Hope Springs Eternal

Spargel & Shines Bocas Belle CottageHappy Sunday!  The SL Home & Garden Expo 2016 will come to a close this evening.  If you haven’t stopped by yet, this is your last chance to grab some 100% donation items, hunt for home decor treats and be inspired to re-decorate for spring!  There are so many wonderful product, I wish I had more time to share.  Last night, we learned that Relay for Life of Second Life raised over $15,354 or a little under $4 million Lindens ($3,838,469L), so let’s join together and push the grand total over the $4M mark, I know we can do it!

Spargel & Shines Bocas Cottage & TMS GreenhouseFor my last post for The Expo, I wanted to showcase the lovely Spargel & Shines Homes (Hope 1) Bocas Belle Cottage and both of Tylar’s Treasures 100% donation items: Spring Chalkpaint Bench and Spring Gazing Ball.

What Next Spring Garden Gacha (Arcade 3:2016)Completing the scene is What Next Spring Garden gacha items from the current round of The Arcade and Doormat with Wellies (past FLF).

Finishing Touches For the Birds Garden Set & TMS GreenhouseAlso shown are Lunar Seasonal Designs Menu Driven Blooming Shamrocks in Basket, Finishing Touches pastel For the Birds Garden Set featuring repurposed fence & birdhouse armchairs (so cute) and The Mustard Seed Greenhouse/Cottage, Weeping Willow Tree, Hydrangea Planter and Wall Fountain, all available for 50% off at Perfect Ten (3/1-3/15).

TMS GreenhouseI converted the inside of The Mustard Seed greenhouse into a relaxing hideaway with Circa Living Bon Vivant Cafe Set in Florals & Colour Frames (50% off at The Expo -Hope 7), and Jolie spring ottoman in aqua, yellow polka-dot area rug and chest cabinet with flower vase in delight serving as a buffet table for sweets, available at the main store (pic below).  Flanking the buffet table inside and over the planter boxes outside are Finishing Touches Wall Mount Half Bird Cage (50% off at Perfect 10).  All the flowers displayed in the greenhouse in pots, milk cans or watering cans are part of the new spring garden collection from Finishing Touches available at the main store (there are some very specials items, please stop by to check them out).  Finally, at the foot of the bistro table is TMS Curious Kitties with Bunny Baskets and Carrots…..just in time for Easter.  Hope you have a nice end to the weekend, stop by the SL Home & Garden Expo and take advantage of the great deals at Perfect Ten!

Circa Living Cafe Table & Jolie Chest:Ottoman:Rug

Hopping down the bunny trail…

Hunt #5-Lolli Dress

Lolli Dress (Egg #5)

It’s almost Easter! Are you in need of an outfit for your Sunday best?  Well, I’ve got you covered, hop on over to Purple Moon Creations and hunt for 10 hidden Easter Eggs around the store.  Poulet Koenkamp, designer of Purple Moon is hosting the Dress Me Purple Hunt until April 10, 2015.  Poulet’s hunts are among the most fun events on the grid with the best quality fashions and the opportunity to roam her beautiful store and discover new goodies to enjoy!  Below are a few hunt gifts.  Best of luck hunting and have a great holiday!

Hunt # 7 & 8- Masami Dress:Cardi

Masami Dress & Cardi (Egg #7 & 8)

Hunt # 4-Heidi Coat:Dress

Heidi Coat Dress (Egg #4)

Hunt #9-Maureen Dress

Maureen Dress (Egg #9)

Hunt #10-Mellie Dress

Mellie Dress (Egg #10)


I’m late! I’m late! ….for a very important date!

Bunny table, main DR

Today, I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland clutching a giant pocket watch.  First, I hope you and your family had a nice Easter weekend, and for those of you that celebrate Passover, shalom.  I unfortunately had a nightmare weekend filled with unnecessary SL drama and RL family illness.  So, I texted EB and we are planning the bunny hop, egg roll and tea party next weekend in both worlds.  All are invited!  If you are in need of sweet treats, or adorable Easter Spring home decor, I have a few finds for you!

Cake table

What Next Cakes (group gift & LTD gift), The Loft Bunny Cupcakes, Johadez (gift), Arcade items

Cupcake table

Funky Junk Window Box Frame

Happy Easter table

Tea Cart with egg basket

Arcade finds & Floorplan egg basket

Tea pot, cakes, hydrangeas on cart tray

Arcade finds & Apple Fall Hydrangeas

Kitty Table

Bunny Chairs (Floorplan, *dollarbie*)

Kitty Table closeup

Arcade items, The Loft (March 2014)

Pink Shabby chic curio cabinet

Standby Shabby Cabinet (Collabor88)

Dreamscape Easter Egg hunt gifts

Dreamscape Easter Egg Hunt Items (4/19-4/22)


Apple Fall
Dreamscape Art Gallery
Funky Junk
The Loft
What Next

More Easter Egg hunt gifts

Limitless Easter Egg hunts taking place this weekend.  If you know of any you would like to share, please add them to the comment section.  I am a lover of hunts.  It is a great way to find new stores, score free gifts and have fun without spending money.  Today, Friday, March 29, 2013 kicks off Morea Style Easter Egg Hunt.  There are four egg baskets hidden around the first floor of the store, free for all!  Collect all four baskets to make the sexy teal keyhole sweater dress below (bottom left).  For group members, an extra basket has been hidden that contains the casual Jeanet sport set (bottom right).  While at Morea, don’t forget to pick up the March group gift, Fleur.  Fleur is a sexy black & white floral print gown perfect for spring & summer’s steamy nights.  Morea Style cost 100L to join the group.

March group gift, Fleur

Easter egg hunt gift      Jeanet-easter egg hunt gift for group

  • Top Center: Fleur March Group
  • Bottom Left: Easter Egg Hunt gift, paired with Ali & Ali Hair Sol in Purple (easter egg hunt gift), Lovely Mi Easter make-up tattoo (Fashion Limited) & Easter Egg Antennas (hunt gift @ 2013 Easter Town)
  • Bottome Left: Jeanet Easter Egg Hunt group only gift

Easter fun at Morgane Batista!

Tons of Easter Egg hunts are taking place around the grid and pose maker Morgane Batista has joined in on the holiday fun with 5 never released poses hidden in eggs at her new main store for 5L each.  The hunt is available until Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

Pose #1Easter Pose #1 from Morgane (the praise the hold peep pose, lol)

Pink Playboy bunny costume: Easter hunt gift from Fierce Designs (free)

Purple Jasmine hair: Easter hunt gift from Ali & Ali Hair (free)

Pose #2




Easter Pose #2 from Morgane (just one of the girls pose :-))

Green Playboy bunny costume: Easter hunt gift from Fierce Designs (free)

Magenta Jasmine hair: Easter hunt gift from Ali & Ali Hair (free)

Pose #3



Easter Pose #3 from Morgane

Blue Playboy bunny costume: Easter hunt gift from Fierce Designs (free)

Cyan Jasmine hair: Easter hunt gift from Ali & Ali Hair (free)

Pose #4




Easter Pose #4 from Morgane (I spin, you spin, we all spin for jelly beans)

Red Playboy bunny costume: Easter hunt gift from Fierce Designs (free)

Pink Jasmine hair: Easter hunt gift from Ali & Ali Hair (free)

Pose #5




Easter Pose #5 from Morgane (help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up)

Black Playboy bunny costume: Easter hunt gift from Fierce Designs (free)

Orange Jasmine hair: Easter hunt gift from Ali & Ali Hair (free)

All photo were taken at 2013 Easter Town.  It’s a fun sim that has bunny hops, hunts, peep races and shops.


Just a reminder that Morgane’s Model of the Month contest theme for May is Mesh Couture, due April 26, 2013.  Join the flickr group and post your pictures featuring a Morgane pose.  Good luck and happy hunting!