Let the good times roll!

Happy Mardi Gras all! In RL, I kicked off my celebration with some take out Chinese food and jasmine tea. But in SL, I lived it up! I was invited to a Mardi Gras formal affair, so I did a quick change from my feathers and beads only look, and donned a rather elegant Victorian gown in Mardi Gras colors: green, gold & purple. The Montagne Noire gown was part of the Bourbon Street hunt which ended today, Tuesday, February 12, 2013.  I copied the feather to wear as a hair attachment, added some extra beads to give the gown more oomph, and used an old mask I found in my inventory.  I had fun at Bogart’s Jazz Club dancing the samba to Latin music and enjoying the festive atmosphere (a slide show below highlights the fun). After I danced my feet till they were sore, I headed home to pop open another bottle of champagne and enjoy the evening with my date, Mr. Mardi Gras himself, Ted E. Beauregard. Ted E. was a hunt gift from Libby Holiday Store and the decorated console table was from Dreamscape Art Gallery.

Teddy & Gloria

I also had a few other Mardi Gras costumes that I got on the Bourbon Street hunt, I wanted to showcase. The next gown is from Felicia’s Fashion paired with a past hunt gift, a Fat Tuesday parasol and Bogart’s Mardi Gras beads.

Felicia Fashion gown

For a fun and spirited night, Unforgettable Temptations corset does the trick. Do note, this garment can be tricky to get just right (Ted E. was a big help!) And, finally the Iron Tiger collar is just fab!


Iron Tiger

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Mardi Gras Mania

Next Tuesday, February 12, 2013 is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.  Mardi Gras is the biggest party in New Orealans, LA USA where parades and parties abound with heavy drinking, beads and floats traveling down Bourbon Street.  The colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green & gold with feathers, beads and carnival clothes are traditional costume apparel.  I am attending a Mardi Gras party and wanted to highlight a few hunt items that you can get for your Fat Tuesday fun! The hunts are Bourbon Street 3 (2L for each item) and Boobs for Beads (1L for each item).  Most hunt items have male gifts as well.

Full shot-Kastle Rock Costume, shoenique heels

Mardi Gras-Loordes of London & Element Necklace   Mardi Gras-shoenique heels

Mardi Gras-Vivid Avs skin & Ali & ALi hair

Style Card:

Mardi Gras, the nut costume

Mardi Gras, the nut headpiece

Style Card:

  • Nuts, Inc party dress, shoes and head piece, Bourbon Street 
  • Element Necklace & Ring, Bourbon Street and Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Jinn Hair in Green
  • Pose Vanity: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

The nut boobs for beads costume outfit

Style Card:

  • Nuts, Inc pants outfit, shoes, legwarmers, beads, mask & head piece, Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Sally Hair in Green
  • Pose Sloth: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Raynzone Mardi Gras party dress

Image Factory Mardi Gras

Isis Bourbon Toe ShoesIsis Boobs for Beads toe shoes

Style Card:

  • Raynzone party dress & mask, Bourbon Street 
  • Element Necklace & Ring, Bourbon Street and Boobs for Beads 
  • Nuts, Inc bracelets, Boobs for Beads 
  • Isis Gold Toe Shoes with argyle legwarmers, Bourbon Street 
  • Isis Yellow Toe Shoes with heels, Boobs for Beads 
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Marilyn Hair in Raspberry
  • Pose Wrath: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Vero Modero Green Mari Gras, fullVero Modero Green Mardi Gras, close-upStyle Card:

  • Vero Modero Mardi Gras Group Gift in Green (also available in Purple & Red), free
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Elle Hair in Strawberry Blonde

And, finally for a day wear look.

Prism Mardi Gras Sweater dress

Style Card:

  • Prism Lynne Sweater Dress in Mardi Gras, 329L
  • Hat from Kaslte Rock Bourbon hunt last year
  • Vivid Avs skin and make-up, Bourbon Street 
  • Ali & Ali Elle Hair in Strawberry Blonde
  • Pose Pride: Isis 7 Deadly Sins hunt 

Hello February!

I love the month of February, not just because it’s my birthday month, but I adore Valentine’s Day, plus in the USA there’s Presidents Day, Chinese New Year, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and sometimes leap year. This is a month that has tons of events and special reasons to celebrate. Having said that, I’m going to take a weekend break from SL and blogging. I want to highlight just a few events and sales that are taking place this weekend.

Finesmith is holding a casting call on Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 10am SLT. You must be a certified model to participate in the casting. Please style yourself to highlight the Finesmith jewelry and make the statement “I love wearing Finesmith.”  You need to prepare a styling notecard with your model resume and have runway poses loaded for the judges.  On a separate note, I scored 5 amazing deals at Finesmith 55 Thursday.

B!asta is closing the menswear section of the store and reduced all men’s items to 5L -50L. The menswear items including casuals, suits and accessories, so there are some great deals you might want to check out. Please note that GC will not work on mens purchases and items are not transferable. Ladies, the B!asta store participates in a number of hunts, so hop over and check out the Italian styles.

Dulce Secrets is having a remodeling retirement skin sale with some items marked down to 75L. No end date has been indicated, so go now before the sale is over.

-A new round of Angel of Angel Dessous has started with the theme Valentine. Please style yourself in any items from Angel Dessous including lingerie or group gifts that reflects Valentine’s Day to you.  Join the Flickr group and submit your photo before the end of the month.  Also, a new group gift has been released, a super cute Mardi Gras dress that perfect for any Bourbon street parties you have planned. I’m planning a Mardi Gras post later this coming week with deals, steals and specials.  Look for it.

Dark side of the moon

Space travel, groovy tunes and far out costumes were on display at Two Moon Paradise spacey dance party on Thursday, January 31, 2013.  It was my first visit and I felt like just another space alien.  Two Moon Pradise hosts weekly theme dance event with costume contest. Next Thursday’s theme party is Mardi Gras, so get your purple, green & gold feather outfit on, throw on some beads and mark your calendars for next week.

I learned about Two Moon Paradise because of their monthly Mer of the Month contest, that I entered and placed for January. The Two Moon sim has a under water mermaid garden and dance hall, as well as an winter wonderland village and ice rink. The sim also houses a ballroom, artist studio and tons of great places to hang out, or use as backgrounds for photo shoots. Hop over to the Two Moon Paradise and check out this wonderland of imagination.

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This was my space age costume, a combo of Carrie’s Lingerie, Finesmith Jewelry and a few hunts items along the way.

Gloria Close-up Gloria Full

Here’s my photo for the Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month contest.

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, close-up

Two Moon Paradise-Gloria Silverstone, 1:19:13