Last Day of Rock Your Rack 2015

Rock Your Rack 2015_Basta!, LoveMe Skin (lipstick), Dulce Secret (Azami Shape)

Dulce Secret (Azami Shape model), LoveMe Skin (Bold Pink Lipstick), Basta! (Pink Frou Frou Salad Dress), Zuri (Pink Opal Moon Bracelets), Zibska (Giselle in Noir Necklace & Earrings) & Nya’s Shop (Fur Bag)

Rock Your Rack 3rd annual charity event wraps up today, Sunday, October 11, 2015 and I wanted to showcase some more $10L hunt items.  Everything shown in this post is a hunt gift, including two modifiable shapes (3 shapes: model, mini & regular), tons of ladies fashion and plenty of accessorize options.  For $10L you will have a new wardrobe and know that your purchase will help the National Breast Cancer Foundation who provide mammograms to any in need as well as current and up-to-date information for those newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer and related diseases.  The RYR event is on 3 sims with more than 60+ designers, 12 silent auction items, multiple fashion shows, $10L hunt and musical performances.  Stop by, search the booths for the hunt gifts, participate in the silent auction, buy the exclusive creations and donate to a worthy cause.  Happy hunting!

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secret (Azami Shape), LoveMe Skin (Bold Pink Lipstick) & Zibska (Giselle Set)

Dulce Secret (Azami Shape), LoveMe Skin (Bold Pink Lipstick) & Zibska (Giselle Set)

Dulce Secret (Azami Shape), LoveMe Skin (Bold Purple Lipstick), Maci (Miranda Dress in Teal), Lyrical B!zarre Templates (Jolie Earrings) & Zuri (Pink Surreal Opal Moon Bracelets)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secret (Azami Shape), LoveMe Skin (Bold Purple Lipstick) & Lyrical B!zarre Templates (Jolie Earrings)

Dulce Secret (Azami Shape), LoveMe Skin (Bold Purple Lipstick) & Lyrical B!zarre Templates (Jolie Earrings)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secret (Ember Shape model), Byrne (Rudy Suit in Mono) & Femme.Couture (Statement Necklace)

Dulce Secret (Ember Shape Model), Byrne (Rudy Suit in Mono) & Femme.Couture (Statement Necklace)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape model), Vero Modero (Aylin Dress Rainbow) & LoveMe Skin (Bold Red Lipstick)

Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape), Vero Modero (Aylin Dress Rainbow), LoveMe Skin (Bold Red Lipstick) & Look Me (Arus Clutch Blue)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape model), Silk Dreams (Sandy Dress Ruby HUD), Semi-Precious (Morrigan Earrings Silver) & Zuri Rayna (Pink Opal Bracelets)

Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape), Silk Dreams (Sandy Dress Ruby HUD), Semi-Precious (Morrigan Earrings Silver) & Zuri Rayna (Pink Opal Bracelets)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape model) & Semi-Precious (Morrigan Earrings Silver)

Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape) & Semi-Precious (Morrigan Earrings Silver)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secrets (Azami Shape), Artizana (Karma Shakespeare Dress), Semi-Precious (Morrigan Earrings Silver), Zuri Rayna (Pink-Surreal Opal Moon Bracelet) & Look*Me (Arus Clutch Blue)

Dulce Secrets (Azami Shape), Artizana (Karma Shakespeare Dress), Semi-Precious (Morrigan Earrings Silver), Zuri Rayna (Pink-Surreal Opal Moon Bracelet) & Look*Me (Arus Clutch Blue)

Rock Your Rack 2015_Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape model), Miss Darcy (Geory Web Dress) & LoveMe Skin (Bold Red Lipstick)

Dulce Secrets (Ember Shape), Miss Darcy (Georgy Web Dress) & LoveMe Skin (Bold Red Lipstick)

Rock Your Rack 2015!

Rock Your Rack 2015 EventThe 3rd annual Rock Your Rack charity event kicked off last weekend on 3 sims with 6o+ designers, 12 silent auction items, 6 fashion shows, 7 live musical performances, 1 dance troupe, and a 10L hunt.  Stop by and shop to your heart’s content knowing that each designer has an exclusive item donating 100% of the sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation through Models Giving Back in SL until October 11, 2015!  Today, I’ve styled a sweet & sexy look featuring a few of the $10L hunt items from DE. Boutique, Purple Moon Creations and LaVian&Co.

Rock Your Rack Event 2015The SS15 Soldier Of Love 1 Dress by LaVian&C0 is compatible with mesh bodies and has a 48 color HUD giving you endless options of mixing & matching the top and skirt color.  I paired the dress with Purple Moon’s Aretha Heels in White (Slink High) and DE.Boutique Cosmetics Party Girl Eyeshadow Pink & Lipgloss Collection Pink.  To complete the pretty in pink look, I used Kunglers Gaia in Bronze butterfly necklace and ring set offered at The Dressing Room Fusion until October 9, 2015.

Rock Your Rack Event 2015_PrismMany booths at the Rock Your Rack 2015 event are offering hunt gifts including the items above from Prism and Zibska.  The Zoey Set from Prism is a sexy version on business wear with a two piece collection consisting of a cropped jacket, high waist pants and black boots (non-slink).  I paired the set with Zibska Giselle black bobble earrings and DE.Boutique make-up hunt gift.  Check out all the exclusive releases, musical acts, one-of-a-kind auction items, fashion shows and more hunt gifts (including home & garden products)!

Taxi to Rock Your Rack please…

Rock Your Rack Event 2015_Zibska & DE

Final Hours: Let’s Join Hands & Help!

Join Hands for Nepal - Green Maxi Dress & Vestige My Model Life Pose #5 (fr)

Today, Saturday, May 16, 2015, is the final day for the Join Hands for Nepal charity event benefitting Fashion for Food SL founded by Valsnia and Ruby Ornamental.  Join Hands is an organization that wishes to make a difference in the real world.  Not dedicated to a single mission but the spirit of Humanity.  Join Hands has partnered with World Food Program (WFP), a food assistance branch of the United Nations and the world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security.  As you know from the news Nepal and the surrounding regions have suffered devastating earthquakes resulting in thousands of lives lost, entire communities destroyed and infrastructure no longer existent. We need to help NOW!

Join Hands for Nepal - Close up of Astralia Roses Headband & My Model Life pose #10 (fr)

Top Second Life designers have created exclusive items for the Join Hands charity event with 100% donated to Fashion for Food SL.  Today, I’m showcasing Fascino Blossoms Dress designed by Addison Summerwind available for $149 each with all proceeds of the sale going to the charity.  The Blossoms Dress is offered in 3 color options (Green, Purple & Rose), each with two prints, solid top or floral.  I’m also spotlighting Astralia Pearl & Roses headband and Vestige Poses My Model Life and Project Runway Now Versace, all on sale at Join Hands.  Please visit the event sim NOW to get a feeling of the horror of this terrible tragedy and donate to the cause.  Let’s Join Hands & Help!

Taxi to Join Hands for Nepal Charity Event please….

Join Hands for Nepal - Purple Maxi Dress & Vestige Now Versace #1 (fr)

Join Hands for Nepal - Pink Maxi Dress & Vestige Now Versace #2 (fr)

1st Photo:

  • Dress: FascinoBlossoms Dress (Green Roses V1 — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Pose: Vestige, My Model Life Pack 1 (Pose #5 — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Headband: AstraliaPearl and Roses (texture change HUD — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Hair: Clawtooth, Very Very 
  • Necklace: Kunglers, Solaris Necklace (Silver @ TDRF)

3rd Photo:

  • Dress: FascinoBlossoms Dress (Purple Daisy V2 — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Pose: VestigeProject Runway Now Versace Pack 1 (Pose #1 — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Hair: Soonsiki, Treasure
  • Necklace: Kunglers, Copper Necklace (Group Gift)

4th Photo:

  • Dress: FascinoBlossoms Dress (Rose Roses V2 — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Pose: VestigeProject Runway Now Versace Pack 1 (Pose #2 — exclusive @ Join Hands)
  • Hair: Due, Pia
  • Necklace: Moon Amore, Traveler Necklace

L is for….

Finishing Touches Retro LR Set

Nine days till my all time favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day!  Today, I styled a cute retro living set, I Heart You from Finishing Touches, that is ideal for your romantic days and night offered at 50% off the Perfect Ten event until February 15, 2015.  Perfect Ten is a new monthly home and garden shopping event bought to you by The Cookie Jar Community and replaces The Designer Warehouse at the newly remodeled sim location.  Each and every item is exclusive to the event and is offered half price or less of retail.  Perfect Ten event will be available from the 1st -15th every month, pop over and check out all the offerings.  Taxi to Perfect Ten please…

Finishing Touches Retro Sofa close-up

Finishing Touches I Heart You Retro Living Room set consists of an almond leather retro styled sofa and chairs with red/white polka dot heart pillows and throw.  The sofa contains 30+ animations for singles, friends and couples, including a marriage proposal.  Chairs have 16 single male/female animations.  The living room set also includes a plush red rug, texture change coffee table (glass or wood top), decorative accessories {rose vase, gift & box of chocolate}, and red/white polka dot wall frame.  Also available at Perfect Ten are the matching red and cream Feel the Love Heart Floor Poufs (10 couple animations) and adorable I Heart You Screens (both retail price).  I used Lunar’s Seasonal Designs Menu Driven Romantic Roses Chandelier to complete the room (50% off @ Perfect Ten).  Other decorative accessories include Alouette’s Cupid’s Arrow (past group gift), Half Deer’s Sweetmallow Hot Cocoa (FLF), and Dreamscapes Art Gallery’s Tulip Bunch E (group gift).

FT Stupid Cupid hunt gift

Finishing Touches is participating is the Stupid Cupid Hunt (2/1-15) and the Love is an Art paint easel hunt item complemented perfectly with the retro I Heart You living room collection. The easel has animations including sitting or painting with a wearable paint brush and palette. To finish the room design, I added Sway’s Signs of Love and dug deep into my inventory for some other Finishing Touches Valentine decor including the heart topiary, silver love picture frame, and hanging rose hearts, similar items available at the main store.

Recipe for Love Kitchen Set

Recipe for Love close-up

24Karat Roux, designer and owner of Finishing Touches has brought the love into the kitchen with the Recipe for Love Set.  The set comprises of a kitchen island with baking animations, mixing bowls, jars of joy, humor, tenderness and romance, and the recipe for love chalkboard sign.  Also available in the collection is a hutch and spice rack.  Have fun in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day with Recipe for Love!

Taxi to Perfect Ten please…

Taxi to Finishing Touches please…

Spring has Sprung!

Sweet Lies Blue Dress & =Fashiowl= My Garden Fenwick

Everyone has their vices and mine are greenhouses, arbors and anything for the garden. Maybe it’s because previous to Second Life all my free time was spent in my overgrown garden, or maybe it’s because my childhood playhouse was my Mom’s former greenhouse.  She grows orchids and I became addicted to tulips and irises in babyhood, so dirt under my fingernails is a common sight.  When I first rezzed into SL, I went on hunts and got a number garden items.  Last year, in my second move (out of 7, I’m always on the run, just kidding) I created a veggie/flower garden complemented with several pergolas and greenhouses (maybe one day I can post the pics).  I’ve been itching to change the latest homestead over for Spring and this is a great first step.

The Weathered Greenhouse is my latest find and a Lazy Sunday special for $75L from Alouette.   It includes a planting bench, tables and working door.  It’s the 200th Lazy Sunday round, so there are lots of cute things, including an adorable summer cottage from Cleo Designs that I don’t have time tonight to blog and post pics, but look for it in upcoming post.  The tractor and garden apron dress (also available in red & green) are exclusive items from The Feeling Event.  Plants and other decor are finds are from my inventory.  Grab the LM, have fun and let’s get decorating!

Exclusive items:

=Fashiowl= My Garden Fenwick (tractor & 6 poses), $200L

Sweet Lies, Sexy Spring Blue Dress, $99L & $39L (Tool Box)

Sweet Lies Apron Dress & =Fashiowl= My Garden Fenwick Greenhouse front

Alouette, Weathered Greenhouse, $75L

Green Front- Lazy Sunday Special

Inside Greenhouse-long view

Inside greenhouse

Plant Bench