Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt… where fairies come to play

Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 6

One of Second Life’s most popular hunt is back for the sixth year, the Midsummer Night’s Dream presented by Kastle Rock.  The MND 6 Hunt is unique from most hunts on the grid because it’s broken into six different paths, with over 100+ stores offering male/female/unisex/petite and home furnishings until July 21, 2015.  Kastle Rock’s hunter guide will provide more information for each path (hints & LM) and a gift preview page.

Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy play by William Shakespeare (1590- 1597), portraying the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of AthensTheseus, and Hippolyta.  These include the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of six amateur actors (mechanicals), who are controlled and manipulated by the fairies who inhabit the forest in which most of the play is set.

Today, I will be showing three fantasy garden decor hunt gifts from Finishing Touches, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, and Park Place Home Decor.  Finishing Touches Enchanted Forest Swing is a whimsical weathered ivy-covered solo swing with 6 animations.  Fairy Set by Dreamscapes Art Gallery is a playful free formed twig chair (13 animations) and tree stump coffee table with candle display.  Park Place Fallen Log Bench with blanket and plants is perfect for summer picnic and cuddling with your sweetie, chalk full of single/couple poses. Below are the vendor ads for the 3 hunt items above.  Good luck on the Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt and have a merry time!

Finishing Touches Enchanted Forest Swing (Titania Path – Hint: Ascend the stairs to gaze upon the Tree of Life)

18394550503_5113c8536a_o copy

 Dreamscapes Art Gallery Fairy Set (Puck Path – Hint: O sleep! O gentle sleep!)

18807619110_9533ca9dc6_o copy

Park Place Home Decor Fallen Log Bench (Puck Path – Hint:

“Time so quickly flowing past
we watch it go with growing angst
Stop that CLOCK, it goes too fast
and earn our most undying thanks!!”)

18954872222_773cbe1a2b_o copy

Last call on 4 photo contest!

Final call on four photo contest that end this evening, January 31, 2013: BLD WingTastic, Love My Style Contest, Evolving into 2013, and Angel of Angel Dessous.  I blogged about these earlier in the month but wanted to give you a last call.

BLD WingTastic is a Flickr contest to showcase BLD Wings.  Petites wings are now available at the new store and all wing creatures are encouraged to enter the contest.

Love My Style contest theme this month is Styling on a Budget. Also a Flickr contest, the only restriction is 200L for the main outfit, jewelry, hair & shoes don’t count.

Evolving into 2013 is another Flickr contest. Purchase a garment from Just Evolve and style according to the theme, January is Haute Couture. Three winners will be chosen and move on to the final round in February.

Angel of Angel Dessous is a Flickr contest that runs each month with a different theme and at the end of 2013 a winner will be chosen. The January theme is Winter Wonderland and you can wear any item from Angel Dessous.

Here is my styling for each contest.

Morgane's MOTM February 2013 - Gloria SilverstoneI wore BLD Wings for my winning entry to the Morgane Batista Model of the Month February contest.

  • Angel Dessous red chemise
  • Bliss Couture Heart hat
  • D!va hair in cateye
  • Isis toe shoes
  • Pose morgane Finesmith 5v1

FINAL Love My Style Contest, farmer market, Gloria Silverstone



Red Ballons-Gloria SilverstoneFor the Love My style contest, I wanted to portray a girl on a weekend shopping and having fun.  The first outfit cost 100L total.  Accessories and shoes were free.

  • Agnes Finney Lolita dress
  • D!va Akane hair in Citrine
  • Isis red pumps
  • Apple basket, SL marketplace


This next outfit was completely free and I wanted to express my joy and love of Valentine Day with a balloon ride.

  • Agnes Finney Xmas girl 
  • Ali & Ali Ivana hair in White
  • Finesmith Jewelry (group/hunt items)
  • Diana Debevec red pumps
  • Vita Boudoir Balloon & hat (gifts)




Evolve, Gloria Silverstone

Honestly, this is my second attempt at the Evolving into 2013 contest.  The first time I went into an outer space mode and forgot the theme was Haute Couture.  You really can blame me, CES was happening and I was deeply involved. For my Haute Couture look, I wanted a ethereal dreamy mood.

  • Evolove Reignology in Orange
  • Lillou Gloves
  • Analog Dog Ging Paprika Hair
  • Finesmith Let it Drop set
  • Purple Moon Bubble Necklace 

Angel of Angel Dessous Jan 2013, Gloria Silverstone

Finally, the Angel of Angel Desoous contest theme for January was Winter Wonderland.  I had a vision of walking at night on a snow covered path circa ealry 1900’s, harking back to yesteryear.

  • Angel Dessous Mimi Gown
  • SF Design Fur Hat
  • WTG & Virtual Impression Jewelry

Petite Wing specials at BLD WingTastic!

~BLD~ Petite Deity & Mythology Chernobog Wings Fat pack posterHave you stopped by BLD WingTastic latley?  Well, if not you should.  Beliria Lumley, the founder and creator of BLD, has creating a new line of Petite wings that are awesome. For a limited time only, Beliria has 16 wings for 39L and 2 Diety & Mythology fatpack set for 199L.  Go now, this deal will not last long.

But wait, there’s more.  WingTastic holds a monthly photo contest on flickr with a grand prize of 150L store credit. To participate in the contest, join the flickr group, purchase wings from BLD, and upload photos wearing the wings. That’s it, simple, so join already!

BLD was founded in 2006 with the focus on selling wings, and a variety of jewelry and hair accessories. You can join the group for 150L and receive group member only discounts, sneak peeks and early access to hunts.  BLD has a store loyalty point base system, event, hunts, giveaways and marketplace specials. Custom work is request via notecard.  Petites, wing lovers, fairy or fantasy roleplayers – this is the store for you.  Stop by this great little shop and enjoy the incredible creations.

Thanks for reading my post. I will keep you up to date on events and promotion at BLD WingTastic. Expansion, hunts and sales are in the future, so check back for more details.

Santa coming to BLD WingTastic!

Calling all angels, fairies, petites, and lovers of wings!

~BLD~ Petite Size BM Style Obsidian Black wings Poster

Lots of cool things happening at BLD WingTastic this month. A monthly photo contest, a hunt and Christmas gifts under the tree. BLD was founded in 2006 by Beliria Lumley with the focus on selling wings, and a variety of jewelry and hair accessories. BLD has a store loyalty point base system, event, hunts and giveaways. Custom work is request via notecard only. With the growing popularity of Petites in SL, Beliria is currently designing a collection for Petite that will be available for purchase soon. Here is a sneak peek of the Petite wings. Also, Santa will have gifts under the tree starting at 4PM SLT on December 24, 2012. A friendly elf informed me that a few specialty gifts for Petites will be included.

The monthly photo contest ends December 31, 2012. A few requirements: join the flickr group, purchase wings from BLD and upload pictures wearing the wings. Winners will get 150L in store loyalty. Come on, I know you want a wing-off!

Gloria in BLD Wings Green & Red, white snow

Winter Snowball Hunt runs till January 2, 2013. There are 20 snowballs hidden around the store with prizes for regular avis. I got a few sets of wings, so if you see me flying high, you’ll know where the wings came from.

This is fun shop that offers lots of opportunities for fantasy roleplay. Be sure not to miss it!