Welcome Autumn!

Autumn Gazebo 2015Wishing you a very belated harvest greetings!  Sorry, real life kidnapped me again.  In some ways I feel like Second Life is my mistress (or the male version in my case), I love the creative minds, the ability to design and the freedom to explore new ideas but it’s becoming difficult to carve out a few hours each week.  I’m going to finish up my outstanding projects and take an extended break.  But before I get ahead of myself, I want to share with you my version of autumn glamping.  The crisp air, the crunchy fall leaves and glorious harvest moon is beckoning us outdoor and the ideal backdrop to showcase some new releases from Sway’s, Serenity Styles and The Mustard Seed.

Happy Autumn Welcome SignTMS Apple Cider Bistro SetSleeping Cat Haybale

Ms. Lavinia Godenot, creator and owner of The Mustard Seed is offering a fresh takes on fall decor, on sale until Thursday, October 1, 2015 (all under $150L).  The new offerings include Happy Autumn Welcome Sign with pumpkins, leaves and Indian corn (group gift), Autumn Apple Cider Patio Set (texture change chairs) with hot cider, sweet treats, woodland bird umbrella chair and apple basket, Autumn Haybale with sleeping kitty (harvest sign & potted plants), Barrel of Fun Corn with multiple animations and Autumnal Fireplace (2 size, small & large) great for indoors or out.  I also used TMS Sunflower Trio and Gentle Overhang Tree (texture change).

TMS Fireplace & Serenity StyleTo complete the decoration of the pavilion, I used Serenity Style Country Swing, Birdhouse Fence wall decor, Autumn Wood Blacks & Babe Doll (offered at Tres Chic till 10/5), My Fall Set cabinet with bowl and floral frame (available @ The Fantasy Collective until 10/15).  I also styled the gazebo with What Next Harvest Garland, Wreath, texture change Welcome Sign and Pumpkin Bucket.

Finally, Sway’s has everything you will need to enjoy a night under the stars starting with the Birch Gazebo (new release for The Mix, ending 9/30), Camp Out Tents & Oil Lamps available at The Arcade (ending 9/30), Walden Cuddle Log with texture change blanket (2 versions) and Walden Campfire Set including log/tree stump with pillow, camp kettle/mug, and marshmallow/sausage on sticks.  Hope you enjoyed my take on glamping and are inspired to redecorate your home with these great deals.

Backyard Glamping!

Sway's Tent full

Remember when you were a kid and your parents used worn sheets, blankets and pillows to set up a fort in your backyard to watch shooting stars?  Well not being a very outdoorsy girl, my Mom always had cozy blankies and pillows around just in case star-gazing was needed.  The closest I ever came to backyard camping was sleeping in my warm playhouse, but woke the next morning cuddled in my own bed.

the collage logo 2013Two events I want to highlight, The Collage (opening tomorrow March 23rd) & The Feeling Event (closing March 25th).  To create the ideal star-gazing tent, I used Sway’s adorable spring purple and lime polka dot Cozy Tent [Shelter] in Crocus, an exclusive print available at The Collage.  The Crocus tent comes with a hay bail (multiple single & couple poses), and lite lanterns.  Since, I’m Glamping (glamorous camping), the BePPin Casual Spring Collection dress is perfect.  The Beppin dress is an exclusive item for The Feeling Event and is available in four prints.  I paired the dress with the Anggun Spring Necklaces (a gathca item, at The Feeling Event).  Pop over, grab specials and have fun Glamping!

The Feeling Event (3/15-25/2014)
The Collage (3/23-4/5/2014) 

Look at how cute the back of the tent is 😀

Sway's tent back

Sway's tent other pose

Exclusive items & Gatcha:

Beppin Spring Dresses, $70L each

Anggun Spring Necklace, $50L pull

Close up of necklace

Quad of dress & necklaceLeft to Right:

  • Spring Green Dress & Necklace #3
  • Rose Bold Dress & Necklace #4
  • Purple Strip Dress & Necklace #1
  • Sunsoft Spring Dress & Necklace #2