Country Sun

Lumiere Sunflower decor

Sunflowers always remind me of summer, the long hot dusty nights and days when you can see the heat literally rise from the pavement.  I love how cheerful and bright sunflowers are; I can’t help but smile when I see them.  Lumiere designed sunflower decor items for the current round of The Collage.  The Shoji Screen Perforated Tin ($125L), Clay Ring Planter ($50L) and Wicker Ridge Sunflower Table Lamp ($75L) are exclusive item available until April 5, 2014.  Bringing nature inside adds another layer to your home and creating intimate reading nooks is always fun and inviting. To create my sunny rest stop,  I used StoraxTree Homestuff Lounge gift, Native Armchair Brn Grn Wd (*New, Limited time offer), La Galleria Sunflower Collage Painting (featured last month @ The Collage), Pixel Creations color change rug, The Loft Garden Table Tile (on sale for $10L, grab them NOW), and StoraxTree Siamese Cats (Sweets Dreams Are Made of This Hunt gift).  Taxi please…

Lumiere Sunflower decor items


Need a cute outfit to wear while curled up with a good book, love from your new four-legged furry friends and fresh smells of summer?  Then grab K Collection’s Lego House Maxi Dress (6 Pantone HUD), available for $55L at Fi*Friday! (Madrid Solo green eyes & PoseWay Ylenia Poses, free gifts at Womestuff Lounge, Truth Hair Ebony, full price).  I hope your weekend is drenched in sunshine. Happy shopping!

K Collection, Lego House Maxi Dress

K Collection, Lego House Dress, Lime Green

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Fi*Friday & 60L Weekend

A few new items from Kim Lysette of the KCollection for Fi*Friday (55L) and some new designs from Samantha Jones of Liv Glam for 60L Weekend.  Sale prices last till Monday.  Taxi please…

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Nicest Things

11:23:13- Fi*Friday (55L) KCollection, Nicest Things Dress 2

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Nicest Thing 2 Dress (6 Pantone HUD: Rose, Fern, Periwinkle {shown}, Bronze, Slate Blue, & Grey/Black)
  • Earrings: Pure Poison, Tie Diamonds Earrings
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Silver

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Your Body is a Wonderland 

11:24:13- Fi*Friday (55L) KCollection, Your Body is a Wonderland Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Your Body is a Wonderland Dress (3 Pantones HUD: Blue, Orange & Pink Paisley)
  • Skin: Belleza, Molly (FLF special)

Fi*Friday (55L): Liv Glam, Morning After Dark

11:24:13- Fi*Friday (55L) LG, Morning After HUD 2

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Morning After Dark HUD 2
  • Jewelry: Zibska, Vonn Deux in Coal

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Dark Diamond

11:24:13-60L Weekend-LG, Dark Diamond HUD 3

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Dark Diamond Hud 3 (3 Pantones: Black with grey & white metallic beading, Black with sea-foam green & gold metallic beading, and Black with aqua and petal metallic beading {shown}).
  • Earrings: Pure Poison, Onyx Dia

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Breath Again

11:24:13-60L Weekend-LG, Breath Again HUD 5

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Breath Again HUD 5
  • Jewelry: Mandala, Osenbei Set in Gold

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week: Fi*Friday & 60L Weekend

Some goodies this week at Liv Glam for Fi*Friday (55L) & 60L Weekend including 10 specials for $60L each!  Check out the previews below and hop over to LG to grab this deals.  Taxi please…

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Stop & Stare

11:17:13- Fi*Friday (55L)-KCollection, Stop & Stare Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Stop and Stare Dress (6 Pantones HUD: Teal, Blue, Red, Celery, Pink & Grey)
  • Necklace: Pure Poison, Beth Red

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Fenyang

11:17:13- 60L Weekend- Liv Glam, Fenyang Gown

  • Gown: [LIV GLAM] Boutique-[Summer 13] Fenyang Print Dress HUD (6 Pantone HUD: Tangerine, Grey, Lime, Azure, Fuchsia & Citron)
  • Jewelry: Virtual Impression, Adelle Set

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Fight for this Love

11:17:13- 60L Weekend, Liv Glam- Fight for this Love HUD 1

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Fight For This Love HUD 1
  • Necklace: Pure Poison, Yola

Liv Glam | Deals of the Week

I’m a little behind on blogging due to real life, so I will showcase all the deals of the week Liv Glam and the K Collection are participating in this week including Secret Wednesday, 55L Thursday, Fi*Friday (55L), 60L Weekend, Super Sales Weekend (99L) and Steals & Deals (100L).  Also, Liv Glam has just released shoes!  Stop by LG to check them out!  Taxi please…

Secret Wednesday (49L): Liv Glam, Autumn in New York Outfit

11:9:13- Sec Wed (49L)- LG- Autumn in New York Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Autumn In New York HUD 1
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Med 2
  • Bag: BSD Design Studio, Traveller Brown Bubblegum

Secret Wednesday (49L): K Collection, Calling All Angels Dress

11:9:13- Sec Wed (49L)- KCollection- Calling All Angels Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Calling All Angels Dress
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Med 2
  • Clutch: LaGyo, Studded Heart

55L Thursday: Liv Glam, Romance is Dead Outfit 

11:9:13- 55L Thursday (55L)- LG- Romance is Dead Outfit

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Romance is Dead Hud
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Pale 1
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Persia Black

Fi*Friday (55L): KCollection, Where Have You Been Dress

11:9:13-Fi*Friday (55L)- KCollection- Where Have you Been Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Where Have You Been Dress3
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Arcade 8
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Shae Set

60L Weekend: KCollection, Who’s Fooling Who Outfit

11:9:13- 60L Weekend- KCollection- Who's Fooling Who

  • Outfit: [LG] K-Collection Who’s Fooling Who Outfit
  • Skin: Belleza, Ellie Gacha 5
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Surfer Rosa Strawberry Cream
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Red Lips Set
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Shay Spiked Fuchsia

Super Sales Weekend (99L or less): Liv Glam, Afternoons & Coffeespoons Outfit

11:9:13- Super Saver Weekend- LG-  Afternoons & Coffeespoons

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Afternoons & Coffeespoons HUD 1
  • Skin: Belleza, Leila Arcade 6
  • Boots: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Fedora Thigh Highs Boots (Non-Slink Boots in 11 colors, priced at $275)
  • Clutch: BeloD, Classic Silver

Steals & Deals (100L): KCollection, Heaven on Earth Dress

11:9:13- Steals & Deals (100L)-KCollection- Heaven on Earth Dress

  • Dress: [LG] K Collection Heaven on Earth Outfit 2
  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley BBB NOV Pale 1
  • Jewelry: Pure Poison, Azah Necklace Goldish

Liv Glam| Deals of the Week: Fi*Friday & 60L Weekend

Liv Glam deal of the week are back and there are some fun items for Fi*Friday (55L) & 60L weekend.  Head over to Liv Glam to see the rest of the sale items, all prices good until next Tuesday, November 5, 2013.  Taxi please…

Fi*Friday: Liv Glam, Broken Hearted Girl Outfit

11:1:13- Fi*Friday 955L)- LG- Broken Hearted Girl HUD 3

  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Broken Hearted Girl HUD 3
  • Jewelry: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery, My Extraordinary Set
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Windswept Enchanting Brunettes Pack
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Shay Spiked Fuchsia

60L Weekend: Liv Glam, Walk on By Dress

11:3:13- 60L Weekend, LG, Walk on By Dress HUD 2

  • Dress: [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Walk on By HUD 2 (6 Pantones: Blue, Red, Teal, Green, Purple & Black)
  • Jewelry: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery, My Extraordinary Set
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Windswept Enchanting Brunettes Pack
  • Clutch: Pure Poison, Shay Spiked Fuchsia