FOVA 5 winner!

What a great turn out for the Face of Virtual Asia contest!  On Sunday, January 27, 2013, a new FOVA winner was crowned.  Congrats goes out to first place winner Kaliwillo Lane Celt and second runner-up Dannimatic.  The first place winner received the honor of having her face on a billboard in the Little Virtual Asia sim, 1,000L and a 750 GC from Vero Modero, as well as advancing to the final round of the contest.  The second place winner received a 500L GC from Sassy! and 750L GC from Vero Modero, and another chance to compete for the title of Face of Virtual Asia.  There are three more rounds scheduled for the coming month.  Check out the Virtual Asia blog for more details.

This was truly a girls night out party attending by SL hauties Aisha Denimore (MVW finalist), Fuzz Lennie (Vero Modero CEO), Xii (Gizza Mgr), Crusade Parkin (FOVA 3), Naked Angel (Club New Wave), and VA models Dana Yotov & Blossoms Sweetwater.  A big thank you to the contestants for showing us your Harajuku street chic: Kali Lane, Dannimatic, Ilysa Serupta, Tivi ‘Lux’ Darkfold and Chevia Johanson.  And a huge thank you to Margaux Dufax, Stormy Somerton and DJ Zteflon Don for hosting a great street party!

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Party like it’s 1989!

Ok, so I know Prince would kill me for rewording his song, but I just came home from a rad rooftop party hosting by the totally awesome Stormy Somerton of Virtual Asia and the chillin’ DJ ZteflonDon.  It was 80’s theme trivia night and we rocked to 80’s/90’s music all night long, (sorry I just couldn’t help myself there).  We played 80’s/90’s trivia with 25L collected for each correct answer. The person with the most correct answers won 500L and 2nd place 300L of Chica Boom clothing.  Sadly, I didn’t win but I had a ball.  More theme parties are planned for the coming months, so come on over to Virtual Asia and meet some new friends.

Party People

party people       party people 2        party people 3

Stormy Somerton, DJ ZteflonDon & Me

Stormy        Close up on DJ Don       Gloria 80's outfit

Close up on my cool Piano shoes (that I’m sure Elton John would envy)

Shoes    shoes 2

Thanks all for indulging me with this fun blast from the past!