Easter egg hunt at Ali & Ali Hair

Easter is just a few days away and there are a number of grid-wide hunts and store hunts that I wanted to highlight.  For grid-wide hunts, check out Hunt SL page.

Ali & Ali easter egg hunt is underway with bright Easter colored hair hidden around all their stores and franchises, with a maximum of 6 eggs hidden at each location. There are five confirm location at this time and affiliate stores could content more eggs. Look for the poster and close by will be the eggs. The pink & white striped eggs are for girls, the purple striped are for boys & unisex. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the differences between the purple and pink striped eggs, so I now have plenty of crazy color hair for costumes, contests, holiday, clubbing, and more. The hunt is free and available until April 7, 2013, prizes change randomly.

Jasmine hair in orange       Brooke hair in pink       Untouchable hair in cyan

Nicholas hair in blue       Jean hair in purple      Nick in green

Ali & Ali is also having a Spring Trend Color Hair sale on color tipped hair until April 15, 2013 for 50L in Copper, Gold, Mint, and Raspberry at the main Wonderland Beach location for males and females.

List of Ali & Ali store locations for the Easter Egg Hunt:

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on it’s way!

Gloria CostumeTwo Moon Paradise hosted the weekly theme costume contest, Best in Easter this evening in the new Butterfly Garden. Pastels, flowers and garden insects floated above as we danced our bunny tails off to the music DJ by Jaymes Capalini and choreographed by Kellie McMinnar of Funky Feats Dance Group.  I saw giant E-Bunnies, spring fling chicks, traditional Sunday best garb and cracked eggs.  Congrats to the big winners of the night, Azura, Kevin & LouLou.


This weekend Two Moon is celebrating Easter with a line-up of great music and free butterfly wings at the Butterfly Garden venue on Saturday & Sunday.  The Butterfly Garden has Easter rides, interactive fairytale story books and fun, colorful spots to soak up Springtime!

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Lemon Drops & Jelly Beans!

Hello again my friends!  Last week was so crazy busy in RL that I completely forget about Angel Dessous black box Wednesday special.  But, I’m back to present Angel’s Unique Blackbox special #2: Falbala lingerie set in Easter Yellow, or as I like to call it, Lemon drop. And, yes, you might have noticed the name change.  I’m not completely sure why Angel Dessous has decided to rebrand the blackbox specials in the middle of March but from now on the specials are called unique blackbox…… (I however, will skip the formality and continue to refer to them as “blackbox” to simplify any confusion). You might also notice that my location for the pictures has changed.  On Monday, my SL house was attacked by spam, griefers and bird bots.  My best friend and roommate was swarmed with crazy parrots pushing her out of our house and into the ocean.  Niki said she knew how Tippi Hedern felt in Hitchcock’s The Birds now.  After complaining to our landlady and writing numerous abuse report tickets to Linden Labs, we hoped that everything would be cleaned up and we could use the house.  Unfortunately, when I logged in today, I was not able to access my SL house.  So, for all of you who need a place to change or rez items other than public sandbox, may I suggest Kastle Rock.  I had no problem finding a corner area in the mainstore, downloading everything I needed, changing and I wasn’t hassled by creepers or pervs.  Just please be courteous and pick up after yourself.  My background location for the photos today are Carrie’s Lingerie.  Carrie changed the outside area into a park with secret gardens and hideaways, it’s really magical…so check it out!

The Falbala lingerie set in Easter Yellow is a soft rose print lace corset, panties and stockings perfect for spring romance.  I paired the Falbala set with Virtual Impression Suella in Lemon and Truth Blonde2Fade hair (available @ The Arcade Gatcha Event until March 31).  Virtual Impression is celebrating their sixth anniversay with a month long sale: all jewelry, sets and footwear on the first floor are 199L (including the texture change set that are regularly priced for 599L), and all tiara & ring sets on the second floor are 399L.  You should check it out and pick up the new March group gift.

AD Blackbox 3:27:13, close-up AD Blackbox 3:27:13, full

Angel Dessous is also offering a special Easter dress as the group gift (free to join). The Summerbrezze mesh below the knee cocktail dress is super fun in jelly bean print panel on black with spagetti straps.  I paired the jelly bean dress with Ali & Ali Jasmine hair in Cyan (Easter egg hunt gift), hot pink bunny ears (marketplace find), Virtual Impression Carole set (March group gift), and peeps Easter basket & animated peep headpiece (The Nest Easter Egg Hunt).  Easter pose is the Happy Easter Hunt gift from [[Masoom]]. All these items are free, so you have lindens left to buy goodies for your favorite Easter bunny!

AD-Group Gift -easter

One last reminder, Angel Dessous Angel of the Month contest is due March 31, 2013 with the theme- Weddings.  Here’s a chance for those of you who are dreaming of your perfect wedding to style your avi.

Spring has Sprung!

Spring flowers are popping up to grow tall in the glow of the day.  Easter is around the corner, eggs are being dyed, and its beautiful day.  Gloria discovered an enchanted forest (Dimrill Dale) on her easter egg hunt and stops to enjoy the wonder that surrounds her while wearing her new find from Collabor88.

Collabor88 is a monthly event that runs from the 8th of each month and ends the 8th of the following month (March 8th to April 8th).  Some of the most loved designer participate in the super bargain basement monthly event offering specials for 88, 188 or 288L.  I purchased a few cute spring ensemble that I’m sure I’ll wear over and over again.

Let’s start with the canvas, Glam Affair Amberly Artic in Candy 01 (blue) for 188L.  A side note, Glam Affair recently released the Amberly skin series at the main store for 1,000L and is hosting a contest closing Friday.  I have been wearing my Amberly skin selection around the grid and will blog more about the Glam Affair Amberly contest shortly.

I also purchased D!va Flora hair for 188L, flowers in hair optional.  I’m not sure what it is with me but I can’t seem to pass up a opporunity to buy crazy skin or make-up. 🙂  The LaGyo Isabella jewelry set screamed spring to me, so I needed to make another trip to Collabor88 to pick them up.  Each piece was sold separately, total $364.  I had actually tried to get to C88 early but the sim was either full or crashed my viewer several times.  I felt pretty luck to get in this time and score great spring deals.

close-up of skin & jewelry

  • Skin: Glam Affair, Amberly, Artic, Candy 01D
  • Hair: D!va, Flora, Cat’s Eye
  • Necklace: LaGyo, Isabella, Fuxia
  • Earrings: LaGyo, Isabella, Fuxia
  • Ring: LaGyo, Isabella, Aqua
  • Nails: (NO) Nail Art, Pink Bows & Dots

I couldn’t pass up the (NO) Shabby Chic Sweetheart dress in mint (optional lace top) and the most adorable spring oxford in hot pink with white polka-dots from Schadenfreude.

(No) Shabby Chic Sweetheart dress, shoes, glam affair skin, & LaGyo jewelry set

Close-up of shoes

  • Skin: Glam Affair, Amberly, Artic, Candy 01D
  • Dress: (NO) Shabby Chic Sweetheart dress, Mint
  • Shoes: Schadenfreude, Ultravox Shoe, Pink/Ivory Dot
  • Hair: D!va, Flora, Cat’s Eye
  • Necklace: LaGyo, Isabella, Fuxia
  • Earrings: LaGyo, Isabella, Fuxia
  • Ring: LaGyo, Isabella, Aqua
  • Nails: (NO) Nail Art, Pink Bows & Dots
  • Easter basket: SL Marketplace find

I’m pretty sure I will return and buy at least half of the store that’s left.  🙂 When I do, I’ll blog about it and include photos of my finds.  Some upcoming blogs post will be Glam Affair Amberly skin contest, The Arcade Gatcha event & gifts, BLD WingTastic new release, and St. Patrick’s Day hunt items and party details.  Till then!