Standing in Solidarity

TMS #PrayForParisVery late last night/early this morning, I learned about the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, France.  I’m in shock of this mass slaughter and carnage.  My deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims, the citizens of Paris and to all world citizens where intolerance and religious fanaticism has caused a climate of fear and hate.  Shortly after I read a few articles, my dear friend Lavinia Godenot from The Mustard Seed informed me that her store has gone dark and she has turned off all the vendors to show support for Paris and honor those who died, were injured and suffering.  The only item for sale at TMS is the I Love France set that is a free gift.  Lavinia’s message is so poignant, I urge you to show your support!  Ms. Godenet is the only Second Life merchant that I know who has chosen to not sell her products today, a day of remembrance.

France-SIGNThe styling above includes TMS I Love France collection as well as Free Bird Bringing the Peace Stained Glass Suncatcher created to honor the victims of this hateful crime and free until 11/15/15.  I also included an empty chair to represent the hundreds of lost loved ones that are never coming home.