Deck the Halls!

Windlight Winter Art Show & Showcase_Winter LodgeWindlight Winter Art Show and Showcase opened Monday, December 7th and will run until Sunday, December 13th presented by Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team of the American Diabetes Association. This special holiday event brings together Second Life artists and creators on one sim with fun activities and daily entertainment, click here for an event calendar.

WINDLIGHT WINTER ART SHOW & WINTER SHOWCASE POSTERThe best parts of SL is the creativity of its residents and the Winter Art Show has 20+ artist participating with individual booths displaying their work for sale.  In today’s post, I’m honored to feature Ilyra Chardin Winter Grounds, a beautiful snowy bank landscaping in my winter lodge styling.  Ms. Chardin is an enormously talented designer and digital digital artist, specializing in mixed media storybook and landscape art, creating poetic serene portraits that welcome the viewer.  She’s been featured at The Raglan Shire Art Walk, Builders Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction, Windlight Gallery as a Windlight Fellow, The Cheeky Lady Art Gallery, Creations for Parkinson Gallery, and in Art in the Park (a Gallery that she curates).  Ilyra was featured in the November 15, 2015 issue of SL Enquirer in an article by Dean Lawson, entitled, “The Multiple Layers of Ilyra Chardin.”  She is a Windlight Artist and Feature Contributor for Windlight Magazine.  She is also a feature photographer, artist and writer for Avi Choice Magazine.  Please take time to stop by Ilyra booth at the Winter Art Show and explore her enchanting world…..Taxi please!

Another wonderful part of the Windlight Winter Art Show & Showcase are the merchants who have generously donated 100% of the proceeds of sale to ADA.  Above, I used a number of exclusive releases and 100% donations items from creators at the Showcase including Potomac Signature Homes, Park Place Home Decor, The House of Avro and Kaerri.  Stop by the event and check out all the offerings, participated in the Christmas Tree Ornament Hunt, buy a ticket to the Winter Queen raffle (100% donated), or cheer on your favorite Ginger Bread House builders!  If you prefer to donate directly to the American Diabetes Association, kiosks have been placed at the event or you can give online.  I hope to see you there!

Art Work: Winter Grounds by Ilyra Chardin & Solitude by Richie-Narstrom

  • Potomac Signature Homes: Rustic Holiday Living Room {sofa, loveseat, armchair, end table, table lamp, standing lamp & rug} & Dark Green Spruce Christmas Tree
  • Potomac Signature Homes: Basset in Bed, Holiday Wreath {not at the Showcase}
  • Park Place Home DecorWinter Garden Ottoman 1, Holiday Rattan Patio Chair {100% donation items}, Holiday Hanging Bag Planter w/Poinsettia,
  • The House of AvroSwag Garland with Baubles, Victorian Planter w/Poinsettia, Poinsettia Arrangement, Planter w/Bauble Poinsettia, Christmas Stocking w/Puppy & Christmas Stocking w/Cat
  • Kaerri: Mantle Decor, Filled Xmas Stocking, 2015 Red/Star Xmas Tree

The Space Between

Johandez Bedroom
More goodies from SL Home & Garden Expo 2014!  Since I’ve been tagged queen of the boudoir (just call me bedroom eyes, giggles), I wanted to create something a bit different, a raw sophisticated haven using HGE exclusives from Johadez Garden Bed*, Fence, and Dead Tree print, Follow Us Girly Desk*, Bed Tray (Rare Gacha)Kaerri Side Table and Caged Dove, and Revival XO Sign*.  I love the golden fields of barley and autumn trees in my garden, it reminds me of Andrew Wyeth’s famous painting Christina’s World (1948), so I changed viewpoitns to have the garden view as the backdrop in my luxurious rustic bedroom.  I don’t normally add music to interior design blog posts because I don’t want it to distract from the items, but this room is calling out for some Nina Simone.  Enjoy!

* = Donation items

Structure: Thaino Designs, Dreamer House (available @ HGE)



Summer Garden Fun!


Happy August!  Wow, it’s been awhile since I last blogged, which is crazy for a writer who blogged everyday for little over a year and half.  But see that was the problem, I needed a break from Second Life and blogging.  I kept saying it but didn’t act on my feelings until I was burnt out and in a creative slump.  I’ve cut down on my commitments and I’m going to try to merge them together in one or two posts.  Also, I limited my time to a few hours on the weekend and hopefully with consistence and prioritizing, so I can live a more balanced lifestyle.  With that being said, two events opened last week and will run until next weekend where you can pick up some summer garden fun items.  The Collage, a monthly home and garden event with new rounds on the 23 each month, recently expanded to offer exclusive items year round at a new location.  Check out the sim and the two guest designers this round, Serenity Style and Decor Junction.  The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event opened on July 25 and will close on August 7.  At this monthly home and garden event some creators offer their exclusive items for 50% only available at the warehouse.

Serenity Style Set

Serenity Style Summer Picnic Set

With a little more free time on my hands, I’ve been able to hang out with RL family and friends, and of course tend to the weeds I call my garden.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is open up all the doors and windows in my home and listen to old records on the turntable, allowing the music to fill the space and drift outside.  Sure, I could just buy some fancy modern speakers that looked like rocks, but what’s the fun of that?  The music can be super loud and no one can complain because I’m too busy getting my hands dirty to turn it down.  Anyway feeling a RL inspiration fuel my SL design, I styled a summer garden area using items from The Collage: Dreamscape Art Gallery Garden Shed, Serenity Style Summer Picnic Set, Cozy Essentials Teen Room record player, Thaino Designs Tara Comfy Chair, Lounger with footstool, Garden Swing, Tree of Lights, Pastel Plant Pots, Jug of Flowers and Teacup Floral Planters, and Spargel and Shine Homes Blue Rocking Chair.  To complete the garden, I used WildRose Designs Window Garden Bench, available exclusive at The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event.  I finished the styling with past Collage items from Sway, Thaino Designs, Dreamscapes, and Shutter Field available at the designers main stores or Collage shops.  Pop over to The Collage or The Designer Warehouse to grab the summer garden items before it’s to late.

Taxi to The Collage please…

Taxi to The Designer Warehouse please…


Dreamscapes Art Gallery- Garden Shed

Dreamscape Art Gallery Garden Shed

Garden Bench & Spargel Rocking Chair

WildRose Designs Window Garden Bench & Spargel and Shine Homes Blue Rocking Chair

Thaino Tara Pastel Chairs

Thaino Designs Tara Comfy Chair, Lounger with footstool & Garden Swing