Swimming in the deep end!

A monthly event, Zodiac allows designers to celebrate the astrological signs each month. The new round is Pisces available at Mint Tulip until March 15, 2013. Designers are invited to create items that reflect the chosen sign by either a literal translation or inspiration using colors, elements, or personal traits associated with the astrological sign.

Pisces are born between February 18 to March 20, known to be emotional, reasonable and highly sensitive.  Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign, fish represents the zodiac symbol and water the zodiac element. Celebrity born under the Pisces sign are Amy Tan, Steve Jobs, Carrie Underwood, Chris Webber, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Piet Mondrian, George Washington, and Liz Taylor.

There are a number of items available but I wanted to share a few I picked up.  First is the .ploom. Adora Dipped bun hair for 175L available in 12 colors and the MONS/Make-up  Eyeshadow Wonder for 100L, also available in 12 colors.  Shown below is the lavender blond dipped hair and pink with teal eyeshadow.

Mons make-up & ploom Adora hair buns

I also purchased the *LouLou&Co* :: Rock Japan :: leather cheongsam dress for 100L available in 8 colors and the !bang Fluidity 5 pose set for 75L.  Shown below is the purple cheongsam detailed frog closure and pose #320.  Black snake skin clutch worn in all photos is from Indyra Original, a free gift at Zodiac.

LouLou& Co Dress & !bang pose #320

Below is the red cheongsam, fluidity pose #321, dipped blond hair in red and MONS red/teal eyeshadow.

LouLou& Co Dress & !bang pose #321

Under is the ocean blue dress, pose #323, teal dipped brown hair and aqua eyeshadow.

LouLou& Co Dress & !bang pose #323

And last but not least, the green detailed dress, poses #324, brown with green dipped hair and lime/purple eyeshadow.  There is 3 days left for this round of Zodiac, so head over and check it out before it’s too late.

LouLou& Co Dress & !bang pose #324

All photos were taken at the Mieville Asian Gardens.  For a glance ahead, I plan on blogging about Angel Dessous black box Wednesday special, the I Love New York hunt Sweepstakes (a winner should be announced soon), St. Patrick’s Day celebration, sales, specials and hunt gifts, Glam Affair Amerlyn skin, and the Liv Glam Valentine hunt items.

FOVA 5 winner!

What a great turn out for the Face of Virtual Asia contest!  On Sunday, January 27, 2013, a new FOVA winner was crowned.  Congrats goes out to first place winner Kaliwillo Lane Celt and second runner-up Dannimatic.  The first place winner received the honor of having her face on a billboard in the Little Virtual Asia sim, 1,000L and a 750 GC from Vero Modero, as well as advancing to the final round of the contest.  The second place winner received a 500L GC from Sassy! and 750L GC from Vero Modero, and another chance to compete for the title of Face of Virtual Asia.  There are three more rounds scheduled for the coming month.  Check out the Virtual Asia blog for more details.

This was truly a girls night out party attending by SL hauties Aisha Denimore (MVW finalist), Fuzz Lennie (Vero Modero CEO), Xii (Gizza Mgr), Crusade Parkin (FOVA 3), Naked Angel (Club New Wave), and VA models Dana Yotov & Blossoms Sweetwater.  A big thank you to the contestants for showing us your Harajuku street chic: Kali Lane, Dannimatic, Ilysa Serupta, Tivi ‘Lux’ Darkfold and Chevia Johanson.  And a huge thank you to Margaux Dufax, Stormy Somerton and DJ Zteflon Don for hosting a great street party!

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Face of Virtual Asia, round 5 contest

FOVA round 4, Gloria SilverstoneThe search for the Face of Virtual Asia is on! Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 4pm SLT.  Create your best Tokyo Chic/Harajuku/Kawaii/Ganguro look and come enjoy the Little Virtual Asia sim street party with music spun by DJ ZteflonDon.

As the FOVA round 4 winner, I have become a family member of the Virtual Asia team and have had many opportunities to meet interesting new people. FOVA also offers great prizes including cash and gift certificates from prestigious designers Vero Modero and Sassy!

For more information about the contest check out the Virtual Asia blog: virtualasiasecondlife.blogspot.nl

Ladies Night and the feeling’s right!

I had such a fun time at the movie trivia theme party hosted by catwomen, sorry I mean the sassy feline herself Stormy Somerton of Virtual Asia. We played movie trivia, dance on the rooftops overlooking Tokyo and filled our bellys with some good giggles. The first place trivia winner earned 500L and 2nd place received free items to 1 Hundred.  Boys, the ladies outnumber you 2:1, so hop over the next time and have some fun with us.

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Next weekend is the another round of the Face of Virtual Asia contest, so mark your calendars and get your Harajuku style ready.  More details will be posted soon.

Face of Virtual Asia

Face of Virtual Asia

Harajuku/Tokyo/Street style contestants

On Saturday, December 15, 2012, a group of trendy SL avi’s competed in the 4th round of the Face of Virtual Asia contest. Tokyo/Harajuku street chic was on display, as well a fun street party. For more information on the Little Virtual Asia sim and FOVA: http://virtualasiasecondlife.blogspot.com