Design on a dime: Lazy Sunday….

OhLaLa Fashion (8:4:13)Good morning all!  I’m up bright and early to bring you the Lazy Sunday list of goodies. Discounted today only for 75L or less includes lingerie, make-up, home decor, shoes, ladies fashion, jewelry, poses and food.  Please remember these items are only available today, Sunday, August 4, 2013 until 11:59 pm SLT at 75L or less.

Blacklace Britany (8:4:13)            Blacklace make-up (8:4:13)           Choooz (8:4:13)

Holli Pocket                 la petite morte (8:4:13)              The Plastik (8:4:13)

Chrysalis (8:4:13)           Embody girlfriend pose (8:4:13)        Sweet Leonard Feather Necklace & earrings (8:4:13)

Drift (8:4:13)         Razor gloves (8:4:13)         NiNight Creations (8:4:13)

beach street (8:4:13)           Encore Shabby rugs (8:4:13)         Creations Kitchen (8:4:13)

Please note I could not find Immerse.

OhLaLa Fashion Boutique
Holli Pocket
la petite morte
The Plastik
Sweet Leonard 
NiNight Creations
beach street 
Creations Kitchen 

The Real Me…

GloriaSilverstone Resident, headshot2 copy

Warning this is a totally different kind of post today.  This post is inspired by two of my friends and fellow models/bloggers recent articles.  I’ve been thinking more and more about masks and unveiling one’s self to the world.  We all have our “face” that we let co-workers, strangers, and SL friends see and then there is the real you, the “authentic you” that your loves one know and appreciate.  Personally, sometimes I find it harder and harder to reveal one’s self to this world, maybe it’s fear of rejection or worst disapproval. Maybe it’s because I’ve also been so fascinated with the idea of a “face in a crowd.”  But there comes a time in your life that you desire to be “you”….. to be known for your whole essence not just facts or baseless opinions of others.  So, I guess I’m opening the door a bit into me and what makes Gloria counterpart tick.  I mentioned that this post was inspired by my friends Averil and Cao‘s recent blogs (please read them, they have very different perspectives on SL and offer great insight).  Recently, Averil wrote a blog based on a personality test she took and urged others to take it.  When I entered college we all had to take personality test to determine our career path.  Well, as a fresh-faced freshman with stars in her eyes, I wanted to pursue art, either art history or graphic design.  I was shy, quiet, scared to explore others options, and I’ve also had the greatness passion for art.  So no surprise when the personality results were in, I was an INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling & Perceiving, career paths: writers, counselors, social worker or psychologist).  After college my life took a left turn and everything changed, and with change comes different outlooks.  I have changed since college, since 5 years ago, since last fall.  I have grown and relaxed, and maybe accepted myself.  The brilliant and wonderful Cao wrote about accepting herself in a recent article.  She “came to terms with herself” and embraced her “imperfections,” and I allowed my inner voice to be heard.  (Just a side thought, I wonder if guys have to deal with ‘accepting’ themself like women do).  Anyway, the real me is slowly emerging in my counterpart Gloria, both love art, both are sassy independent smart women, both are loyal and funny, I’m a brunette, golden olive complexion with a love for old cars and power tools. 🙂 I wanted to style an outfit that I would wear in RL, so here’s by tribute to Fall 2013.  Suede khaki pants (Overhigh), camel overcoat ([PO], available at The Boutique), silk studded nude blouse (Ricielli), sassy open toe booties (BSD), chocolate suede hobo handbag (Azoury, available at L’accessoires) and autumnal jewelry set (Izzie’s). Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, I retook the personality test and as of today, I’m an ENFJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling & Judging, career paths: event coordinators, politicians, or religious work).

Take the test and be kind to yourself.

GloriaSilverstone Resident, full

Photo taken by Wren Noir Cerise

New York State of Mind….

Red & White blossom outfit= display

While I was at Collabor88, I picked up the Tee*fly’s silk camisole Bella ruffle in Bloom and the Color.Me.H.O.F white leather skirt.  I used Glam Affair Lulu (Europa) 01 skin to enhance the green stem in the Tee*fly printed top.  For accessories, I used Ricielli Yuse white leather handbag and Noodles Sketchy Flower necklace in gold/green to complete the stylish modern New York girl look. Collabor88 has lots of good staple pieces at a discount price available until August 7, 2013.

I found my thrill…..

C88 Ison Dress bluepurple = display

The new round at Collabor88 have tons of wonderful summer items I can’t wait to share with you.  ISON offers a ruffled, purple soft silk chiffon dress.  I paired the dress with Noodles Metal Leaf necklace in Silver/Blue and Glam Affair Lulu (Europa) 01 skin with lime green eye shadow. To complete the look, I purchased Baiastice Ayoun clutch in peach  and {Cherry} Enchanted Teardrop earrings from L’accessoires. All items at C88 are available until August 7, 2013 at good discounted prices, hurry now.

Final Results for Flora’s Fashion Contest


Ms. Flora Raven (Founder & CEO of Flora’s Fashion Contest) & Gloria Silverstone

This morning, July 27, 2013 three finalists competed for Flora’s Fashion Contest, a timed styling contest with a theme to be announced on the spot.  I previously won the other two rounds and moved forward to the finals.  Today’s challenge was mix and match using 3 designers, 5 different colors (black & white don’t count) in a summer outfit, while incorporating a mesh letter into the overall style in 35 minutes.  It was a killer challenge!

Rushing backstage, I re-read the challenge a few times trying to absorb the parameters.  Starting with a copper orange snake-skin swimsuit from Shiki, I added Morea‘s Jennifer bohemian maxi skirt in teals, bronzes and golds to build the outfit around the summer theme.  I wanted a beachy resort garment to wear for lunch or dinner after a dip in the pool.  To enhance the rich golden bronze teal tones, I added Finesmith Grapa jewelry in turquoise and Ricielli copper clutch.  Then I needed incorporate a large mesh letter somewhere in my look, so I scaled it down and placed it at an angle in the floral detail of the floppy natural straw hat by Avea.  At the last second, I tinted the white letter to a teal tone and prayed.  It was an exciting day and I’m very honored to be chosen for the July FFc contest.  For ladies who love to style, there is another contest in August, details here.


Ms. Ylenia Resident, Ms. Flora Raven and Ms. Gloria Silverstone

Full lookClose-up of Final outfitClose-up of hat

Winning gown and tiara from Pure PoisonPure Poison Gown & tiara