hunt # 1 Kreme Ring

Hunt, Do Not Earrings

  • Big Earrings Hunt # 1 Kreme Ring & #5 Do Not Disturb Earrings 

Sundaara Designs, Andy Dress

  • Sundaara Designs Andy Dress Black, Loordes of London Kalaoa Sunglasses #9 & Image Essentials Shopaholic 2 with Bags Pose
  • Big Earrings Hunt #7 SNC Cutesy Mix Manicure Nails (non-Slink)

Hunt, Gamer Earrings

  • Big Earrings Hunt #4 Gamer Earrings

LL La Mode Mini Dress

  • Loordes of London La Mode Mini Dress #14, Pure Poison Mbao Handbag, NanTra Kinetic Poses Big Earrings Hunt # 1 Kreme Ring

Hunt, Tally Earrings

Enchanting Temptations…

Temptations lured Scarlet away from Enchantment Village and into the Wolf Lair.  Desire will be yours in Peqe Riding Hood Ombre gown, exclusive item at Enchantment (now open)!!!

Peqe Red Riding Hood Gown

Lazy Sunday | Late Edition

Happy Sunday to all!  I had a plumbing mishap (my pipes broke in this unseasonable freeze we have had in NorCal for the past week) and didn’t have time to take pictures of each sale item today. Check out Seraphim blog for current pics.


Holli Pocket
Black Haus White Market
Mustang Trading Post
Rassasy Foods
The Plastik
A.D.D. Andel!
Cozy Essentials
Rack Poses 


Lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday & Happy December!  WOW time sure sped by quickly.  Hope you enjoy the Lazy Sunday 75L specials available today only!


Embody_Reideer Poses

Fraidy-Cat-Designs_Gingerbread Cookies



Sugar-Cyanide_Brown Leather Sweater Dress




Embody (Reindeer Pose Pack)
Fraidy Cat Designs (Holiday Home Decor: Gingerbread Cookies)
encore (Home Decor: Worn Rug)
Drift (Female Fashion: Dress)
Sugar & Cyanide (Female Fashion: Brown Leather Sweater Dress)
Pure Poison (Female Accessories: Hat)
fri.day (Female Accessories: Legwarmers)
ellabella (Female Accessories: Piercings)

Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday! New round of sale items priced at 75L available until 11:59pm SLT tonight.  Enjoy!


EMBODY_Xmas Poses


beach-street_Coffee Cup & Coaster




NiNight-Creations_Snowflake Sweater Dress

Coquet_Fall Sweater Dress

OhLaLa_Skirt & Bra



Razor_Leather Shorts Outfit

► Embody (Poses: Christmas Wreath Poses)
► Immerse (Home Decor: Swing)
► beach street (Home Decor: Coffee Cup & Coaster)
► Leonard (Female Accessories: Booties)
► Ecru (Female Accessories: Bracelet)
► f.owl (Female Accessories: Glasses)
► NiNight Creations (Female Fashion: Winter Snowflake Sweater Dress)
► Coquet (Female Fashion: Sweater Dress)
OhLaLa Fashion Boutique (Female Fashion: Pencil Skirt & Bra)
► The Plastik (Female Fashion: Corset)
► Holli Pocket (Female Fashion: Shirt)
Razor (Female Fashion: Leather Shorts Outfit)