Fall into savings at TDR

In some parts of the country the leaves are changing and the air is crisp.  In California, we have Indian Summer with heat waves, high humidity and a dry muggy air with usually no winds.  The leaves don’t change to the golden rich colors associated with Autumn but the pollen count is high due to the static air.  It’s a perfect time to blend summer weight garments with golden autumnal colors like some of the pieces offered at The Dressing Room this week (sale ends tomorrow, Friday, September 13, 2013).

TDR Ricielli Cranberry & Camel Jumpsuit & Glow jewelry set, display

  • Jumpsuit: Ricielli, Papi II Jumpsuit in Cranberry & Camel
  • Jewelry: Glow, Rose Pack
  • Necklace: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery, My Extrordinary Necklace
  • Clutch: Ricielli, Gia Clutch (Easter Hunt, still available)
  • Skin: Belleza, Lelia 6 (Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Hair: D!va, Giz (Type B) Red Amber (Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Hands: Slink, Elegant & Belleza applier
  • Pose: Label Motion, Marta Pose pack

Ricielli Jumpsuit- Jade

  • Jumpsuit: Ricielli, Papi II Jumpsuit in Jade
  • Earrings: LaGyo, Elsa in Gold
  • Skin: Belleza, Lelia 10 (Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Hair: D!va, Giz (Type A) Topaz (Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Hands: Slink, Elegant & Belleza applier
  • Pose: Label Motion, Marta Pose pack

Drift China Red & A&Ana jewelry set

  • Dress: Drift, Summer Dress in China Red
  • Jewelry: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery, My Extrordinary Set
  • Skin: Glam Affair, Candy America 02C (Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Hair: D!va, Giz (Type A) Citrine (Arcade Gatcha item)
  • Hands: Slink, Elegant & Glam Affair applier
  • Pose: Label Motion, Marta Pose pack

Photo location: Cupcake sim

A big thank you to my friend Averil for sharing some of her Arcade goodies with me.

The Real Me…

GloriaSilverstone Resident, headshot2 copy

Warning this is a totally different kind of post today.  This post is inspired by two of my friends and fellow models/bloggers recent articles.  I’ve been thinking more and more about masks and unveiling one’s self to the world.  We all have our “face” that we let co-workers, strangers, and SL friends see and then there is the real you, the “authentic you” that your loves one know and appreciate.  Personally, sometimes I find it harder and harder to reveal one’s self to this world, maybe it’s fear of rejection or worst disapproval. Maybe it’s because I’ve also been so fascinated with the idea of a “face in a crowd.”  But there comes a time in your life that you desire to be “you”….. to be known for your whole essence not just facts or baseless opinions of others.  So, I guess I’m opening the door a bit into me and what makes Gloria counterpart tick.  I mentioned that this post was inspired by my friends Averil and Cao‘s recent blogs (please read them, they have very different perspectives on SL and offer great insight).  Recently, Averil wrote a blog based on a personality test she took and urged others to take it.  When I entered college we all had to take personality test to determine our career path.  Well, as a fresh-faced freshman with stars in her eyes, I wanted to pursue art, either art history or graphic design.  I was shy, quiet, scared to explore others options, and I’ve also had the greatness passion for art.  So no surprise when the personality results were in, I was an INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling & Perceiving, career paths: writers, counselors, social worker or psychologist).  After college my life took a left turn and everything changed, and with change comes different outlooks.  I have changed since college, since 5 years ago, since last fall.  I have grown and relaxed, and maybe accepted myself.  The brilliant and wonderful Cao wrote about accepting herself in a recent article.  She “came to terms with herself” and embraced her “imperfections,” and I allowed my inner voice to be heard.  (Just a side thought, I wonder if guys have to deal with ‘accepting’ themself like women do).  Anyway, the real me is slowly emerging in my counterpart Gloria, both love art, both are sassy independent smart women, both are loyal and funny, I’m a brunette, golden olive complexion with a love for old cars and power tools. 🙂 I wanted to style an outfit that I would wear in RL, so here’s by tribute to Fall 2013.  Suede khaki pants (Overhigh), camel overcoat ([PO], available at The Boutique), silk studded nude blouse (Ricielli), sassy open toe booties (BSD), chocolate suede hobo handbag (Azoury, available at L’accessoires) and autumnal jewelry set (Izzie’s). Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, I retook the personality test and as of today, I’m an ENFJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling & Judging, career paths: event coordinators, politicians, or religious work).

Take the test and be kind to yourself.

GloriaSilverstone Resident, full

Photo taken by Wren Noir Cerise