Falling for Art in Hats!

Ghee Temptations (Full)Happy Weekend!  Art in Hats – Hats in Art 2015 charity event wraps up today, Saturday, November 14, 2015.  It’s your last chance to purchase amazing creations, hunt for 10 free hat gifts and donate to Team Diabetes of Second Life benefitting the American Diabetes Association.  Today’s schedule of events includes a closing ceremony with a concluding fashion show, live auction, public hat contest winners announcement and last chance shopping party with trivia and prizes, you don’t want to miss out!  At 4pm today the live auction kicks off and you will have the opportunity to bid on Sascha’s Designs Perpetual Black Hat, I blogged last Saturday and many more.  I had hoped to blog more hats and show you some of the freebie hats but my RL didn’t allow it, so be sure to pop over to the event and check out these wonderful designs.

Ghee Temptations (Closer)Today, I’m showcasing a tribute to autumn in Ghee’s Temptation fascinator, an orange maple leaf and green apple.  I paired the headpiece with Indented Reese copper silk wrap dress, Madrid Solo new November group gift Falling make-up and Scrub I sit and think to escape gold necklace to enhance autumnal glow.  Hope to see you at Art in Hats 2015 events later today!

Taxi to Art in Hats – Hats in Art 2015 event please…

Summer Days!

Tylar's Treasures Summer Days Collection

Happy first Monday of August!  A few days ago Perfect Ten August round kicked off with 10 designers and creators offering new exclusives discounted up to 50% off.   Perfect Ten monthly shopping event runs from 1st – 15th every month and hosted on the Cookie Jar sim.  Today, I’m featuring Tylar’s Treasures Summer Days Collection including teak lounge with 11 single and 8 couple sits, 30 intimate poses, and dance & lotion animations.  There is also a texture change umbrella with teak table and summer beach bag in 7 texture options.  The Summer Days collection is sold as a set or separately.  In addition, Tylar is offering the Pool Float with 6 texture choices and solo/couple animations, all available at Perfect Ten Shopping Event.

The Aloha Fair 2015 Free Gifts

Aloha Fair-close-up sunglasses

I also wanted to mention The Aloha Fair launched on July 27 and is available until August 10th with lots of free summer fun items including my Hawaiian bikini (group gift), dress, sunglasses, jewelry, hair flowers and beach ball pose.  Stop by, grab the Aloha gifts and soak up the sun on Tylar’s Treasures beach lounge!

Aloha Fair

  • Azalea Thrird Life: Aloha Bikini (Aloha Fair Group Gift)
  • Immunda: [Aloha Animated Beach Dress]
  • E C R U: “Elika” Necklace: Moss (8 texture options)
  • Vanity Hair: Hair Flowers
  • Ghee: Aloha Bangles
  • XXY Poses: Best Friends (Couple Pose with Beach Ball)

Aloha Fair- immunda Beach Dress

Ghee Weekend events & hunts

Close-up of swimsuitWarm Clarity-Jupiter, creator of Ghee is hosting a weekend of events and a mini gem hunt to celebrate her new store opening.  The weekend is packed with fun things to do including the on-site live filming of the Carter & Dar show on Saturday and a fashion show on Sunday.  Ghee clothes are unique with the double layer alpha and glisten overlays fabric on the garments.   The mini hunt around the new bigger store was exciting and I wanted to share with you the gifts.  While at the new store, check out Warm’s partner, Cold Jupiter’s fantastic car designs parked along the boulevard and in the store across the street.  Pop by and enjoy!


~ghee~ Relocation Grand Opening Weekend Schedule of Events

Celebrating new beginnings at a new location, ~ghee~ is delighted to share a weekend of fun and entertainment for all to enjoy. Come and discover the new surroundings by hunting for special gifts, join our Flickr contest, watch our fashion show, party with DJ Dean Ashby, and come and see some of the best live entertainment on the grid! Mark your calendars now!

Saturday 10th August

3.30pm slt
The Carter and Dar Show – live filming
Proving that controlled insanity is both fun and educational, Carter & Dar share recent events that are off the wall, interview people from all areas of interest in Second Life and fight over the name of their show with no sign of resolution on the horizon. At this live filming, Warm Clarity will be their guest.

5pm slt
Phemie Alcott Live!
Phemie Alcott started performing in SL in about June of ’07. She loved it from the start. A perfect place to hone her solo songwriting skills, it was a perfect match. Before that, Phemie played in bands from high school on including a 4 year stint in a professional alternative rock band that worked fulltime. After acquiring a degree in Music Ed and Voice Performance, Phemie has looked to writing music as a way to fully express her musical passion. She loves the people of SL and their open-minded attitudes toward originals. She plans to continue to write and sing and play and better herself along the way.

Sunday 11th August

11am slt
Josiah Lee Baxter Live!
Josiah’s blend of pop, neo-soul, and gospel sounds create a live and authentic listening experience. As a
singer for over 25 years in his RL, he brings to SL a unique perspective in song about life, love, and knowing yourself.

1pm – 3pm slt
Fashion Show and After Party
Some of SL’s Top Models show new releases and some old favorites from the ~ghee~ collection. Featuring House Music fresh and funky, souful and sexy from DJ Dean Ashby – come and enjoy the show and dance the afternoon away to some of the hottest sounds. Wear your favorite ~ghee~ clothing to win a giftcard in our “best in ~ghee~” contest, winner to be announced at 3pm.

6pm slt
The Paul Chaplynski HELLO Show!
The zaniest crew of misfits ON THE GRID working up an hour of utter insanity!
Join us and catch up on whacky weekly news—find out what’s cooking with Devlin—see how Drew does Seth this week—learn what death-defying stunt Tremendous Trav is performing—shop with Seth—find out WTF Swallo is knee deep in—and hear how Drew and Trav handle their latest 9-1-1 emergency!
The Paul Chaplynski HELLO Show—Where it’s ALL Happening NOW!
*Join our Flickr Photo Contest*

Take a photo anywhere on the ~ghee~ parcel wearing any ~ghee~ design to enter our Flickr Photo Contest.

Prizes: Your photo displayed instore, 3000L$ store credit, and an original ~ghee~ design named after you.

Photos should be posted to the ~ghee~ Flickr group

Ghee - Black Friday Sale

Photos should be a minimum of 1024X1024 pixels or higher, but can be any ratios you want (so portrait, landscape or square images are all welcome, as long as the shortest side is at least 1024 pixels).

Please name your entry “~ghee~ photo contest [Your name] and list the ~ghee~ items worn in the photo description.

Only the person submitting the photo is eligible to win. Photoshop is allowed, but no morphs please!

The closing date is midnight SLT on Sunday 18th August. The winner will be announced on the Flickr group by Wednesday 21st August.


10 gems hidden around the store:

Sefoam Skirt & Top #1

Gem #1: Sorbet Skirt & Mini in Sea-foam

Sugared slip in violet #2

Gem #2: Sugared Slip in Violet

Green striped knit halter top & pleated mini #3

Gem #3:  Green Striped Knit Halter Top & Pleated Mini

Magenta polo shirt #4

Gem #4: Magenta polo shirt

Red Poppy top #5

Gem #5: Red Poppy top

Sherbert Skirt & Mini in Soft Pink #6

Gem #6: Sherbert Skirt & Mini in Soft Pink

Orbital bangels # 7

Gem #7: Orbital Bangles

Orbital earrings #8

Gem #8: Orbital Earrings

Sparkling garden sheer pink nightie #9

Gem #9: Sparkling Garden Sheer Pink Nightie

Glitz swimwear #10

Gem #10: Glitz Swimsuit

I’m Not Your Toy Charity Event

I'm Not your Toy-Final

This week, June 17-23, 2013, kicks off the first annual I’m Not Your Toy Charity event to benefit and raise awareness of violence against women and children. 100% donations go to “Associaçao Projecto Criar.”

“I’m Not Your Toy” goal is to raise funds in SecondLife® for RL non-profit associations against child and woman abuse. With the help of SL® designers, models, bloggers and friends who are ready to give their time and talent with nothing to receive ONLY the happiness to know that together we can made a difference in someone life.

Founded by MUTYA [VM] VERO MODERO ELITE MODEL 2013 Lua Vendetta, felt it was important to choose a charity that benefited children. Lua Vendetta’s vision is for every child in foster and kinship care to feel safe and loved, and that these special kids are empowered to create security and connection through healthy self-expression. The charity achieves this through the provision of inspirational creative arts programs that help kids develop confidence and healthy self-expression.

On Monday, June 17th there was a fashion show and charity hunt.  Unfortunately, I crashed numerous times and wasn’t able to attend the whole show, but while at the event venue I picked up a few exclusive hunt items designed to benefit the I’m Not Your Toy charity.  Lua designed an exclusive free INYT pink tee for ladies (don’t worry gents, there is a male version as well).  I paired the tee with the INYT free shoulder Owl and tie-dyed hunt skirt (middle photo).  Ghee also created the coral summer short set (top right) and image factory constructed the “I’m Not Your Toy” picture frame (bottom left).  All hunts items are available the rest of the week. This is a wonderful cause and I urge you to donate.  Look forward to exclusive creations, hunts, auctions, designer walls, and other fashion shows, so pop over already and do your part. Taxi please…


INYT is Sponsored by:

*Vero Modero
*AD Creations Doll House
*AFI Designs
*Amarelo Manga
*Bubble’s Designs
*Epic Productions House
*ImaGe Factory
* Jewelry by Jake*
*Paisley Daisy
*Posesion Poses
*Purple Moon Decorations
*The Muse Poses
*Zenshi and Zanze
*{.LaZo.}Boo Kids & Designs


Fashion For Life – Tribute to John Galliano & The 7 Wonders of the World

Update:  I want to spotlight the ethereal Lolly gown designed by *SoliDea FoliEs*, exclusively for Fashion for Life.  It was worn by the beautiful, talented, creative and soulful Cao Lionheart, Miss. Virtual World, South Korea (retired).  Personally, I’m always inspired by Cao’s dramatic artistic styling, the humanity she portrays in her blog and her generosity of spirit.  The Lolly gown embodies all that is soft and graceful, airy and fragile, qualities that personify Ms. Cao.

Lolly gown

The Fashion for Life final runway show was a tribute to John Galliano that took place on the  Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 10am SLT.  I was invited by Warm Clarity-Jupiter, CEO of Ghee and unfortunately, I crashed more times than Liz Taylor married.  However, I was able to see the final ‘one of a kind gown’ worn by Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL and designed by the extraordinary Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey.  Frolic was dripping in 500 diamonds and rockin’ a nice weave.  The gown was auctioned off right there on the runway.  Drama and catfights abound, and that was in the audience.  The auction started at 5,000L and quickly turn serious when a two ladies tried to out bid each other (and at some points out bid themself).  Finally, the price hit 100,000L and everyone was sure that one of the ladies were going to be seen on the grid in this gown….but out of nowhere a silent bidder drove the price up to 140,000L and crazy offers were being thrown in to sweeten the pot (Frolic will style you in the gown for 150,000L, Belle will make the same gown in black diamonds for 175,000L, and a little something about someone sucking on toes,  eeew).  The winning bid was from the silent bidder for 150,000L and one of the ladies donated 100,000L for the black diamond gown.  All the proceed goes to the American Cancer Society.


Following the live auction, some of the exclusive runway gowns were placed ‘on sale’ for 50% off, at the back of the runway available until close of FFL, Sunday, March 17, 2013.  Honestly, the sale prices were so high that I couldn’t consider attempting to justify taking any of the gowns home.  But, I took a few pictures of some of the creations to wet your appetite.  And, if you have not checked out FFL, do so now.

Boudoir Gizza

MoreaTres Beau

The week-long event closes on Sunday, March 17, 2013.  There are 7 sims, designed after the Seven Wonders of the World.  The Egyptian sim, Temple of Zeus at Olympia is awesome and houses Liv Glam, Body Doubles and Amacci.  The Greek Temple, Artemis at Ephesus houses Virtual Impressions, Mohna Lisa Couture, Belleza, and Bliss Couture.  For a lush and tropical escape, stop by the Gardens of Babylon.  This sim is truly gorgeous and it’s my favorite by far, it houses Tres Beau, Gizza and !deviousMinds.  The far out Pyramid of Giza sim is sensational, just the ride alone entering the sim is worth it….. well for anyone who saw Star Wars opening with Luke speeding in and out of tunnels, you get that and so much more.  The sim houses Chop Zuey, Madrid Solo and Morea.  Up next is the half under water sim, for a lack of better description, Lighthouse of Alexandria.  (And, for all my Steampunk lovers out there, a crazy cool half chair, half eye, half garlic thingie that worth a peek).  Personally, I got a little creeped out here but it could be my fear of seagulls rather than the sim.  This one houses Purple Moon, Boudoir and Carrie’s Lingerie.  And, finally the giant stone man, Colossus of Rhodes.  Honestly, I have nightmares about this dude and my constant climb up his leg.  He houses Finesmith, Emotions and Wet Cat.  For the sim build only and the art, go and participate.  The runway and party lounge represnted the final Wonder of the World, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.  Also, at the main landing point there is a memorial garden, hope haven, resource library and a survivors gazebo, a peaceful and serene escape that you need to see.  Remember 100% of the proceeds goes to charity, so that’s worth taking a look for, right?