More Easter Egg hunt gifts

Limitless Easter Egg hunts taking place this weekend.  If you know of any you would like to share, please add them to the comment section.  I am a lover of hunts.  It is a great way to find new stores, score free gifts and have fun without spending money.  Today, Friday, March 29, 2013 kicks off Morea Style Easter Egg Hunt.  There are four egg baskets hidden around the first floor of the store, free for all!  Collect all four baskets to make the sexy teal keyhole sweater dress below (bottom left).  For group members, an extra basket has been hidden that contains the casual Jeanet sport set (bottom right).  While at Morea, don’t forget to pick up the March group gift, Fleur.  Fleur is a sexy black & white floral print gown perfect for spring & summer’s steamy nights.  Morea Style cost 100L to join the group.

March group gift, Fleur

Easter egg hunt gift      Jeanet-easter egg hunt gift for group

  • Top Center: Fleur March Group
  • Bottom Left: Easter Egg Hunt gift, paired with Ali & Ali Hair Sol in Purple (easter egg hunt gift), Lovely Mi Easter make-up tattoo (Fashion Limited) & Easter Egg Antennas (hunt gift @ 2013 Easter Town)
  • Bottome Left: Jeanet Easter Egg Hunt group only gift

Liv Glam Valentine hunt

I recently found out about Liv Glam’s Valentine hunt, sorry I didn’t post this earlier.

Liv Glam hid 32 hunt gifts around the main store, costing 15L each for a Valentine special (the hunt item you are looking for is a red rose in a box).  I believe the hunt ends tomorrow Thursday, March 14, however I can’t find the notecard with the exact date in my inventory.  I was able to find 30 of the 32 gifts and all items are goodies, especially at the bargain price of 15L each.  Most items have three color options in each gift as well as a variety of size selections.  I will model a few below to give you an idea of the diversity of styles.

Red & Black dress, gift #7 & #23

  • Dress: K Collection Believe minidress, only available in red & black (hunt gift #7)
  • Handbag: Stella Snake Effect tote (hunt gift #23)
  • Jewelry: The Arabella set in Red (hunt gift #8)

Animal print coat & grey tote, gift #19 & 23

  • Coat: Animal print coat dress, also available in black & grey (hunt gift #19)
  • Tote: Antigona Shopper tote in grey snake-skin (hunt gift #24)

Sequined gown #17 in bronze

  • Gown: Jador Embellished gown, also available in red & green (hunt gift #17) -please note this gown has a super low back that shows too much skin for my comfort

There are other darling outfits including separates that you should hunt for at Liv Glam.  If I have time, I will post other pictures of the gifts.  All photos were taken at Ooot Ooot.

Good luck and have fun hunting!  Liv Glam is a great spot to shop and I often spend my allowance at this store.