Lazy Sunday, July kick-off

Lazy Sunday is a weekly discount event that features skin, accessories, shoes, male & female fashion and home decor for 75L or less available only on Sunday, ending at 11:59pm slt. I’m planning on making this a feature blog post each Sunday, previewing each discounted item.

Blacklace- Make-up      Blacklace- Lingerie       Choooz Shoes

 Sweet Leonard       A-S-S - mens wear      Ilaya

The Plastik             Holli Pocket            La Petite Morte

OhLaLa Fashion Boutique       IrE mainstore        f

Cleo's Designs      ellabella

Sweet Leonard
The Plastik
Holli Pocket
La Petite Morte
OhLaLa Fashion Boutique
Cleo’s Designs

Caps for Sale…

The Mad Hattery Hat Display- bret

The Mad Hattery is downsizing their main store Mieville location and having a store wide clearance sale until Friday, July 5, 2013. All hats are reduced to 50%+ off and a gatcha machine has been added with new designs for 5L each. Saraid Dalglish has created some of the most whimsical hat designs in SL. The variety of hats, styles and themes are endless, and it is truly a shame to see Saraid have to downsize her store to only 75 hats. My friends, the hat lovers, Niki & Bret are helping me out today modeling some of the hats they purchased at the sale. Remember that after Friday the store will close and almost 60% of the inventory will be gone, so if you love hats, get over to The Mad Hattery and grab some at a great value.

The Mad Hattery Hat Display- Niki

The Mad Hattery had a Mad Hatter’s Ball on Wednesday night and Bret participated in the stack hats contest. Here is his verison of summer fun, four hats: Aquatic Life, Under the Big Top, Deli, & Movie Night.

Stack Hats

On Bret: (clockwise)

  • Santa Fe Cowboy
  • Titled Grungy Hat (Gatcha machine 5L)
  • Mad Hatter’s Deli
  • Aquatic Life
  • Movie Night
  • Indiana Jones

On Niki: (clockwise)

  • Gothic Pillbox
  • Jimmy Buffet
  • Victorian Romance
  • Midnight Blue Lily
  • Classic Wonderland
  • Touch on Miami

Belleza Best Buy… introduces Ava

The new Belleza Best Buy Ava skin is available for three days, until Sunday, June 9, 2013 for 400L each. The BBB is a monthly feature.  The Ava skin is offered in three styles with different make-up options in five skin tones from Pale to Dark Suntan, so there is something for everyone at a great reduced price.  Belleza also offers three skin styles for Men as well.  Mya is a special edition skin with stunning teal and pink eye shadow available at The Whore Couture for 500L until the end of June. My bestie Niki helped model some of the skins we got and I personally think she looks stunning!

Belleza Best Buy Skin -Niki (Ava, BB1 in Pale)Belleza Best Buy Skin -Niki (Ava, BB2 in Med)Belleza Best Buy 3 Ava Skin, Sun Kiss (Niki)

Belleza BB2 in Pale (Gloria)Belleza TWC special Skin -Niki (Mya in Pale)Belleza, Mya in Fair - TWC (Gloria)

  • Ava BB1, Pale (Left to right, top)
  • Ava BB2, Medium
  • Ava BB3, Sun-Kissed
  • Ava BB2, Pale (second row)
  • Mya TWC, Pale
  • Mya TWC, Fair

Our shop spree at Ricielli paid off. Photos taken at Raspberry City.