Lazy Sunday | Unisex items & Womens fashion

Lazy Sunday is back with 75L or less items available until this evening at 11:59pm SLT.  Focus is on unisex items, women’s fashion pieces, and some home decor mixed in.  Enjoy!


ASS_Fingerless gloves Mustang Trading Post_Necklace for Men & Women

Black Haus White Market_Boots

Cozy Essentials_Home Decor Collage_Decor- Sign

Aeva Heartsick_Skin ADD Andel_Eyes

Modanna_Tank Tops Plastik_Dress AUSHKA CO_Sweater Immerse_Workout outfit Holli Pocket_Candy skirt

► A:S:S: (Unisex Accessories: Fingerless Gloves)
Mustang Trading Post (Unisex Accessories: Jewerly)
► Black Haus White Market (Unisex Accessories: Boots)
Cozy Essentials (Home Decor: Living Room)
Collage (Home Decor: Chalk Board Sign)
► Aeva // Heartsick (Female Skin)
► A.D.D. Andel! (Unisex: Eyes)
► MoDANNA (Female Fashion: Tank Top)
► The Plastik (Female Fashion: Dress)
► AUSHKA & CO (Female Fashion: Sweater)
Immerse (Female Fashion: Workout Outfit)
► Holli Pocket (Female Fashion: Mini Skirt)

Lazy Sunday | November

We changed our clocks back and I’m upside down.  Thank goodness the Lazy Sunday offers are good until 11:59pm SLT tonight and filled with goodies for the home and the latest ladies fashion.  Enjoy!


Izzies_Belt Bracelet Atooly_Bow Ring Addiction Jewelry_Necklace:Earrings Fri DRIFT_Scarf

Pure Poison_Studded Bra f

KoKoLoReS_V-Neck Tee

Leri Miles Designs_ShirtsSugar & Cyanide_Dress The Plastik_Dress

encore_Desk Lamp Immerse_Chairs Creations Kitchen_Food

Izzie’s (Female Accessories: Belt Bracelet)
► Atooly (Female Accessories: Bow Ring)
Addiction Jewelry (Female Accessories: Jewelry)
► (Female Accessories: Slink Boots)
► Drift (Female Accessories: Scarf)
► Pure Poison (Female Fashion: Studded Bra)
 f.owl (Female Fashion: T-Shirt)
► [KoKoLoReS] (Female Fashion: V-Neck Tee)
► Leri Miles Designs (Female Fashion: Tops)
► Sugar & Cyanide (Female Fashion: Dress)
The Plastik (Female Fashion: Dress)
encore (Home Decor: Desk Lamps)
Immerse (Home Decor: Chairs)
► Creations Kitchen (Food)

Lazy Sunday September Offerings

Sorry I’ve been a little under the weather lately and I’m late again on the Lazy Sunday list. Run over and grab these deals available until 11:59pm slt tonight.


Coquet Black Dress ECRU Grace Dress NiNight Creations Sweater Dress & Tee OhLaLa Bra & skirt Iren Hair Ma-Vie Wool Scarf Ma Vie 10 pack pose set EMBODY Pose with broom Holli Pocket Orange Corset la petite morte CorsetPlastik Moon Crystal NecklaceEllabella Piercing Razorblade Jacket Men Dirty Jean shorts Beach Street Fall Sign

► Coquet (Black Dress)
► E C R U (Grace Maxi Dress)
► NiNight Creations (Taupe Sweater Dress & T-shirt)
► OhLaLa Fashion Boutique (Pink Bra & skirt)
::::IrEn:::: (Hair)
► Sweet Leonard (Wool Scarf)
► Ma Vie (10 pack Pose set)
► Embody (Poses with broom)
Holli Pocket (Orange corset)
 la petite morte (Corset without bra)
The Plastik (Moon Crystal Necklace)
ellabella (Face Piercing)
► Razor (Men’s Dirty Jean Shorts)
► beach street (Fall/Harvest, Home decor)

Lazy Sunday Specials

A little late for the Lazy Sunday special, but don’t worry the 75L offer is still good until 11:59pm SLT tonight, Sunday, September 22, 2013.


Nani Couple Fall PoseILAYA Leather dress

Senafine Dress (Taupe) Collision Jewelry Set Due 2 tone side ponytail tea Bow Rin Ploom Retro Kitty Cat PoseKuro Leaf outdoor lightsCleo Living RoomAlloette FramesLittleHouse Flower pots Lucifers Lime Slides

► Nani Poses
► [ILAYA] 
► Senzafine
► Collisions
► Due
► tea.a 
► Ploom
► Kuro
Cleo Designs 
► Alouette
► Little House of Curios
► Lucifer’s Heart 
► The Plastik (Corset, not shown)

Lazy Sunday Mania!

Gloria in Drift Lazy Sunday dress

Drift Dress (Lazy Sunday), Ricielli Birkin Bag (The Dressing Room), LaGyo Savanna Bangle (Fifty Linden Friday), LaGyo Savanna Necklace (The Dressing Room), Glam Affair Candy America 04 Skin (The Arcade), Wasabi Pills Melissa Hair Chocolate (The Arcade)

Happy Sunday! I know I said I was going to cut back on blogging because my real life is crazy busy now but I can’t pass up the opportunity to share with you the Lazy Sunday list. As always, the 75L special is only good on Sunday until 11:59pm slt.  Let’s get shopping!


Drift blue dress MoDANNA          Haste part 1            Haste part 2

AUSHKA & CO                    Aeva :: Heartsick

Mustang Trading Post A-S-S-

Black Haus White Market Collage

Rassasy Foods

Cozy Essential room part 2  Cozy Essentials room part 1

End of Daze A.D.D Holli Pocket

        The Plastik


► Drift
[Haste] (Two dresses)
Aeva // Heartsick (Skin)
► Mustang Trading Post 
► A:S:S: (Nails)
► Black Haus White Market
► Rassasy Foods
► Cozy Essentials (room of furniture)
► End of Daze 
► A.D.D. Andel!  (Skydome)
► The Plastik 
► Holli Pocket (Bikini)