Boogie Woogie


Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is a guiding light that re-imagining the world by reducing the essentials of form and color can form a new art movement.  Heavily influenced by Cubism and founding contributor of the De Stijl art movement, Mondrian’s art evolved into a non-representational form called neoplasticism: consisting of a white background, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and three primary colors.  Mondrian’s best example of neoplasticism is his Boogie Woogie series and Composition series in the late 1930-40’s (slideshow below), echoing city street, utilizing bright colors that leap from the canvas appearing to shimmer and draw the viewer in.  His work is astonishing in its simple yet elegance form and a great inspiration to the world of fashion including a series of Hermes bags, Yves Saint Laurent collection of shift dresses, and an iconic neoplastic Nike release.  Second Life designer Ms. Jaraloy Swords of Aidoru paid tribute to Mondrian by creating the Homage to PM Outfit, available at the FashionArt Fair.  The outfit includes a fitted mesh dress, pumps, chunky bangles and earrings.  I wore *YS&YS* Capri Sabot Slink Heels, matching Viareggion Handbag, available at The Dressing Room, and Nailed It FashionArt Slink Nail Set, available at the FashionArt Fair.  Judy hair by D!va, Ria skin by Belleza, and It’s a Mod, Mod World Pose #3 by NanTra, also available at The FashionArt Fair.  Taxi please…

Close up of Earrings

Mondrain Handbag

Mondrain Shoes

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Style Icon | Fun Flirty Style!

The Style Icon Fashion Fair is still going strong and today’s featured Style Icon Designer are Fabouzz and Nailed It, bringing us fun and flirty exclusive items.  Fabouzz Grammy Ruffle dress, available in 5 colors, is easy to wear and goes with everything, this is a staple you need to own.   It just so happened that Nailed It made the most adorable set of Slink nails (also available in mesh & prim) that paired wonderfully with the Fabouzz dress.  I’m wearing the Deluxe Body Factory Audrey skin #1, Deesses Skin Meredith lipstick (both exclusive item at the fair) and Pure Poison Love Me necklace (group gift.) All exclusive release items are available at the Style Icon Fashion Fair until February 28, 2014.  Taxi please…

Fabouzz: Grammy Ruffle Dress

Grammy ruffled dress collage

Nailed It: Style Icon Set

Nail collage

  • Sofia
  • Josephine
  • Gaga
  • Marilyn
  • Farrah

Dress & Nails Combo: 

Collage Nails & Ruffle dress

Blue & White collage