Life in the Fast Lane

Today, I’m going to focus on the guys gifts for the Moolto Hunt.  Once again, the Moolto hunt is available all month, until June 30, 2013.  All gifts can be found by wearing the tag and magic glasses that can be picked at Delirium Style.  There is a one time group join fee of 50L.  At this time not all stores have their gifts ready, so when I have the extras I will post the male gift previews with the female gifts.

D-Style gift

Resun fashion gift

Vero Modero gift

M&M gift

  • Jean Overalls, Tattoos & Bracelet: M&M, Jared

LD gift

Future City- all cars


Red Ferrari

Black Ferrari

And, finally for my music pick of the day, another one of my all-time favorite groups, The Eagles. Enjoy the tunes and the hunt.  Happy Hunting 🙂

June Moolto Hunt: Detour (Part 3)

After a late summer night party at the lodge, I was excited to see my friend’s new beach. She was up for the challenge of teaching me how to surf.  Brunch, shopping, dancing and dinner parties on the agenda, but I’m sure a few detours will occur today! 🙂

Charltina army green bathing suit, erika shape, poudre skin

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original “Erika”
  • Skin: Poudre, Sissy
  • Bathing Suit: Charltina’s, Subtle Mystique bathing suit
  • Eyes: PC, Tropical Reef (Not part of the hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Melanie (Not part of the hunt)
  • Necklace: Purple Moon, Kenya set in Bronze
  • Bangle: Pure Poison, Wicky Spiked (Not part of the hunt)

Morea dress, Erika shape, 7 skin, diva female pose

Delirium Style, Erika shape & ME skin

Gizza & BeloD silver clutch

  • Shape: Karen Blackthorne (Not part of the hunt)
  • Skin: Belleza, Mya (Not part of the hunt)
  • Dress: Gizza
  • Eyes:  Redgrave, Hollywood Blue (Not part of the hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Briony (Not part of the hunt)
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Clutch in Silver

gold in the night %22moon gold%22, russh Lussh Anaya skin, Davina %22Erika%22 shape

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Originals “Erika”
  • Skin: Russh Lussh, Ananya
  • Dress: Gold in the Night, Moon Gold (w/long sheer skirt options)
  • Eyes: IKON, Destiny Maya (Not part of the hunt)
  • Hair: Truth, Valerie (Not part of the hunt)
  • Bangle: {{BSD}}, Iconic Beauty in Gold (Not part of the hunt)
  • Handbag: Orage Creations, Fragrance (Not part of the hunt)

Countdow White cocktail dress, ME shape, Belod silver clutch, isis pink toe shoes

  • Shape: Mirror’s Engima, Lyla
  • Skin: Belleza, Ava Pale (Not part of the hunt)
  • Dress: Countdown, Eternity Cocktail White
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original, Purple Blue
  • Toe Shoes: Isis Boutique, Bellic Ballet Shoes in Pink
  • Hair: Truth, Brandi (Not part of the hunt)
  • Earrings: J&W Jewelers, LesLey Collection
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Clutch in Silver

Solidea Folies Blk party dress, BeloD silver clutch, ME skin & Shape & Isis pink toe shoes

Lillou's Design

  • Shape: Karen Blackthorne (Not part of the hunt)
  • Skin: Belleza, Mya (Not part of the hunt)
  • Gown & Hat: Lillou’s Design, Morgane

Evie's Closet, Lilac Fair, Isis Bellic Toe shoes in pink, belleza skin & reg shape

  • Shape: Karen Blackthorne (Not part of the hunt)
  • Skin: Belleza, Amy (Not part of the hunt)
  • Dress: Evie’s Closet, Petal 
  • Eyes: Redgrave, Hollywood Blue (Not part of the hunt)
  • Toe Shoes: Isis Boutique, Bellic Ballet Shoes in Pink
  • Hair: D!va, Airi2 (Not part of the hunt)

June Moolto Hunt: Country Roads (Part 1)

The Moolto Sisters Hunt is back with new stores and more fun summer gifts for men and women, all free (50L group join fee).  I’m breaking the Moolto hunt gift preview post into several blogs, one especially for the guys.  Some stores don’t have their hunt items out as of today, but stay tuned and have fun with Gloria on her road trip. My mom has been dying for me to add music to the blog, so enjoy John Denver while reading the blog (see YouTube below).

Full length- Davina Shape & Poudre skin     full length- Mirror's Engima, Lyla Shape & Skin      Full length- ND:MD Liang Shape & Skin

Headshot, Davina shape & Poudre skin                  Headshot, Davina shape & poudre skin w: teeth

  • Headshot #1: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original, Erika Shape, Poudre, Sissy Skin
  • Headshot #2: Davina’s Original, Erika Shape, Poudre, Sissy Skin (teeth option)

Headshot Mirror Engima shape & skin                 Headshot- 7 deadly sin skin

Headshot Orage Beyonce super bowl skin                Headshot ND:MD Liang skin & Shape

  • Headshot #5: Mirror’s Enigma, Lyla Shape, Orage Creation Beyonce Superbowl Skin
  • Headshot #6: ND/MD, Liang Shape & Skin

Glitter Olivia pink top & jeans, ME Lyla shape & skin, Davina purple eyes

CST Blue tank & jean shorts, Davina shape & poudre skin

  • Shape: Azure Fields, Davina’s Shape “Erika”
  • Skin: Poudre, Sissy M (w/teeth option)
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Purple Blue eyes
  • Shorts & Tank: !CST, Summer Breeze (mesh)
  • Hair: Truth, Hannah (Not part of hunt)
  • Jewelry: Chop Zuey, Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (Not part of hunt)
  • Necklace: Finesmith, Poulet Lasso in Spring Green (Not part of hunt)
  • Ring: Half Deer, Whip Cream (Not part of hunt)

Legal Insanity- Nerd Tee, Mirror's Engima Shape & Skin, CST Jean shorts

Lady Mor Mickey tee & resun leopard mini, ME skin & shape

Just Pale, Melly outfit w:shoes, ND:MD Liang shape, poudre skin, davina eyes & glitter corset top

  • Shape: ND/MD, Liang
  • Skin: Poudre, Sissy
  • Eyes: Azure Fields, Davina’s Original, Purple Blue
  • Outfit w/Boots: Just Pale, Melly
  • Corset: Glitter, Olivia black corset
  • Hair: Truth, Marina (Not part of hunt)
  • Jewelry: Stars, Faun (Not part of hunt)

Photo Location: Izzie’s