Sleepy Head

Beppin Provoca-tive rose night gown

I’ve been so tired this past few weeks, seems like no matter how much (or little) sleep I get, I’m dragging through the day.  Maybe it’s the change of the season, or the weather, not sure.  Although I’m in much need of sleep, little Glory found time to nap, catch-up on some bogging, and model the adorable Beppin Provoca-tive slip/nightie, an exclusive item at The Feeling Event: Night, available until May 30, 2014.  Run now, it’s rare you find a cute night-gown in Second Life.  Taxi please…

Exclusive items & gatcha: Beppin, Provoca-t.i.v.e & [free bird] Sleep mask {rare}

  • Beppin, Provocative Night Gown (8 color options): $70L each
  • Free Bird, Sleep Mask (7 mask options): $50L pull

Beppin, Rose night gown, blogging

Bedroom Set: Heart Homes, Sailor Seabreeze

Beppin Purple Night Gown, standing




The Long Kiss Goodnight

Starry Starry Night dress

FashionArt Fair is going strong and today we return to feature Vincent van Gogh as muse for India Nadeau of N2 Pixel Studio with her Impressionism Gallery Dress “Starry.”  Van Gogh’s best known work The Starry Night (1889) depicts the view outside his sanatorium room in Saint Remy, France.  Currently it is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  During van Gogh’s stay at the asylum, his focus turned to greater imaginative freedom in art, desiring to paint the night sky by memory.  No other painting has enjoyed such an array of interpretations.  Designer India Nadeau of N2 Pixel Studio used a digitally hand painted texture for the “Starry” dress exclusive and it will only be sold at the FashionArt Fair (until May 31, 2014).  There are similar versions of the dress featuring a variety of color choices, also available at the fair.  I paired the tea length dress with exclusives from the FashionArt Fair: Nailed It FashionArt Set Slink Nails (Van Gogh), M&M Incorporated Brooke Heels (Bright Pack in Royal), Loordes of London A Touch of Deco #2 Necklace, and {NanTra} It’s a Mod, Mod World Pose Pack.  Also worn is Belleza Lindy Skin and D!va Yuko Hair (Collabor88 item). Taxi please…

Nails, shoes, skin, hair & necklace

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Boogie Woogie


Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is a guiding light that re-imagining the world by reducing the essentials of form and color can form a new art movement.  Heavily influenced by Cubism and founding contributor of the De Stijl art movement, Mondrian’s art evolved into a non-representational form called neoplasticism: consisting of a white background, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and three primary colors.  Mondrian’s best example of neoplasticism is his Boogie Woogie series and Composition series in the late 1930-40’s (slideshow below), echoing city street, utilizing bright colors that leap from the canvas appearing to shimmer and draw the viewer in.  His work is astonishing in its simple yet elegance form and a great inspiration to the world of fashion including a series of Hermes bags, Yves Saint Laurent collection of shift dresses, and an iconic neoplastic Nike release.  Second Life designer Ms. Jaraloy Swords of Aidoru paid tribute to Mondrian by creating the Homage to PM Outfit, available at the FashionArt Fair.  The outfit includes a fitted mesh dress, pumps, chunky bangles and earrings.  I wore *YS&YS* Capri Sabot Slink Heels, matching Viareggion Handbag, available at The Dressing Room, and Nailed It FashionArt Slink Nail Set, available at the FashionArt Fair.  Judy hair by D!va, Ria skin by Belleza, and It’s a Mod, Mod World Pose #3 by NanTra, also available at The FashionArt Fair.  Taxi please…

Close up of Earrings

Mondrain Handbag

Mondrain Shoes

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Kandinsky 3

A truly inspirational artist is Wassily Kandinsky denoted as the foremost kinetic artist, blending art and motion, making a painting dynamic and jumping off the museum wall. Kandinsky serves as muse for Brianna Passiflora, designer of Brii Underground Wear for the FashionArt Fair, opening tomorrow, May 9, 2014.  A favorite of mine, his work was llargely influenced by music creating a whole series called Composition, which is the print of the Kandinsky Dress 3, paired with Liv Glam’s Aisha Tote & Fancy Slink heels {pantone HUD system}.  Check out the slide show below with some of my favorite pieces. Taxi please…

Kandinsky Full

LG Aisha Tote Bag

LG Fancy Slink Shoes

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A Walk in the Park

The Co-Op Presents_ Kensington Gardens

I’m very excited to share with you a new monthly themed shopping event I recently discovered, The Co-Op presents Kensington Gardens!  Each month there is a new theme with an event sim built to enhance the subject.  The Co-Op opens on the 7th each month at 3pm SLT and last for two weeks, May 7-21, 2014.  The sim is set up to replicate the real Kensington Gardens with lovely flower beds and gravel pathways, it is very peaceful and nicely done.  In the middle there is a greenhouse with gatcha machines.  Event offerings include skin, poses, ladies fashion, home and garden.  Please mark this monthly theme event on your calendar and enjoy all the wonderful creations.  Taxi please…

Painfully Divine Vintage Dress

  • Dress: Painfully Divine Vintage Dress
  • Pose: Le Poppycock Poet’s Muse
  • Park Bench: Linked Garden Bench
  • Fountain: MeadowWorks Victorian Mermaid
  • Blue Bell Grass: Prime
  • Hair: Clawtooth Hang it Up (Past C88)
  • Skin: Belleza Mimi #9 (March 2014 Arcade)
  • Shoes: Hollyhood Mya Gold (FashionArt Fair, opens May 9)

Prime Balcony Cafe

  • Outdoor Furniture: PRIME Balcony Cafe (wood bistro set, tub of roses, lamp-post, wine & blue bell grass)

M&M Incorp Blush Gown

Close up of Necklace & Headband

  • Gown: M&M Incorporated Carolyn Gown Blush Floral 
  • Headpiece: Free Bird Blooming Headband Pink & Yellow Roses (Gatcha Rare)
  • Necklace: Frogstar Pearl Drop Pink (FashionArt Fair)
  • Mirror: Myrrine Vintage Mirror Silver 

Luminary Red Daisy Dress

  • Dress: Luminary Daisy Red
  • Nails: ChiMia Sunny Day (Slink)
  • Ring: Bananan Golden Dome Flower
  • Necklace: Loordes of London A Touch of Deco #2 (FashionArt Fair)
  • Flowers: Painfully Divine Wallflowers White/Red (greenhouse gatcha)