The Hands of Time!

Finishing Touches_Hands of TimeI wasn’t going to do Halloween this year because I over did it last year with a week-long sim open house and multiple blog posts, however that all changed when I saw Finishing Touches eerie skeleton leg table and adorable gothic Halloween Cupcake Treats.  The Halloween Cupcake Treats are a three-tiered cupcake stand with three varieties including hot pink frosting with dark chocolate spiderweb, pink vanilla milk chocolate spider with licorice spider legs and jolly skull-eyes.  The decorative treats inspired a stylized gothic black & white Tim Burton-ish living space complete with clock filled room, covered sheet chairs and spirits from beyond.  Pop over to Finishing Touches and delve into the deliciously decadent gothic Halloween delights!

Finishing Touches_Cupcakes & Skeleton TableFinishing Touches_Cupcakes (birdeye view)

Structure: Scarlet Creative, Burtonesque House 1 (Collabor88)

  • [ht:home]: Covered Furniture Set (chairs, table, ottoman, lamp–released for The Challenge Sept Round, Fabric)
  • Finishing Touches: Cupcake, Skeleton Leg Table Short, Stacked Mono Pumpkins in Bell Jar, Button Quilt Hassock
  • Deathrowdesign: MM Frames1 (past Sept 2015 Arcade item), Burtonesque Clocks (Collabor88)
  • Park Place Home Design: Halloween Floor Candelabra (The Halloween Faire)
  • Shabby Tabby: Victorian Pumpkin Birdcage ($10L Antique Grid Hunt)

Classic with a contemporary twist: 24 Event

Park Place Home Decor, 24 Event Ashford LR (hallway view)Have you heard about the 24 Event?  24 2015 is an annual event that brings together the top Second Life designers in fashion (male & female) and home decor (70 total) for one week (September 11-19, 2015).  Each store offers an exclusive limited quantity item only available at the event.

Park Place Home Decor, Ashford LR (full room)Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you Park Place Home Decor event exclusive Ashford Living Room, a classic formal styling in black, white, taupe and gray.  The 24 exclusive Ashford Living Room Set includes:

  • White sofa with gray accent pillows
  • Black wood upholstered armchairs with white/tauped striped fabric on back & seat
  • Taupe ottomans with, or without pillows
  • Upholstered contemporary coffee table
  • Tray with books and magazines
  • Walnut end tables
  • Gray and white table lamps
  • White decorative jar & pink vase floral arrangement
  • Beige leaf patterned rug
  • White drapes
  • 6 earth shadow framed wall art

Park Place Home Decor, Ashford LR (close-up tray)Also included in the collection (not shown) an additional empty white coffee tray and animated faux snow window. The Ashford Living Room collection is a classic and perfect for your SL entertainment needs.  I can see holiday decor blending nicely with this grouping.  Run over to the 24 Event by September 19th to get the collection before it’s gone forever!

Taxi to 24 event please…

Park Place Home Decor, Ashford BookcaseDeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Home Decor, also designed corresponding items in the Ashford collection: walnut bookcase, desk and beige desk chair (back wall) available at her main store, on sale this weekend (all under $100L). The Ashford Walnut Bookcase is filled with books, storage, frames, files and decorative items.  The matching Ashford Walnut Desk, with open and close drawers, is the ideal spot to relax or work.  The desk includes reference books and beige table lamp.  Who wouldn’t want to get down to business in the cozy and oversized upholstered beige Ashford Desk Chair?  Also on sale this weekend for $60L is the Copper Plate Table Centerpiece.

Park Place Home Decor, Ashford LR (Desk & Chair)To bring the outside in, I used Park Place Birch Tree Picture wall art over the Ashford Desk.  The black frame and leaf outline enhances the black classic lines in the Ashford Living Room collection.  You can find the Birch Tree art at the 24 event!  Lastly, Little Branch Potted Bilbo Birch Tree is a free group gift and can be found at the Cosmo Shopping Region.  Hope you’re inspired by the classic with a contemporary twist living room, so Let’s Get Decorating!Park Place Home Decor, Autumn Candleholder

Enchanting Romance

Welcome back to the open house tour of my Valentine decorated cottage with home furnishing from The Collage.  Today we are heading upstairs to the Victorian romance bedroom and outside to a hidden garden area.  All items are from The Collage, a monthly special home event lasting for two weeks with wonderful and delightful exclusive items.  You don’t want to miss this, Taxi please…

Enter the world of romance, an era long ago of elegance and charm, a bit simpler time but one filled with splendor.  The upstairs is an open loft space with banks of windows on all four sides and a large peak roof, adorned with What Next Morning Tea Chandelier.   We first notice the cozy Spargel & Shine Homes Victorian inspired era bed (Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed) and are ready to jump in.  Please note Tess Spargel of Spargel & Shine Homes attention to detail in the blush rose printed quilt with corresponding painted rose side table, dresser, drapes and tea set.  Truly an authentic representation of times past.   Cementing the bedroom and adding warm below your toes is the braided hand-made rug, common for the period.  Easy to roll back at a moment notice when the gramophone is cranked and dancing is called for.  The sheer drapes (Annie Rose Sheer) with the delicate print accentuate the antique style of the furnishings.

Jan:Feb '14-Bedroom & Gramaphone

Jan:Feb '14- Bedroom Bed

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Bed: Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Sheers: Curtain Panel Annie Rose Sheer, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Side Table & Accessories: Annie Oak Side Table, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Painting: Nature’s Glory Light, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Rug: Rag Rug Shabby, Spargel & Shine Homes

Other items:

  • Chandelier: Morning Tea Chandelier, What Next
  • Prints: Mr. Darcy & Always Prints, floorplan. (Free)

Enjoy a spot of tea as you relax on the Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed and snuggle up with a good book from the Annie Side Table.  The Annie bed has four scenes you can rez from the touch menu including: made with tray {shown}, made, messy with pillow, and messy sleep.

Jn:Feb '14- Close-up of Teaset

Jan:Feb '14- Side Table w:Books

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Bed: Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed, Spargel & Shine Homes
  • Side Table & Accessories: Annie Oak Side Table, Spargel & Shine Homes

Other items:

  • Books: The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice & Jane Eyre Novels, floorplan. (Free)

Moving into the main area of the bedroom, the Annie Oak Dresser (with 6 scene rezzers) is fit for any lovely girl of the times.  It is highlighted with a cut glass rose vase, a silver tray holding a brush and comb, perfume bottles, rose lace scarf and finished with a cushioned stool.  Note the beautiful rose painted panel veneer detail on the lovely Adam style dressing table drawers.  A typewriter is at the ready to write love letters.

Jan:Feb '14- Dressing Table Only

Jan:Feb '14- Close-up of Perfum Bottles

Jan:Feb '14- Dressing Table detail

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Dressing Table (Mirror, Stool & Accessories): Annie Oak Dresser, Spargel & Shine Homes 

Other items:

Dusk has fallen on my Valentine theme Trompe Loeil Willoughby Lakeside Cottage and my love has beckon me outside.  To my surprise a secluded garden has been erected in the backyard. Peaking through the Shutter Field Hidden Patio Fence, we see a romantic setting, compete with a grand piano, heart lanterns and Sway’s Caroline furniture set (love, exclusive color for The Collage).  Tonight my love has created an outdoor living room, perfect to watch shooting stars, indulge in sweet treats, serenades and gazing into each others eyes.

Jan:Feb '14- Outdoor Romance Sway's items

Jan:Feb '14- Close up of Sway's hearts

Feature items available at The Collage:

  • Hidden Garden: Hidden Patio Fence, Shutter Field
  • Living Room Set (couch, chair, rug, sideboard & accessories): Caroline Love, Sway’s

Other items:

  • Home Sweet Home Sign: Sway’s (Subscriber gift)
  • Grand Piano: Elegance Grand Piano, StoraxTree Promotions
  • Heart Lanterns: Antique Heart String Lanterns, What Next
  • Vintage Heart Tree: Vintage Love Tree, Cobblestone (Store is closed, MP has items)
  • Topiary: Trio of Roses & Hearts Topiary Pink, *Finishing Touches*
  • Strawberry Cake: Pastry Mania, Tres Blah  (Past Arcade Gatcha item)

Thank you for joining me on my Valentine themed open house tour with items from the current round of The Collage.  There are wonderful pieces at this special monthly home event, including a warehouse loft from Dot Be Dew that you should go check out.  I have a few more items to blog, so stay tuned and let’s get decorating! Taxi please…

Christmas Expo 2013 | Winter Lodge Living Room

Continuing on with my Nordic Mountain Retreat I created with items from The Christmas Expo 2013, we move downstairs to the Living Room/Great Room.  The downstairs space is small so utilizing key pieces that serve double functions is key.  Also, the lodges large stained glass windows peek out to the forest and wild animals friends, expanding the visual space.  Next post we venture outside and meet some new friends!  Taxi to The Christmas Expo 2013 please…

Winter Lodge Living Room

Feature items from The Christmas Expo 2013:

  • Christmas Tree w/Presents: The House of Avro
  • Noel Blocks (on mantle): BananaN
  • Snow Globe (on mantle): Black Tuilp
  • White Merry Christmas Tree: BananaN
  • Christmas Picture: Kaerri

Other items:

Christmas Expo 2013 | Cozy Loft

RFL Christmas Expo 2013 (texture by Texworks)The Christmas Expo 2013 opened on Thursday, December 5, 2013 and I want to highlight some home decor items you can pick up at Expo.  Taxi please…

The holidays are a great time to change up your home decor and play with different styles.  In Real Life, I live in warm Northern California, far far away from the Sierra, and I don’t use cabin or winter lodge style items in my holiday decor.  Every since Black Friday, I’ve gone a little nuts with all the holiday home hunts and events Second Life currently offers.  I’ve been wanting to create a Nordic Lodge style home for awhile now, but haven’t had a good excuse to purchase items for that style.  I found some pieces at the Christmas Expo that spoke to me, and I mixed and matched to create a cozy loft.  My starting point for the loft design was the Marmelade Nordic wall print (red/white tree with bow left, top photo) and the Ispachi Ski Shelf (available from Four Walls hunt).  I hope this glimpse will inspire you to pop over to The Christmas Expo 2013 and get decorating!

Quick Reminder:  Christmas Expo 2013 supports Relay for Life in Second Life and the American Cancer Society.  Each merchant offers at least one vendor item with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life.  Merchant List here, Map here!

Cozy X-mas Loft

Feature items available at The Christmas Expo 2013:

  • Wall Decor, Candles, Snowflake Wall Lamp & Presents: Marmelade, Christmas Set
  • Cookie Tray (on Bed): Kittycat’s Creations, The Caroling Tray
  • Wreath: Eternal Dreams Poses, Caught in a Wreath
  • Cabinet & Cookie Stand: Marmelade, Christmas Set (resized)
  • Candle Tree: Marmelade, Christmas Set

Other items: