Lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday & Happy December!  WOW time sure sped by quickly.  Hope you enjoy the Lazy Sunday 75L specials available today only!


Embody_Reideer Poses

Fraidy-Cat-Designs_Gingerbread Cookies



Sugar-Cyanide_Brown Leather Sweater Dress




Embody (Reindeer Pose Pack)
Fraidy Cat Designs (Holiday Home Decor: Gingerbread Cookies)
encore (Home Decor: Worn Rug)
Drift (Female Fashion: Dress)
Sugar & Cyanide (Female Fashion: Brown Leather Sweater Dress)
Pure Poison (Female Accessories: Hat) (Female Accessories: Legwarmers)
ellabella (Female Accessories: Piercings)

50L Friday | Belleza Skin

Happy Friday!  One week away from Black Friday and a few days and counting till Turkey Day in America! Whoot hoot! This 50L Friday offers Belleza skin, home decor, toys, poses and Steampunk items.  Enjoy!


Belleza_Molly Skin

Boom_Low Back Dress



Plastik_Skin & Outfit

bang_Cube Pose Box

Sanctuaire_Winter Stool

MishMish_PomPom Desk

Floorplan_Star Marquee


ADD-Andel_Garden Shed

SilentSparrow_Plushie Toy

7 Emporium- Poster

7 Emporium- Time Machine

► Belleza (Female Accessories: Molly Skin)
► BOOM (Female Fashion: Drape Back Dress)
► Valentina E (Female Fashion: Military Dress)
► Luxuria (Female Fashion: Lingerie)
► the Plastik (Female Accessories & Fashion: Skin & Outfit)
► !Bang Poses (Cube Poses)
► Sanctuaire (Home Decor: Holiday Stools)
► Mishmash (Home Decor: Pompom Desk)
► floorplan (Home Decor: Star Marquee)
► Meshworx (Home Decor: Solaris Lamp)
► ADD Andel (Home Decor: Garden Shed)
► Silent Sparrow (Toys: Plushie Teddy)
► Seven Emporium (Steampunk: Time Travel Machine teleporter & Poster)

Lazy Sunday | Fall Fashion & Autumn Home Decor

Happy Sunday!  Some good deals for Lazy Sunday including fall female fashion, slink nails and shoes, hair and home decor (I’m totally purchasing that candle holder from Alouette! :-)).  As always, all items are 75L or less available until this evening at 11:59pm SLT.  Enjoy!


Alouette_Autumn Candleholders


Kuro_Light Curtain

Senzafine_Purple Winter Coat

GATO_Striped Dress

Somnia_Owl Sweater & Checked Dress

Zenith_V-Neck Sweater



ASO_Ballet Flats

Wicked-Peach_Slink Argyle Nails

Lucifers-Heart_Slink Sandals

tea_Plush toy Panda Unicorn

► Alouette (Home Decor: Autumn Candle holder)
Cleo Designs (Home Decor: Armchair)
► Kuro (Home Decor: Light Curtain)
► Senzafine (Female Fashion: Purple Winter Coat)
► GATO (Female Fashion: Striped Dress)
► .: Somnia :. (Female Fashion: Owl Sweater & Checked Dress)
► Zenith (Female Fashion: V-neck Sweater)
Ploom (Female Accessories: Hair)
► Collisions (Female Accessories: Necklace)
► ASO! & Soothe. (Female Accessories: Ballet Flats)
► Wicked Peach (Female Accessories: Slink Fingernails)
► Lucifer’s Heart (Female Accessories: Slink Sandals)
tea.s (Toys: Plushie Panda Unicorn)

Fifty Linden Friday | Welcome Home

Happy Friday! Today’s specials are eclectic mix from fall home decor pieces, to unisex shirts and conversation starters questions.  All items are 50L available until 11:59pm SLT tonight.  Enjoy!


FLF_Whats-Next Armchairs 2 sets Green check and brown check

FLF_LISP_Sofas Red & Cream

FLF_Zag Pouf chair

FLF_noodles_Typography Frames

FLF_Teawood Tray with Cookies and Hot Chocolate

FLF_Vespertine Skyloft

FLF_half-deer Home Decor

FLF_Common-Grounds Chatterbox

FLF_Black-Line Corduroy Shirt M&F

FLF_miel Tartan Plaid Shirt

FLF_tulip Women's top

► What Next (Home Decor: Cubby Armchairs Pair)
 LISP Bazaar (Home Decor: Cream & Red Sofa)
► Zigana (Home Decor: Fleece Pouffe)
 Noodles (Home Decor: Frame Wall Art)
 Teawood (Home Decor: Cookie & Hot Cocoa Tray)
► vespertine (Skyloft)
 Half Deer (Decor/Toy: Paintbrush Holder & Deer Ears)
► Commoner (Decor/Toy: Conversation starter)
► Blank Line (Fashion: Unisex Corduroy Shirt)
► miel (Female Fashion: Tartan Plaid Shirt)
► tulip. (Female Fashion: Halter Top)

Last 50L Friday of October

Last 50L Friday of October with sale items ranging from home decor, couple poses, female fall fashion and Belleza skin.  All FLF items are good until 11:59 pm SLT tonight.

Belleza Oakley Skin & Boom Cream Sweater

  • Belleza Oakley Skin & Boom Cream Sweater


Belleza Skin

Valentina E (Gowns, Candy edition)

Luxuria (Dotty Lingerie)

The Plastik (skin & outfit)

Boom (Wht Sweater & Brown Pants)

!bang Pose (Couple poses)

Floorplan (Bird Cage Bookends)

Mishmash (Spool Stool)


Sanctuaire (Fox Swing)

Seven Emporium

ADD -Covered Bridge

Silent Sparrow (Halloween Toys)

► Belleza (Female Skin: Oakley Skin)
► Valentina E (Female Gown: Candy Edition)
► Luxuria (Female Fashion: Dotty Lingerie)
► the Plastik (Female Fashion & Skin: Goth Skin & Outfit)
► BOOM (Female Fashion: Cream Sweater & Brown Pants)
► !Bang Poses (Poses: Couple Poses)
► floorplan (Home Decor: Bird Cage Bookends)
► Mishmash (Home Decor: Spool Stool)
► Mudhoney (Home Decor: Rain Chain)
► Sanctuaire (Home Decor: Fox Swing)
► Seven Emporium (Home Decor: Word Times)
► ADD Andel (Home/Landscaping: Covered Bridge)
► Silent Sparrow (Halloween Decor: Stuff animals)