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I had a lovely treat today.  Two of my fellow glam sisters invited me to a special event, a joint venture of fashion and art.  SCALA and Visionaire Institute partnered together for a new concept in modeling and photography.  Today was the first SCALA graduating class and at the same time Visionaire Institute held the Grad Exhibit where the modeling students were the subjects of the photographer’s work.  The SCALA Graduates are: Aely Witte, AliceAmber, Christopher Law, Danity Mynx, Deborah Vos, Leezah Kaddour, Lola, LuceMia, PetraAlexander, Sungyoung, trouble Dethly, Winter Zhukovsky, & Zoomy Bluebird.  Please join me in congratulating them.  The Visionaire Graduate Exhibit will be open to the public from April 12 to May 11, 2014, TAXI.  I highly encourage you to check out the future photographers in Second Life and maybe spot the next MVW.  I took a few snaps of Visionaire student work below.  Please enjoy!


VISIONAIRE Institute – Invite

Second Life® – VISIONAIRE Institute of SL Photography would like to cordially invite you to a exhibition showcasing it’s first graduating class of photographers: Anouk Lefavre, Eva Cross, Imani Enzo, Liat Reina, Mari Firelight, Prisilla S. Avro, Polly Elan, Seashell Dench, Solde Rothmanay, and Tamara Artis.


Anouk Lefavre

Eva Cross

Eva Cross


Imani Enzo


Liat Reina

Mari firelight ballet

Mari Firelight

Silly murder

Prisilla S. Avro

Polly Elan

Polly Elan

Seachell Dench- level 4

Seashell Dench


Solde Rothmanay


Tamara Artis

Sad conclusion…

This morning I’m sure you excepted to read the final conclusion to the August round of Flora’s Fashion Contest, but unfortunately I will no longer be covering that event.  It has come to my attention that the monthly styling contest is dishonest and I will not promote anything that could taint my reputation.  I am greatly sadden and very upset by the actions of the owner, Flora Raven.

This is the first time in my life (real life or second life) that I will not complete a job because of my ethical stand.  This decision could harm me grealty in the SL modeling world, however after much pondering, my readers need to know the truth, or at least my experience.

I am new to the modeling world and have very little experience.  I only enter contests for the fun and artistic expression.  I’m not motivated by money or fame.  When I entered and won the July round of FFc, I was very excited and proud of myself as a stylist on the grid.  The challenges were extremely difficult and the extra added pressure of time played its role.

Flora approached me during the contest about blogging for her.  At the time, I was concerned with conflict of interest, but Ms. Raven assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem.  After the three grueling days of styling and winning, Flora asked me a few days after the contest ended, if I would be the “official blogger” for FFc.  I was honored and wanted to expand the social media presence of FFc and my own blog.  Within two seconds of me agreeing to blog FFc, Flora asked if I “tipped FFc yet?”  This is completely embarrassing, but I had no idea what to say or do.  Her insistence and pushy behavior was bullying.  My modeling mentor was out-of-town and I had no one to ask for advice.  So, I gave Flora part of my winnings back.  I felt victimized. I never told anyone because it was so humiliating.  I hoped we could get past this and I could build my career in SL as a journalist.

Why am I telling you, my readers, this story now?  I was approached by two different people wanting to know if Flora asked me to return part of my winnings “as a tip.”  I was sure since the two people were not connected that this embarrassing incident was becoming gossip and my reputation was being soiled.  I wanted my readers to know the truth.  And, I don’t want this to happen to another unsuspecting person; model, stylist, designer or whoever.

As far as I know, all the judges, designers, sponsors, and the hostess are honest people.  At no time has anyone in the team treated the contestants or fellow team members in an unprofessional manner with the exception of Flora Raven.  On a personal level, Ms. Raven is constantly demeaning, rude and insulting to me.  Her actions are strictly self-motived.

To my readers and friends, I look forward to happier days.  I will always be truthful to you.  I will not be as trusting or foolish.  I will never promote unethical behavior.  I’m sorry I disappointed you because so many of you have styling abilities and a love for fashion.  I feel terrible that I led you down a dark alley.  I’m greatly sorry.

Flora’s Fashion Contest Round #2, Inspiration: Red Carpet Royalty

This morning was round two of FFc styling contest, inspiration: Global Red Carpet Royalty  Read my blog below for details.  


A big thank you to designer and sponsor Eles Brianna of Romance Couture for the Etta dress I wore to today’s FFc show.  Etta is perfect to wear while shopping, or having coffee with friends on Sunday.  The modern tribal print in ruby blends nicely with the full 50s skirt and matching shoes.  The boat neckline with cap sleeves marry with the sash at the waist.  A fun fresh and easy to wear dress for any summer day.


Top 5

Top 5: Spirit Llewellyn (Ireland), Joana Wingtips (Germany), Dementia Navarita (India), Oraclelight (Spain) & Zion (Netherlands)

This morning was the second round of Flora’s Fashion Contest and what a fierce battle!  The five models (above photo) were selected yesterday to compete for the title of Ms. FFc August 2013 and win over $15,000L in prizes and cash.  The inspiration for today’s timed challenge was “Red Carpet Royalty.”  In 30 minutes the models were required to style a regal runway look, complete with tiara, using three different designers in the main gown and representing a country of their choice.  No countries could be the same.  The decision was the hardest to date but in the end three lucky ladies will move forward to the final round next Saturday, August 28, 2013 at 10am.

Representing India and placing first was Ms. Dementia Navarita. Dementia’s designers are Zaara, Mashooka Designs and Nicky Ree.  Her headpiece tiara in golden bronze perfectly symbolized the richness of East Asian culture.  Judge Flora Raven remarked, “as an Indian women, I love this styling.”

Dementia 3       Dementia full

Our second place contestant, Ms. Oraclelight exemplifies Spain and in particular the “hidden part of the New Orlean Creole women.” Oraclelight channels her inner Creole Spanish women using Son!a as her main gown, Mohna Lisa Couture, Utopia and an Illusions mask.  A golden crown of leaves by Alexandra completed the spicy Latin look. Guest Judge and sponsor Sam Deluxe of Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry commented, “It’s interesting that when I first saw her the country that came to mind was Spain…This a true testament that you did a wonderful job.”

Oraclelight 3    Oraclelight full

Ms. Spirit Llewellyn was chosen third for her fresh interpretation of Ireland. Spirit styled three designers, Lillou’s Designs, Son!a, Tres Beaus to create a white ivory and gold gown.  She accessorized with Kelly Green notes in her jewelry, nails & crown as we escaped to the golden barley fields of this European nation.  Judge Ava Jhamin mentioned, “I am irish and colors are green, gold and white, I love it.”

Spirit 3   Spirit Full

We would like to thank sponsor Eles (eleseren.brianna) of Romance Couture who donated the FFc team style today (check out the slide show below with pics of judges, contestants and guest).  Also, we appreciate guest judge Sam Deluxe of Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry for taking her time today.  A warm thank you to all the sponsors, judges, audience and talented contestants! Everyone did an amazing job representing diverse red carpet world looks in 30 minutes. It just shows how talented this group is.  Stop by next Saturday, August 28, 2013 as we crown our new Ms FFc!  Taxi

FFc Team & judges- final 7

Sam Deluxe, Summitt Beaumont, Eles Brianna, Ava Jhamin, Flora Raven, Darlene Snowbear, Gloria Silverstone

Flora’s Fashion Contest Round #1, Inspiration: Miami Beach

This morning top SL models competed in a timed styling contest. The theme was announced on the spot, incredible designs & styles from every contestant.  Read my article below for exciting details of the stylish contestants.

A big thank you to guest judge and sponsor Banba Muircastle, designer and owner of Bohemian Gypsy for my Market Gypsy outfit and the team member look.  Below is the Flora Fashion Team with guest judge, Ms. Muircastle.


I was so pleased to embrace my inner Boho chic while wearing Bohemian Gypsy’s Market Gypsy outfit today.  The Market Gypsy ensemble hearkens back to the flavor of the late 60’s early 70’s, in a multi-color patchwork mosaic two piece cotton voile.  Notice the triangle top with fringe and the high-low asymmetrical hem skirt, in vogue this season. Light & breezy, cool & easy, the Market Gypsy ensemble, includes lace-up boots and crimson beads, and offers a stylish updated Boho look for the modern women.

Gloria- Market Gypsy        Gloria- Market Gypsy 3:4


1094969_224951647652499_1816878364_nToday kicked off another exciting round of Flora’s Fashion “Dress-Up Spree” Contest.  Wow, what a great turn out!  Ten talented ladies competed in the August timed contest with the inspiration, “A Day in Miami Beach.”  The models had 20 minute to style a beachwear look with two accessories items (excluding jewelry) using the color red in the overall look.  Everyone did a remarkable job!  The judges had a tough decision, but in the end they selected five lucky contestants to move on to the next round tomorrow, August 25, at 10am.

First selected was Ms. Oraclelight who sizzled in a red, white & blue zig-zag printed fringe bikini ready to catch some rays on the sun-drenched Miami beach.  Oraclelight is a modern Miami girl sporting her iPhone on hip, red tinted glasses, white & red bangles, while her dark windswept hair blows gently in the warm gulf breeze. Guest judge and sponsor, Ms. Banba Muircastle of Bohemian Gypsy commented, “…really love the fringe suit.”

Oraclelight 3:4                Oraclelight full

Second was the always cool under pressure Ms. Spirit Llewellyn who styled a dynamic floral print maxi ensemble in taupe, cherry & green perfect for her South Beach shopping spree on Collins Ave to pick up some finds at stores like Louis Vuitton and Armani Exchange.  The strapless draped top fell softly over the cherry low-slung suede belt.   Spirit accessorized with beaded necklace & bangles, a floppy straw hat, red shades, and matching cherry shoes.  Judge Ava Jhamin remarked, “I would shop with you any day.”

Spirit 3:4                  Spirit Full

Our third contestant moving forward is Ms. Joana Wingtips with her retro inspired red, white & blue beach babe fifties look.  Joana stepped right out of an Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon movie set, compete with Americana tote bag chalked full of goodies, her cat-eye sunglasses and bandana head scarf complement her sailor inspired one-piece suit.  Judge Flora Raven said, “I love your sailor boy look with cat-eye glasses.”

Joana 3:4               Joana Full

Ms. Dementia Navarita was the fourth model to advance to the next round of the contest with her out-of the box interpretation of a burlesque red & black sequined corseted Miami beach look.  Dementia accessorized with red & gold bangles, clear tote beach bag, stiletto booties and sported shades on her head… a perfect look for the South Beach club scene.  Judge Darlene Snowbear stated, “I love the overall look you have, very sophisticated.”

Dementia 3:4            Dementia full

Last but not least is Ms. Zionp in a sexy black strapless bikini top with cover-up red wrap mini and light breezy off the shoulder cardigan.  Zionp sends smoke signals up with this fresh approach to Miami beach clubwear complete with hat, bag & shades. This girl is ready for a dip in the pool or an evening on town. Guest judge, Banba noted, “you look incredibly sexy and purrfect for a Miami night out.”

Zionp 3:4          Zionp full

Truly fun and fabulous styling by all the contestants (slide show below).  A big thank you to our guest judge and sponsor Banba Muircastle, designer and owner of Bohemian Gypsy. Thank you Banba, judges, audience, sponsors and the stylish contestants.  Stop by tomorrow, Sunday, August 25 at 10am as the 5 contestants are cut to 3!

It is sure to be nail biter!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Passing the Torch @ FFc

FFc Gown & Tiara

This Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 10am is the new round for Flora’s Fashion Styling Contest. As the winner of the July round, it is time to pass the torch to another fashionista. It has been such an honor to be known on the grid as a stylist. Part of the FFc July prize package was an exclusive Pure Poison Rococo style pink gown and tiara. I also received a 3000L gift card from Eden Jewelry, numerous poses from Ovation Poses and an upcoming vendor ad. Cash, trophy and a scholarship with L’amour Model Management rounded out the gifts. This is truly a great opportunity to stretch your styling abilities and win wonderful rewards.

FFc Tiara, close-up

The August contest is about to start and today is the last day to turn in your application to ŦĹŐŔĂ ŔĂVĔŃ  (floraniana). The prize package has expanded to include over 15,000L in gifts & cash: 3500L certificate from L’amour Management, 3000L voucher for 6 gowns and/or jewelry from Romance Couture, 3000L gift card from Bohemian Gypsy, 2000L gift card from M&M Clothing, 1000L gift card from {MUA} Make Up Addiction, 1000L gift card from Evolve, 1500L cash & custom gown & tiara from Pure Poison.  And, for the first time ever, we have prizes for the first runner-up, valuing over 4,000L. The time to join us is NOW!

As for my role, I will be transitioning to head blogger & marketer on Flora’s Fashion team and bring you all the updates on the monthly styling challenges. Thank you Flora, Ava, Darlene & Summitt for welcoming me to the team!