First Frost

Icy Princess Bedroom FR

I know what some of my loyal readers are thinking, doesn’t she live in California, has she ever seen snow?  Yes, you are right, I live in the great Golden state and you’re partial correct in your thinking, I can’t appreciate winter unless I’ve been snowed-in and my legs buried deep in snow banks.  For the record, I did see snow once, that was on the same trip to the Sierra when I attempted skiing, for the first and only time, which resulted in a broken leg.  Having said that, I live in the Silicon Valley, where we have our own version of winter and don’t panic at the sight of rain like our southern neighbors.  Speaking of rain, it’s been raining cats & dogs for a few days and last week we had our first ever rain day, almost all schools were closed and most business.  According to the weather folks, we were suppose to get huge gust of winds and heavy rain, they were concerned that the creeks would overflow.  Honestly, seemed like a bunch of smoke and no fire, so to speak, but I can’t complain, California been in a drought for a few years and every drop helps.  When I was a kid, we had a drought and had to extremely cut back our water usage, saving dish water to water house plants and letting our lawns turn brown.  One year, I can remember it like it was yesterday, it was right around Christmas, we had a deep frost and my backyard citrus trees were covered in icicles.  I broke a few off and saved them in the freezer, I guess I thought every drop counts! 🙂

The Mustard Seed Icy Fireplace FR

I was inspired by the colors Winter, specific the frost palette of soft blues, shimmering teals, creamy whites, and sparkling silvers for today’s interior design post using a number of items (some free) from current events.  I created an icy princess bedroom hideaway complete with a stacked mattress daybed from Cleo Designs for The Challenge Fairytale theme, frosted Winter Trees from Trompe Loeil (**FREE**), snowflake winter decor, and a cozy fireplace from The Mustard Seed.  I also wanted to showcase Sassy Ripples Gown (POE7 Gift), a sexy sequined aqua and black number with a low-cut back and peek-a-boo side.  I paired the gown with Chop Zuey Sultaness Set, available on the 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar (gifts for members and non-members) and Belleza’s new Christmas Group Gift skin, Mae.  I hope you have some time this weekend to pick up some of these deals and are inspired by all the magic of the season.

Icy Princess Bed FR

Finishing Touches Snowglobe FR

On a side note, my blog Hidden Gems in Second Life turns two today.  I honestly can’t believe that something I started on a whim has now become a part of my life for the last few years.  As I grow and expand my brand, I reflect back on all the post, looks, comments and suggestions, and all I can say is thank you.  Thank you for your support and readership. Hopefully, I can stop time and post a top 10 list before 2015, but if we don’t meet again till the new year, I wish you a glorious and bright holiday season filled with love, lights, good food and joyous smiles!

Belleza X-mas Group Gift Skin FR

POE7 Hunt | Sassy Gown FR

Interior Design:

On Gloria:

Season Greetings!

Snowman Greetings

Happy Friday!  Well, Saturday in my case.  I’ve had nothing but problems with Second Life today, crashing, losing my Wi-Fi, items not rezzing, to the point I felt like I was trying to roll a square rock up a mountain in torrential rains with mud slides.  But I couldn’t let the evening/morning pass without getting my post out featuring some Fifty Linden Friday items (psst: there still available at 2:57am SLT).

Second Space Greeting card close-up

My weekend plans: I’m pulling my greeting cards out of my hidden Christmas storage stash and personally keeping the US post office in business.  Last year on SL, I sent and received a number of season greetings, loved them all, and I plan on creating my own card again this year very soon.  It’s a time to get in touch with friends you rarely see and celebrate the joy of the season.  For today’s post, I designed a mini card center complete with a secretary desk and greetings cards (FLF) from Second Spaces, red velvet tufted chair (**free**) from StoraxTree, comfy floor pillows from Home (FLF), card holder tree from Sway’s (available at Uber) and the flirty Frosty & Freddie Stack of Gift Boxes Snowman also from Sway’s (FLF).  They are available in a transferable version, but they are too adorable to give away, so I named them and now they have a home.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to receive your Christmas greetings!

POE7 Hunt | Zanze Reindeer Sweater

Opps, I forget, I’m sporting Zanze Peace on Earth Hunt Reindeer Sweater and Zuri Rayna Diamond Peace Pendant gift (**free**).

Let There be Peace on Earth

POE7 Hunt | Circa Living & Flowerdreams Framed

Are you ready for another POE Hunt preview?  Yes, oh good!  Today, I designed a pastel snowflake themed alcove in quintessential shades of winter.  I wanted to showcase a non-denominational holiday decor in a non-traditional color palette.  To create my secluded slice of wintertime, I used a collection of freebies from the Peace on Earth Hunt (12/1/14-1/6/15) and one from the Christmas Cookie Hunt (12/1-23).  Snuggled between a snow-dusted window and burl-wood paneled walls, Circa Living Winter Peace Set (console table, blue chair & twig wreath) grounded the space, while Domus shingles wood tree, Zen’s Creations Peace on Earth Art, assorted lanterns and candles produced a warm and cozy feeling.  Binding the pale and muted tone nook together is Sickly Sweet Small Christmas Tree (gift on Christmas Cookie Hunt) with pink and blue mini ornaments.  Now the recess has a soft feminine mood ideal to watch snowflakes from the window or unwind.

POE& Hunt | Flowerdreams Gown Framed

Keeping with the soft rose, pink and blue hues of the cranny, I slipped on Flowerdreams Felicia, an elegant rose sequined windowpane skirt and shimmer tulle layer gown.  I paired the Felicia gown with Chop Zuey Glorianna, a soft blue Kalahair diamond in white gold set comprise of a necklace, bracelet and ring.  I also thought the Cotton Candy Collection, pink sapphire and diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring from DDM Designs would match nicely with the Flowerdreams gown.  These are wonderful prizes, I highly suggest you get hunting and start decorating.  Good luck!

POE7 Hunt | Chop Zuey Set Framed

POE& Hunt | DDM Designs Framed

Winter Magic

POE7 Hunt | Alway Design Dress (Headshot)

Happy day after Black Friday, the kick-off for holiday shopping.   I use to be one of those people who got all her shopping done early, but lately I’ve noticed that retailers don’t have the best buys on sweaters in April (why not :-)?  What I love about Second Life is you can get all your shopping done early and are prepared for any last-minute party invites.  This year, I’ve created a whimsical holiday storage area using mostly Serenity Style items where I keep all my toys, but today I discovered they got loose and came to life.  As you can tell, I was a bit miffed but kept my cool while wearing the Peace One Earth 7 Hunt items from Always Design, GDit JewelryExquisite JewelleryDellybeams Gem Gallery, and ZOZ Slink Nails.  Have fun on the POE hunt and check out the numerous events Serenity Style is participating in this month.

POE7 Hunt | Alway Design Dress

Interior Design:

Dreamscapes Art Gallery: Serenity Rug *Christmas* Tree Set

Free Bird: Holiday Blocks (free for subscribers) & Wooden Christmas Tree Decor (free for group members till 11/30)

Serenity Style:

On Gloria (POE Hunt items):

Victorian Romance

POE7 Hunt | Paris Metro (headshot) FR

The 7th Annual Peace on Earth Hunt is just a few days away and I’m very excited to be selected as an official blogger for my favorite hunt!  Most of my loyal readers know I love hunts and can’t pass up a bargain, but what they don’t know is I got hooked on Second Life because of the POE hunt all the way back in 2009.  My dear friend Niki was constantly asking me to join her on her virtual journey but I was skeptical, super busy with work and if I had free time I just wanted to sleep.  One day she said help me find the POE hunt object (a world globe, pictured below), then showed me the magic of the virtual reality platform.  A few years passed but I finally returned to SL in the summer of 2012 and every December 1, I hunt for the great gifts offered on the POE hunt.  Last years selection was super, I used most of the items to furnish our home and can’t wait to showcase the goodies this year.  The Peace on Earth Hunt runs from December 1, 2014 to January 6, 2015 with over 100+ stores offering everything for ladies, gents and home enthusiasts.  To kick-off the POE hunt spotlight, I return to the lovely world of SL fashion with a regal elegant enchanting Poinsettia printed gown by Paris Metro Couture.  The Holiday Memories gown has a flowy skirt, lovely abstract floral pattern and nods to Victorian charm making it the perfect garment to wear to formal events and holiday gatherings.  I paired the gown with Chop Zuey Betty 2.0 Set, with texture change gems and metal options for the earrings, necklace and bracelet…..ohhhh! I forgot to mention it’s free as well (non-member gift in-world).  So this year arrive to your holiday parties in a coach-driven carriage wearing a beautiful ensemble that didn’t cost you a dime.  More money to spend on furniture!  Good luck on the Peace on Earth Hunt, all info can be found here!

POE7 Hunt | Paris Metro Gown FR

POE7 Peace On Earth POSTER IMG