Making an entrance!

Entry Hall

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression.  The same applies to your home as it’s a reflection of your personality and style.  A great foyer serves a dual purpose, first function and then an inviting space to greet your guest.  I styled a ‘under the sea’ themed summer beach house highlighting a few key elements to make a greeting entry including: table/cabinet, mirror, chair, empty baskets for keys, newspaper or mail, baskets of pillows or blankets for the porch, potted plants, lighting, and some fun decorative accessories.  One could also add a collection of family photos or coat rack/umbrella stand.  Don’t over look the importance of the first impression of your home.

Structure: Barnesworth Anubis, Hampton Cottage

  • Second Spaces: Under the Sea dresser (light blue seahorse)/bubble lights, Salvaged Console, Riviera pillows/deco clock/candles (teal)/blues boxes, Trinket Box (beige)
  • LISP: Jasmine Forest Chair
  • Lark: Cambria Basket
  • Dust Bunny: Coral bottle & Coastal Vases (Blue, past Arcade item)
  • Floorplan: Mermaid Print, Captain’s Desk Lantern (Ocean)
  • Apple Fall: Seaside Candle
  • La Galleria: Wreath Seashell Rustic (***FREE***)
  • Balaclava: Seahorse Candlestick (Silver)
  • Trompe Loeil: Beachside Cabinet (Blue)
  • The Mustard Seed: Plant in Vintage Crock Pots (discounted @ Perfect Ten until August 15, 2015)

The Little Mermaid

Houseboat- Exterior view

This past weekend I attended a friend’s Labor Day party on his houseboat.  I’ve mentioned a few times that I LOVE living in California for a number of obvious reason but one of the main attractions is the diversity of homes.  In the Bay Area it’s common to see mini mansion, ranch, Victorian, craftsmen, Eichler, Spanish, industrial warehouses, and houseboats.  The party was a blast and it inspired me to design Heart Homes Floating House, currently available at Collabor88.  Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer, creators of Aphrodite Shop & Heart Homes were guest designers at the 3rd Anniversary shopping extravaganza, theme Odyssey.  The design duo outdid themselves offering two fully furnished houseboats, Sailors (180 prisms) and Fisherman’s (130 prisms, both copy/modify) for $888L, at a deep discount.  They are also selling an empty house for $188L (57 prisms), as well as complementary pieces.

Houseboat- view from the front door

I used the Floating House with Pier, mixing and matching items from the other two furnished homes with past releases; the Sailor Seabreeze & Seashell Finder bedroom sets (available at the main Aphrodite Shop), to create a mermaid hideaway.  Nautical decor was very popular this summer and I created a whole maritime beach house (hint, hint, open house till Sunday, September 7), but I wanted to style a feminine Mer-creature dwelling in pinks, mint, and sea foam.  Since the floating houseboat is one room, I needed to divide the spaces.  I used the Heart Homes Sailor Seabreeze and Seashell Finder curtains to drape and section off the boudoir area, creating privacy for the little mermaid.  The star of the build is the pink seashell shaped Pure Mermaids Bed sold separately at C88 ($488L).  I highlighted the ceiling with seashell fishing netting and Neptune’ Staff netting on the wall (both from the Fisherman’s House), reminiscent of the depth of the oceans.  I flanked the seashell bed with the seahorse craved Poseidon Fishing Chairs ($288L) in bright pink, purple and teal blue.  Our little mermaid has a lounge spot all her own and a view of the rest of the houseboat.

Houseboat- close up bed area

Houseboat- Mermaid Bed

Houseboat- Poseidon Fishing Chairs

The main area is a sea foam and mint green living room complete the Sailor’s Couple Sofa, Wheel Chandelier, Sailor Boat Table, and Sailor Deco Frames (all from the furnished Sailor House).  I added the Seashell Finder beige fireplace and rug, as well as the Sailor Seabreeze ocean triptych, dresser, wing chairs, rug, and decor.  In the corner of the living room is the large Hades Lamp ($188L), greeting guests and lighting the way.

Houseboat- Living Room

Houseboat- LR Fireplace

The long hall space on the sidewall contains a buffet kitchenette from Brixley and a bistro dining spot from LISP (*not part of Collabor88).  I added a few seashell prints I had in my inventory and inserted the Shipwreck Mirror (Sailor House) in one porthole above the main kitchen counter.

Houseboat- Kitchenette

The outside of the houseboat is just as important as in the inside since so much time is spent enjoying the water views.  Entry deck is appointed with a Rope, Rusty Anchor with Rope, Brass Stand Anchor (Sailor House), and Fishing Rod, Netting with Shark Jaws, and Red Seashell Netting (Fisherman’s House).  I also decorated the exterior of the adjacent houseboat with the Good Catch Fishing Chairs ($288L), Rope, Red Lifeguard Anchor, & Planters (Sailor House).  I had a wonderful time staging the houseboat and showcasing TONS of Heart Homes items.  Hope you RUNNNNNNNNNNN over to C88 before they close (in 2DAYS!!!!!) to steal these deals and always remember Let’s Get Decorating!  Taxi please…

Houseboat- exterior close up

Beneath the deep blue sea…

Lies an underground world of adventure and treasures to behold.  Two Moon Paradise hosted the mer dance with the best in green costume contest as a bonus.  I’ve never had the opportunity to attend the mer dance at the Mer Gardens and it was a treat.  An under water delight at every fin stroke, one that I highly recommend for mermaids lovers and mere mortals.  I was fortunate to co-win the best in green mer contest with Peaches 2U Camino.  Tomorrow night, Thursday, March 14, 2013, is another costume contest at Two Moon and a big St. Patrick’s Day party is planned on Sunday, March 17, 2013, click here for details.

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Final call on photo contest!

A number of contest are ending soon and I just wanted to remind you about these opportunities.

Monthly Contest:

  • Angel of Angel Dessous, theme: ValentineDue = Thursday, February 28, 2013.
  • BLD WingTastic, best in wings, open to all. Due = Thursday, February 28, 2013.
  • Headshots in SL, theme: Ears, free online voting. Due = Thursday, February 28.
  • L’accessoires Flickr Contest, spotlight a minimum of 3 items from L’accessoires, at least 2 items from the current cycle, the other may be from a past cycle. Add photo’s to Flickr group from the 15th each month to the 8th the following month. Prizes: Photo displayed at the following cycle venue and blog, and all items from following cycle.
  • Morgane Batista Model of the Month, theme: Elements (Air, Fire, Water or Earth).  Due = Tuesday, February 26, 2013.
  • PosESion Photo Contest, Flickr group, theme: showcase the poses, use whatever styling you want. Due = Monday, February 25, 2013.
  • [sYs] It’s My Style Contest, Flickr group, style yourself in at least three items from [sYs], take pics at It’s My Style Contest platform, and add photo’s to Flickr group. Entries accepted from 10th to 31st every month. Winner are announced between the 1st and the 9th every month.
  • Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month, best Mermaid costume. Due = March 20.

~Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month Contest Winners January 2013~

Two Moon Paradise

~Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month Contest Winners January 2013~

We would like to congratulate the following people who entered our Mer of the Month contest!!

We had many wonderful entries which made the final decision by the judges difficult.

If you would like some input into how to improve your skills for next month please let us know. Get Ready for next month’s contest

Congratulations to all of you

Shiran and the Two Moon Paradise Team


1st jjoojoo


2nd 0polinda


3rd Gloria Silverstone

Honorable Mention Gabi Barbosa



1. The size of the photograph – Minimum 512X512 OR 1024×1024 pixels, bigger is better. The picture must be square and full permissions.

2. Two Moon Paradise reserves the right to disqualify anyone for any reason

3. You, willingly, relinquish ALL rights for any picture(s) entered and agree to allow Two Moon Paradise…

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