Making an entrance!

Entry Hall

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression.  The same applies to your home as it’s a reflection of your personality and style.  A great foyer serves a dual purpose, first function and then an inviting space to greet your guest.  I styled a ‘under the sea’ themed summer beach house highlighting a few key elements to make a greeting entry including: table/cabinet, mirror, chair, empty baskets for keys, newspaper or mail, baskets of pillows or blankets for the porch, potted plants, lighting, and some fun decorative accessories.  One could also add a collection of family photos or coat rack/umbrella stand.  Don’t over look the importance of the first impression of your home.

Structure: Barnesworth Anubis, Hampton Cottage

  • Second Spaces: Under the Sea dresser (light blue seahorse)/bubble lights, Salvaged Console, Riviera pillows/deco clock/candles (teal)/blues boxes, Trinket Box (beige)
  • LISP: Jasmine Forest Chair
  • Lark: Cambria Basket
  • Dust Bunny: Coral bottle & Coastal Vases (Blue, past Arcade item)
  • Floorplan: Mermaid Print, Captain’s Desk Lantern (Ocean)
  • Apple Fall: Seaside Candle
  • La Galleria: Wreath Seashell Rustic (***FREE***)
  • Balaclava: Seahorse Candlestick (Silver)
  • Trompe Loeil: Beachside Cabinet (Blue)
  • The Mustard Seed: Plant in Vintage Crock Pots (discounted @ Perfect Ten until August 15, 2015)

Under the Sea: Dive into your Fantasy!

This is a dream sim.  It has everything you would ever want.  

Was your fantasy ever to play under the sea and channel your inner Ariel?  I found the perfect sim, Two Moon Paradise….. to wander, explore, play, dance, romance, and guess what?  Another photo contest: the Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month.  Beneath the sea you will find treasure chest, secret hideaways, disco, and private isles.  Above ground is a dinner/dance lounge, art gallery, shops and more. On a separate sim, is a Winter Wonderland with gingerbread houses and ski slopes.  This is a must see sim with tons of events each week.

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, 1:19:13

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, close-up

Details of Mer of the Month contest:

  1. Join Two Moon Paradise in-world group
  2. Take a photo on the sim 512×512 OR 1024×1024 (no nudity)
  3. Rename the photo > Two Moon Paradise, “Your name and date”
  4. Send photo to Argus Collinwood:

Due: 20th of each month. Prizes: 1st 5,000L, 2nd 2,000L & 3rd 1,000L